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    Specravideo & MSX developer from back in the day, now a collector of retro systems. Looking at porting my Spectravideo & MSX titles to the Colecovision.
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  1. My tool will work on Windows 7 as long as you install .Net 4.7.2 or greater.
  2. Yep sorry, been a fair slog getting past a few technical limitations, but it's definitely getting close now
  3. It was the intention, shipping might be taking some time due to the size of the book though. I only received my copies to sign a couple of weeks ago. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. It is what is called a "Print Replica", due to the listings mainly. Selecting that must limit it to certain types of Kindles (who knew there were so many models!!). You could still read the book using the Kindle App if that helps.
  5. Let me know how you go, just because no one else has had the same problem doesn't mean there might be a wider problem. You would expect Amazon to support all of their own book readers though.
  6. Yep that is correct, I need to clean-up the links in the older articles on my website, but my admin sections is currently not working. Haven't had time to fix it with all the other stuff I have going on. Make sure the old version is uninstalled as well, otherwise it can cause the new version not to install a short cut icon on the desktop and you will still be trying to run the old version. And I am in Australia so my time zone means I am asleep when most of you guys are awake.
  7. Have you updated the Kindle, it might need a newer firmware. Otherwise contact Amazon support, there is nothing that I read in the specs of the Kindle Oasis that would stop it from working. The only one I know there are issues are the Kindle App on a phone size device.
  8. About 95% done, all game play elements are done, title screen, high score entry. Just have a few bugs/inconsistencies to sort out over the next few weeks and it can go to full pre-release testing.
  9. Yeah probably don't have any plans for mode 0, as it only supports 6x8 tiles, no sprites and single colour for the whole screen. Probably won't do multi-colour as it doesn't have tiles. But a screen drawing tool for multi-colour could be something for the future.
  10. Yeah my bad, I don't usually leave a button in that doesn't work, but I forgot that I hadn't put any code behind that button yet. Won't take long, should be in the next update For best results, it should be 256x192 (or smaller) and already reduced to 16 colours. Even better if you have already mapped the colours to the TMS palette. But it will try and do a closest match process.
  11. Sorry the version must not have uploaded properly, version is now: 1.0.7675.39462, try now you should see these buttons on the Screen Layouts tab:
  12. More so you can adjust the screen as you design it i.e. you start designing and run out of room, and want to (in my case) move the screen down (loosing the bottom row), so you can fit more at the top. I will add the ability to select an area and move it around in the future, just need to work out how to do that in a way that will be easy to use.
  13. Minor update, after getting some more me time this afternoon: Title Screen: Stage One: Stage Two: and some cheeky Monkeys in progress: Back to working on finishing off my other titles, but happy that I can make a version of Kangaroo on the ColecoVision/MSX and Spectravideo look pretty good, so I'll put together a stub ROM soon.
  14. Version 1.0.7666.38689 released. - Fixed crash on Full Screen Editor when you move the cursor around quickly. - Added buttons to move Screen layouts Up, Down, Left and Right (needed it when I was working on Kangaroo :)). More changes soon!
  15. Working on the graphics for a future Electric Adventures release for the MSX, Spectravideo and ColecoVision, a port of Kangaroo in the arcades. Quite a decent multi-screen platform game, that I always enjoyed back in the day. Different aspect ratio, so the layout can't be perfect, but I think this captures the feel of the game so far. More detail to be added to the greenery sections and of course sprites for our main player character, little Joey and Naughty Monkeys to follow. Original arcade screen for reference: More updates to follow...
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