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  1. Must have gone awry with Brexit. I remember stuff being shipped to America from the UK was peanuts about 5 years ago.
  2. Nateo


    Is it just now acting up with the cassette? Could be an issue with the SALT circuitry...
  3. I recently recapped my CoCo 2. Makes me feel a lot better about its longevity. Now I'm just waiting for a composite board to come back in stock so I can finally chuck the god awful RF modulator in the trash!
  4. Nateo


    Wonder what could be causing that? Failing caps maybe?
  5. Nateo


    Glad it's not just me who thinks the CoCos have garbage RF output. I can't wait until Ed Snider makes some more CoCo 2 composite boards so I can put one in mine!
  6. I got an unexpected bonus on my paycheck, so I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the Harlequin 128k from Byte Delight. Now I just gotta get a system ROM, a case, a keyboard membrane, rubber mat and faceplate. Basically, this is now the retro computer equivalent of the Johnny Cash song "One Piece At a Time".
  7. Aaaaaand I was WAY outbid on the Speccy I was eyeing. After reading some of the responses and weighing the notion of getting a fixed upper when I will have to order most, if not all repair parts from overseas, I think I'm gonna go the Harelquin 128k route. It'll be a great quarantine project to build a Spectrum from the ground up!
  8. Well, I finally got the hand wired keypad working! I decided to just do it over given that desoldering and resoldering all those diodes would have been way more of a pain than just starting from scratch. Now comes the question of: what should I house it in?
  9. I currently have a low bid winning on a Spectrum, but if I'm outbid on it (and I'm likely to), I'll probably just go the Harlequin route. I like soldering stuff anyways 🤷‍♂️
  10. That's been my trouble so far - finding someone who will ship to the states and not have the shipping cost be astronomical. This seems to be an issue unique to the UK so far, with shipping costs from the rest of the EU often being about 30 - 40% less than what the UK is offering. Damn it, I just want a bog standard Speccy!
  11. This is another reason I'm interested in picking up a Spectrum. I love how easy it is to get under the hood!
  12. No worries whatsoever! With the care you put into it, you deserve a fair price.
  13. Oh yeah. Plus, that original model Spectrum just looks so dang cool. And loading computer programs from cassette tape never ceases to fascinate me.
  14. Ahh, gotcha. That makes a lot of sense. Maybe if I save up a little more I can add to the quarantine fun and get one of those Harlequin kits?
  15. I'm kind of surprised it goes for that much, considering how popular it was and how many were made. But I guess the prices on old computers have been skyrocketing in recent years...
  16. I don't know if I could afford what that whole setup would be worth - $100 is about the most I can swing at the moment. But I really appreciate you offering! As for it being PAL, I already have a solution in place for that as I have a monitor that accepts both NTSC and PAL composite signals, and performing a composite mod looks really easy.
  17. Anyone know what a decent price would be to buy a rubber key 48k ZX Spectrum? I'd like to pick one up for some quarantine fun, but eBay's prices are all over the place.
  18. Is there a schematic anywhere of specifically the Super Action Controller?
  19. Damn. That's gonna be a real pain in the ass to desolder those diodes.
  20. A while ago I built my own Coleco stick out of some arcade parts and a wooden project box from Michael's. It works great, but it lacks a keypad, but it given that its rarely needed (and the player 2 keypad works the same way for most titles) I didn't worry about it too much, But now that I'm home a lot more often and with considerably less plans, I decided to try to hand wire one with some switching diodes and some tact switches. The keypad doesn't work. I followed the attached schematic I found through Google. I decided to open up one of my original ColecoVision controllers to see if there was something I may have neglected, and it appears to my eye that the schematic I used is wrong. The diodes on the actual circuit board appear to be facing the opposite direction. Is this in fact my problem? I just want to make sure I'm not replacing 22 or so diodes for nothing.
  21. I concur, the audio sounds nice and clean with that filter cap.
  22. Just looking for a bare bones copy of Super Mario 64 for the N64. I was gonna try my luck with ebay, but there's a ton of fakes and reproductions on there, and I'd like to make sure I'm getting the genuine article. Thanks!
  23. Welp, I figured out my problem. IT WAS THE FRIGGING AV CABLE I WAS USING! I noticed that I broke the ground connection from 1/8in jack, and when it was disconnected, I got the same kind of fun, gray scrolling picture. That immediately led me to the conclusion that the reason I was getting that wonky picture was due to a poor ground connection. I tried another 1/8in to RCA cable, and lo and behold, a perfect signal. Come to think of it, I had tried to use that faulty cable with a cassette deck I was repairing, and thought that something was wrong with it due to extra buzzing noise I heard. I'll bet that was all due to a poor ground connection. Thanks to everyone who helped out. And @Ruggers Customs, I'll probably just grab that new PSU anyways, since I don't want any further harm to come to my Coleco.
  24. No worries, I trust the build quality of the board I fully believe the problem lies either with something on the main circuit board or the power supply itself, and the power supply seems to me to be the most plausible culprit. I'll still try seeing how good the ground connections are on the board and try a different TV before making a purchase.
  25. I'm just using an 1/8in stereo connector. The right channel is video, the left is the audio. I'm connecting using an 1/8in stereo to RCA cable. EDIT: @R.Cade, do you think it might be worth a try to tie the ground connections to another ground spot on the board?
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