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  1. The room randomization has a bug at the moment, was working, one of the things I need to clean up. I need to have the robot firing go through two levels of speed. I'll keep playing with the speech, but there are limits to what the sound chip can do.
  2. Thank you, all feedback is definitely welcome: - Yes Otto does jump just a bit too high, it's little tweaks like this that are left to do (there are some collisions with the walls that are a little off as well). - I probably don't have the same tick counter for the demo/preview screen - I'll have a look - Good idea with the speech samples, I didn't think of slowing down the original WAV's first, I will try that. 'Chicken' in particular is hard to understand. I have room left in the Rom, and can compress the graphics (not compressed at the moment) if I do run out.
  3. Yes that is Otto squashing during his bounce, its the same as the arcade. I have noticed that I am missing Otto's appearance animation, so will add that.
  4. Well Berzerk for the Colecovision is now functionality complete and ready for some initial testing. All speech sentences are done, all player, robot and Evil Otto actions are done. There will probably be more Robot AI tweaks and collision detection improvements.
  5. The speech is never going to be super clear, but it is recognizable, on start-up it is currently saying 'Destroy'. During the game the robot chatter, currently rotates through: - Kill - Attack - Alert - Shoot - Intruder - Destroy This will change to multi-word chatter made up of a number of words e.g. Kill the Intruder/Humanoid When you die, it is saying: - Got the humanoid, got the intruder If you leave the screen and haven't killed all the Robots it says: - Chicken Fight Like A Robot (although this is one I would like to tweak i.e. it is not very clear).
  6. Next update of my port of Berzerk for the Colecovision. Evil Otto makes an appearance, and chases the player! Pretty much functionality complete, but I have quite a few tidy-ups and speech/collision/timing tweaks to do, but extended play testing will be started very soon!
  7. Yep the sound effects are using the samples from the arcade game, no BIOS sound routine running at all, gives back cycles
  8. I have a number of people, who missed out on the 1st run, ask if there was going to be another run of my EA Classics title. Toby has given the go ahead, but it will of course be limited in number, so now is your chance to express your interest so that we can gauge numbers. Only one version will be released, more than likely the arcade cabinet cover, but please indicate your preference in this thread.
  9. Ah yes definitely your routine, it works very well. I think the sound effects are very close to the arcade now, and you can understand the speech so it is doing it's job well. I am going to write a wrapper routine that allows you to queue up a set of sounds, as the voices in Berzerk are made up of quite a few words in combination.
  10. Just normal Coleco sound chip, using the Math Lab based sample generation code, not perfect but doesn’t do a too bad job considering the limitations of volume control on the sound chip. One sound effect or voice at one time, so have a priority for player shoot sound and the rest only start if the queue is clear. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Another quick update of my Berzerk port for the original Colecovision. Added a graphic to the main title screen based on the Marquee Laid out the High Score screen with any current high scores (added some initial static scores) Demo mode now displays robots and they move and shoot Fixed a couple of bugs in the game play (not shown) Next it's onto: Evil Otto Collision detection tweaks and adjustments Robot AI bug fixes and adjustments High Score entry Play Testing!!
  12. Quick little update to my port of Berzerk for the Colecovision, fixed some bugs when re-spawning. Added some information to the title screen, have written the code to move robot bullets.
  13. Yeah understand the concept, would need a custom PCB to be designed and would be more expensive than a straight 32k Rom cartridge, but doable. Not necessary for this game, but would definitely be worth looking at for some future projects, especially ones that would benefit from either additional Ram or flash storage.
  14. I didn't know there was a cartridge layout that allowed that, I know one of the Megacart designs has read/write flash storage as part of it, they allow up to 128k Rom, are definitely more expensive though. I hadn't heard of any for smaller cartridge sizes. It would also depend on manufacturing cost as well.
  15. I don't think extra Ram would add that many features, although I have thought about additional non-arcade levels and different cavern end bosses. I could mostly do this with the remaining Rom space as I have only used 18k of Rom so far and can easily use up to 32k if needed (same cartridge cost - not like back in the day). It will depend on how I go with writing my own sound effects engine and how many bytes I can steal from OS functions I am not currently using
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