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  1. Another update, health is stable (including other family members) and I have finally gotten in the position where I am able (and want) to program again. So to get things going, after finishing off Cavern Fighter ready for Beta testing I moved onto my port of Berzerk which will still work on a stock Colecovision or Adam. The game play is coming along nicely now, I have made the following changes: Speech sample - Robot placement (couple of minor issues to fix) Collision detection between players laser and Robots, scoring and Robot Death animation Screen transition scrolling, with Robots moving as well To do: Robot movement Robot collision with walls Robot shooting and collision detection Evil Otto Remainder of speech samples - manual tuning of existing one High Score Table Another update soon!
  2. Communication is key, plus I don't like to see someones talents wasted, you are far too good a programmer to just churn out ports (especially ones that would not pass both a percentage original code test and especially branded character/symbol tests in a copyright dispute). I know you mean well and have been a long term supporter of the Colecovision, so don't take my words to heart too much (grumpy old person mode off).
  3. Good point I do now have a Pheonix so will try it on that over the weekend. And yes I listed myself as having a Pal system in the earlier parts of this post. That shouldn't generally be a problem. Would have been nice to have actually received support from OpCode though, especially as this was sold as a premium product. Perhaps a lesson to OpCode that maybe working on writing titles from scratch might be a better strategy, rather than just porting other peoples code with a tool set and having issues like this.
  4. Any updates on fixes for Penguin Adventure, it's been over 18 months since I got my copy and I am still unable to play it, and very little communication on updates and progress???
  5. I can't agree more I was totally lost for a while there.
  6. Code now working for all three platforms i.e Colecovision, MSX and Spectravideo, article complete, just need to get a break from family stuff to actually record it
  7. First some suggestions: 1. try and split your logic so that you are only writing your sprite table to VRAM during the NM, and any other video writes. 2. Put your logic to update the sprites position in your main code (outside of NMI), use the TIMER routines to control how fast things move Now your actual bug: You are using a Zero value comparison, and directly calling the next direction setup, with it's own Zero value comparison which ends up already being true i.e. you skip through your different direction set-ups immediately. You should probably split up your logic into two sections: 1. Decide whether it is time to change direction 2. Update the position based on the current direction and each should only be called once per loop. I hope that has not confused you further. If you want to see some of what I have described above I have made a video series called Lets Make a Retro game on Youtube, that includes sample code for the Coleco.
  8. A little update, as I was playing with sound for my next Let's Make A Retro Game series anyway, I experimented with voice samples for a while last week. Not perfect yet but if you want to hear a Colecovision saying "Humanoid" check out my recent general update video here: View the video on my Youtube Channel here
  9. Agreed, my tool is focused on editing at the tile level rather than the screen level. You can paste in a set of tiles from an external program, but editing directly is something I need to add at some stage. Just about finished my next episode which is on generating Sound and then I will probably do some more work on the tool.
  10. I use IX and IY where the importance of readability is higher than raw speed. As mentioned above it is a simple way to access structured data, and can is supported for 16-math operations i.e. ADC. So keep IX and IY out of your NMI routine where every cycle is important, but use them elsewhere where you should have plenty of cycles available and it's more important to simplify your code so it is readable, easily understandable and thus easier to complete your actual code logic (and debug it). Speed of a single instruction is not important, it is how a whole section of code runs and can be understood (so you can diagnose and fix bugs). Try my Sprite and Tile Editor, the tile part still needs a bit more work but it can do most of what you want.
  11. I see how you set that up but I still have to figure out some timing issues such as when opening my gate animation pauses everything else.  Slowing down the bat flapping causes pauses.


    Either way, I'll fix all those issues when I'm almost at game completion.


    At present I am adding the finer details, title screen, game select screen, audio...  Basically polishing and working on the Super Game level.

    At this point when I look at my comment section it seems that I am the only one that cares about my project so I am in no hurry and I am not under any contract.

    Originally I was contacted from the Coleco License holders about my hardware project.  I think they were just looking for a payout.
    Another back burner deal which is why I asked if you were for hire because I have no time to write the operating system.

    Of course that is another project for another day having to deal with real life.


    It would have been nice if you gave me pointers on my game but we all have priorities.


    Other than that, you are all caught up.


    1. Tony Cruise

      Tony Cruise

      Yeah I got contacted by the Coleco License Holders at some stage too, asking about pricing for me to develop something.  I basically asked them a question about proposed distribution size and they never answered me.


      May have been poking around due to Berzerk, but we have arranged an official license for that now, so I can proceed.


      Sorry I haven't had much time to look at things, family life is still hectic, and I still have some more to finish off on the NES Sydney Hunter game.  Once that is done I will be completely focused back on all things Coleco and MSX :)




  12. My series actually covers exactly what you are asking for i.e. the concept of shared timers, the example code uses the timer code built into the Coleco BIOS.
  13. Output can be in uncompressed or compressed (only by Pletter at the moment), controlled through the options.
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