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  1. But there is a difference between some random bit data and filling the RAM with 0xFF. It doesn't look like CONTROLLER_INIT is called even if you don't skip the BIOS screen either. It's only called when no cartridge is detected.
  2. The addresses you don't want to fill with FF are: - SPIN_SW0_CT (73EB) : Spinner counter port #1 - SPIN_SW1_CT (73EC) : Spinner counter port #2 - S0_C0 (73EE) : Segment #0 data, port #1 - S0_C1 (73EF) : Segment #0 data, port #2 - S1_C0 (73F0) : Segment #1 data, port #1 - S1_C1 (73F1) : Segment #1 data, port #2 And the 12 bytes pointed to by the pointer at 8008h in the cartridge header. Rather than break your emulation to make one cartridge work (that is actively trying to detect emulation) and stop probably quite a few other games from working (that work fine on all versions of real hardware and all the emulators) I think it would be better to go back to your memory initialisation used in version 7 and it would probably be better to figure out which addresses Risky Rick checks to add some values or even detect that it is a Risky Rick cartridge and only do your changed behavior for that cartridge/rom. And look I'm happy to add a call to CONTROLLER_INIT in future titles to make sure, but it's not going to fix existing ones that have an issue (and there will probably be more titles than have been listed so far that will have issues). The Phoenix Coleco core is supposed to emulate a Coleco after all.
  3. ; ; Set ROM header ORG 8000h ;** CARTRIDGE SOFTWARE POINTERS 8000H ** ; -------------------------------------------- ; DB 0AAh,055h ;Cartridge present: Colecovision logo DB 055h,0AAh ;Cartridge present: skip logo, Colecovision logo DW 0000 ;Pointer to the sprite name table DW 0000 ;Pointer to the sprite order table DW 0000 ;Pointer to the working buffer for WR_SPR_NM_TBL DW CONTROLLER_BUFFER ;Pointer to the hand controller input areas DW START ;Entry point to the user program ;**************************************************************** rst_8: reti nop rst_10: reti nop rst_18: JP RAND_GEN rst_20: reti nop rst_28: reti nop rst_30: reti nop rst_38: reti nop jp NMI db "Lunar Rescue/ELECTRIC ADVENTURES/2021" ; ; Start of application logic START: ; set stack pointer LD SP,StackTop ;128 bytes in length at 737fh ; enable SGM memory if present CALL ENABLE_SGM_MEMORY ; Initialise sound LD B,SoundDataCount ;Max number of active voices+effects LD HL,SoundAddrs CALL SOUND_INIT ; initialise clock LD HL,TIMER_TABLE LD DE,TIMER_DATA_BLOCK CALL INIT_TIMER CALL INITRAM ; Set screen mode 2,2 CALL SETSCREEN2 ;Enable both joysticks, buttons, keypads LD HL,09b9bh LD (CONTROLLER_BUFFER),HL ; Seed random numbers with a fixed number (nothing else to use?) LD HL,1967 CALL SEED_RANDOM ;Enable timers CALL CREATE_TIMERS ; Do all our VRAM setup ; NMI is currently disabled TITLESCREEN: ; display our title screen CALL DISABLE_NMI ; Clear the screen CALL CLEARPAT ; Clean up in case the game left anything on screen CALL CLEARSPRITES CALL SPRWRT ; Load the character set, make all three sections the same CALL LOAD_CHR_SET ; now setup the title screen layout LD DE,VRAM_NAME LD HL,SL_TITLE_D1 CALL dan1rvram;RLE_TO_VRAM CALL DISPLAYMACHINE CALL HISPRT CALL JOYTST ; clear joystick buffer LD HL,OUTPUT_VDP_TITLE CALL SET_VDU_HOOK CALL ENABLE_NMI LD A,15 LD (LEVEL),A SPLASH_TITLE2: CALL JOYTST CP 255 JR Z,NGAME LD A,(HalfSecTimer) CALL TEST_SIGNAL OR A JR Z,SPLASH_TITLE2 ; Any other actions on the title screen go here JR SPLASH_TITLE2 NGAME: ; ; Test for the press of a joystick button (0 or 1) ; A = 255 - fire button pressed JOYTST: CALL POLLER LD A,(CONTROLLER_BUFFER+FIRE1) OR A JR Z,JOYTST2 LD A,255 RET JOYTST2: LD A,(CONTROLLER_BUFFER+5) AND 040h RET Z LD A,255 RET That's all pretty standard code. There are other games that are effected e.g. A.E. has been mentioned as well.
  4. Definitely sounds like the issue is isolated to the version 8 core, the games all work fine on real hardware, all the emulators and version 7 core. If the core is not simulating the original hardware then it will need an update.
  5. Thanks dude, really appreciate it that you are enjoying the game. I definitely have more planned (and that they don't take as long as this one ;))
  6. Added links to @newcoleco's articles on DAN1 and DAN2 respectively.
  7. Added a RLE example decompression routine. I'll add example decompression routines for the other output types, as I tidy-up my libraries over the next few weeks.
  8. Toby has added more quantities to the store, so it should be available again.
  9. The copies are produced in batches, Toby will produce another batch shortly, but yes they need to up the initial quantities, especially on original games, and due to the number of active members in the community that want to support physical copies. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Yep and just to confirm, Cavern Fighter will run on a base ColecoVision and does not require any expansions, but will of course run on a system with them. All my current in progress games are targeted 1st for the base ColecoVision. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Cavern Fighter is now available to purchase in the Collectorvision store, Toby has finally recovered from all the Phoenix building, shipping and club membership etc Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Got my club package today (yes all the way here down at the bottom of our globe), love the two games, can't wait to give them a play!
  13. If you are having problems installing the latest version of my Sprite and Tile Editor, make sure you uninstall any old versions first and then do a fresh install. I switched from a 'Click Once' installation to a proper (offline) installation package. It is also fully signed, but of course the rules are now changed and Windows 10 still puts up a warning. I will have to replace the certificate with one with a higher level of encryption (and of course more cost).
  14. I was just copying the arcade screens. If Sunsoft are the current license holder, I will need to change it.
  15. Thank you Amy, I will add Dan2 and perhaps ZX7 to the output formats supported by my Sprite and Tile Editor.
  16. Just a reminder to everyone, Cavern Fighter is available to order on the Collectorvision website: http://collectorvision.com/games/cavernfighter.php Once Toby has had some sleep from assembling and shipping 800 Phoenix's I am sure he will be good to get a batch going of Cavern Fighter.
  17. And while I am sort of stuck in a recliner, I did some more i.e. other two screens from the arcade. None of these layouts/designs are final, but think it's not looking too bad so far. I have added some sprites (as the monkey faces on screen four needed them), they are just hacked in and stationary so there is a bit of flicker evident at the moment. I need to work on all the character animations, especially momma kangaroo. Heaps of space left, 11k no compression used as yet. CoolCV - Kangaroo.ROM 2021-04-10 17-42-41.mp4 Kangaroo.ROM
  18. Been a bit unwell for a while (again), but felt I could use the computer tonight and quickly made a rom shell, with the graphics I showed above. No sprites in this one yet, but good to see the screens running. I need to do the other level. Sample Rom attached for any who are interested. 9k so far, but haven't turned any compression on. Kangaroo - Colecovision - Graphics Preview.mp4 Kangaroo.ROM
  19. And also tonight there is a rather quickly pushed out 'Quality Update' for Windows 10 Version 20H2 2021-03 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 20H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5001567)
  20. The application uses screen size information stored in the .config file. Even if you uninstall this might be left behind. Try uninstalling and checking that the directory is completely gone and then re-install. I'll do some checks on the latest build of Windows 10, as I just installed it yesterday as well.
  21. My tool will work on Windows 7 as long as you install .Net 4.7.2 or greater.
  22. Yep sorry, been a fair slog getting past a few technical limitations, but it's definitely getting close now
  23. It was the intention, shipping might be taking some time due to the size of the book though. I only received my copies to sign a couple of weeks ago. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. It is what is called a "Print Replica", due to the listings mainly. Selecting that must limit it to certain types of Kindles (who knew there were so many models!!). You could still read the book using the Kindle App if that helps.
  25. Let me know how you go, just because no one else has had the same problem doesn't mean there might be a wider problem. You would expect Amazon to support all of their own book readers though.
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