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  1. Took apart a C64 Breadbin today - jebus fuck, what a low-rent piece of hardware. Amazing there's as many of these things still working as there are. 

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    2. DrVenkman


      Yeah, I'm probably going to buy one of those in a few weeks. I don't want to kill the 64C and I'd like to have something trustworthy when tackle fixing this Breadbin. 

    3. jaybird3rd


      The Commodore machines are shoddy all around, both in the architecture and in the workmanship that went into building them.  I still think it's a tragedy that the C64 supplanted the more deserving Atari machines in the marketplace.


      (Speaking of the Marketplace, I know someone with a C64 breadbin machine who is looking to sell it for parts, so I'll see if I can get him to list it here on AtariAge.)

    4. DrVenkman


      I've only got the ones I have because the Breadbin is like one my wife had as a kid and she wanted one, and the 64C I found at a Goodwill about 15 years ago and couldn't pass up. It and the matching 1541-II plus PSUs for both were a whopping $9.99 each. They still have Goodwill price stickers on them. 😛 Anyway, getting the Breadbin working will be an educational experience I'm sure. But yeah, NOT well-made in the slightest. 

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