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  1. Yep that is correct, I need to clean-up the links in the older articles on my website, but my admin sections is currently not working. Haven't had time to fix it with all the other stuff I have going on. Make sure the old version is uninstalled as well, otherwise it can cause the new version not to install a short cut icon on the desktop and you will still be trying to run the old version. And I am in Australia so my time zone means I am asleep when most of you guys are awake.
  2. Have you updated the Kindle, it might need a newer firmware. Otherwise contact Amazon support, there is nothing that I read in the specs of the Kindle Oasis that would stop it from working. The only one I know there are issues are the Kindle App on a phone size device.
  3. About 95% done, all game play elements are done, title screen, high score entry. Just have a few bugs/inconsistencies to sort out over the next few weeks and it can go to full pre-release testing.
  4. Yeah probably don't have any plans for mode 0, as it only supports 6x8 tiles, no sprites and single colour for the whole screen. Probably won't do multi-colour as it doesn't have tiles. But a screen drawing tool for multi-colour could be something for the future.
  5. Yeah my bad, I don't usually leave a button in that doesn't work, but I forgot that I hadn't put any code behind that button yet. Won't take long, should be in the next update For best results, it should be 256x192 (or smaller) and already reduced to 16 colours. Even better if you have already mapped the colours to the TMS palette. But it will try and do a closest match process.
  6. Sorry the version must not have uploaded properly, version is now: 1.0.7675.39462, try now you should see these buttons on the Screen Layouts tab:
  7. More so you can adjust the screen as you design it i.e. you start designing and run out of room, and want to (in my case) move the screen down (loosing the bottom row), so you can fit more at the top. I will add the ability to select an area and move it around in the future, just need to work out how to do that in a way that will be easy to use.
  8. Minor update, after getting some more me time this afternoon: Title Screen: Stage One: Stage Two: and some cheeky Monkeys in progress: Back to working on finishing off my other titles, but happy that I can make a version of Kangaroo on the ColecoVision/MSX and Spectravideo look pretty good, so I'll put together a stub ROM soon.
  9. Version 1.0.7666.38689 released. - Fixed crash on Full Screen Editor when you move the cursor around quickly. - Added buttons to move Screen layouts Up, Down, Left and Right (needed it when I was working on Kangaroo :)). More changes soon!
  10. Working on the graphics for a future Electric Adventures release for the MSX, Spectravideo and ColecoVision, a port of Kangaroo in the arcades. Quite a decent multi-screen platform game, that I always enjoyed back in the day. Different aspect ratio, so the layout can't be perfect, but I think this captures the feel of the game so far. More detail to be added to the greenery sections and of course sprites for our main player character, little Joey and Naughty Monkeys to follow. Original arcade screen for reference: More updates to follow...
  11. A nice surprise was sitting on my doorstop today, the 1st box of copies of my 2nd book ‘Programming Games for the Colecovision and Adam’. So nice to finally see physical copies in all their A4, spiral bound glory! The print quality is excellent, #cotegamers did a really good job and the spiral binding makes it really easy to view and use the many listings inside. Copies are still available from Cote Gamers or on Kindle from Amazon. I will also be selling signed copies on my website soon.
  12. Thank you so much, very generous and appreciated. But also thank you for your feedback and assistance with testing. I am still working out sound output so the new sound effects and music sections will take a bit longer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Version 1.0.7666.38689 Released: - C line endings in export fixed, - leading zeroes remove from Decimal output mode. Note: You can output Hexadecimal instead of Decimal by changing the options.
  14. Version 1.0.7662.26356 fixes this - good pickup thank you. Sorry haven't figured out a way to stop this one for the moment. I do find issue with how this works myself But what you need to do is click on the first select box (your area in yellow), then select four tiles that are not the current ones and then select the ones you want. It is not picking up clicking the same tile for the first pattern selected and moving the cursor to the next tile. Or you can click on each of the selection boxes and then click on the tile you want there. I need to think of a better way of doing this.
  15. Ah I only changed the screen pixel editor last time, I have changed the sprite editor to be the same, left draw, right erase. And yeah, it was outputting two zeros at the end of the RLE data, have changed it to output 0xff,0x00 (just in case some routines are fussy about byte pairs). So version 1.0.7659.41387 has been uploaded
  16. Version: 1.0.7656.40183 Should address most of the issues you both listed.
  17. Yep the mouse exiting the draw area while the button was held down sounds like the one I mentioned. I'll put some more exception handling in the import bit. So once you click and hold the button, keep always setting the foreground colour and don't turn any existing ones off? I might have to make it not invert and you just use left button for foreground and right button for background, I'll experiment and see. Thanks for the testing.
  18. I have uploaded a new version of the tool: Version 1.0.7653.39096 - Hopefully have fixed the painting speed issues in the Sprite and Tile editor sections (my new laptop is too fast so hard for me to test) - Import image works reasonable well, suggest you reduce the image to 16 colours 1st for best auto colour mapping - I will tweak the matching tolerances. - Full screen editor, now has separate colour selectors for foreground and background colours and left and right mouse button functions hopefully make more sense - Pixel zoom cursor inverts the current colour so should be visible at all times Note: bug when you flick the mouse around randomly - probably exiting the draw area too fast. - Rough sample here fit in one tileset with room to spare, so duplicate tile matching is working well That will probably be the last release for a couple of weeks, I have added what I wanted for the immediate time. Back to some game dev for me over Christmas. Of course let me know if you find any issues.
  19. Cool thanks, I made a lot of changes to the underlying classes, might have something going in a loop of screen refreshes slowing things down. Also after I went to bed I remembered I haven't done any re-paint optimization as yet on the new sections (my new laptop is a beast so I wouldn't notice, but it might affect performance on lessor machines). I also realised you can set the foreground pixels (left click) or background pixels (right click) in the full screen editor, but you can't reset pixels - oops If you have already applied the TMS Palette to your graphics before pasting in, hopefully the colour matching should work, but it might need some tweaks to how it does the matching. The allocation of which colour is the fore colour and which is the back colour in a 8x1 segment is a bit dumb at the moment. More changes later tonight, but thank you for your fast testing, appreciated, I am enjoying this. And it will clear the blockages (lazy excuses) for me to finish more of my own games
  20. Version 1.0.7648.43002 released with the following changes: - Supports newer file format of ICVGM Dat file - Pixel screen editor added - works on the current Screen Layout selected, along with it's tileset(s) that are selected. When it runs out of tiles, it will stop drawing. - The Pixel screen editor - has an import function that will currently allow you to import from the clipboard (I will add from files later). It tries to match the colours to the TMS Colour palette, and will optimize the tiles, stopping when it runs out (it doesn't overwrite your current tileset, just uses the space remaining, but it tries to match duplicates). All very new functionality, so I expect a few rough edges.
  21. In the Screen Pixel Editor that I am working - yes
  22. Can you PM me your file, I think you have a newer version. I was only guessing the file format by the sample I had and one I created with the version I have.
  23. Version 1.0.7645.28829 released with the following changes: - Screen layouts can have a different tile set per 256 character block - You can import DAT files from the ICVGM tool - Right mouse button clears pixels on both the Sprite and Tile editor, and the mouse button can be held down to continue to draw while moving - You can import a screen layout from well formed assembly code DB statements
  24. I would say the Windows Update process for some reason, told it to resize (maybe updated your video driver) it then saved that new size, so it was probably only very tiny or even placed off the screen. You fix to delete the settings cache is the correct one. Other programs have this problem when you update your video drivers, once again there is probably a new 'standard' for how you deal with the resize messages. I'll have a look as I am working on other things.
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