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  1. And the Blues score the 1st try in 6th minute!

  2. I liked a @YouTube video from @SteveBenway http://t.co/kH0sKzIw Jungle Hunt on Taito Legends for PS2. Gameplay &

  3. I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/eWklXAD9 Top Three Tuesday, Featuring AndrewsGameDisplay

  4. Installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview

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      Roland P is having more fun than you right now!

    3. roland p
  5. Thanks for the responses so far guys, sounds like some more home brew would be welcome enough for me to give it a go. I have some real live deadlines to get past over the next few weeks (Windows 8 launch is coming up), so once I have got those obligations out of the way. I will probably do a quick convert of a couple of the smaller titles, just to get the techniques right, then work on completing Cavern Fighter. Especially as that has received the most interest so far.
  6. I wrote a number of commercially released titles for the Spectravideo (and then MSX) machines back in the mid 80's. The details are detailed on my web site http://www.electricadventures.net. I am looking at converting one or more of the titles to the Colecovision. Plus I have an almost complete game Cavern Fighter, that I am looking at completing and releasing for the Spectravideo, MSX & Colecovision. Something that makes this a more acceptable idea is the fact that new cartridge shells may soon be available (reading some of the other threads). My question(s) are: - Which of my titles (machine code titles - have heaps of BASIC ones too) would people be most interest in? - I take it most other titles are produced with a run of about 100 copies? - Who do I contact to get boxes made (when I get to that stage)? - Anyone who wants to express interest would be appreciated? Note: Not looking at making money, this is more for fun and self gratification. There was no Internet back in the 80's, so other than an order for 1,000 'sample' copies of three of my games from ASCII Corporation (which I did not have the money or resources to fill - only tapes back then), my games never really got the chance to circulate outside of Australia. Anyway if anyone is interested let me know
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