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  1. Looking very solid so far, colours and action very close to the arcade, keep up the good work.
  2. So two 16 x 4 bit ram chips, so yes you would expect that you would have the full 16k. Have you followed the address lines from the ram chips to the VDU, maybe they didn't wire one of them for some reason or you have a faulty trace perhaps.
  3. Sorry wife has had me busy painting the main corridor in our house I think I understand both requests, and they make sense. I'll see what I can do. Plus I have started the full screen designer i.e. that you can draw on and paste in graphics. It will automatically optimize the tile sets that are created and hopefully will support loading DAT files from ICVGM.
  4. I submitted my website to Microsoft to review as I encountered the same thing using Edge at my work as well. Try a different browser (I use Chrome at home).
  5. I have digitally signed every single component, the MSI and all files inside it. I don't know what Microsoft wants other than maybe they are jealous of great software not made by them That's not a bad idea for importing the DAT files, I'll see if I can work out the file format and add the import.
  6. I have uploaded a new version: 1.0.7635.40670 with the following changes: - C output tidied up and should be useable now - Added DAN1 and DAN2 compression formats - with a caveat - I haven't tested either yet i.e. tried decompression but I am pretty sure I have followed Amy's original code logic. But let me know if you find any issues. - Tidied up the options selections. Let me know if anyone finds any issues, I will continue to work on the other suggestions.
  7. The TMS chips can be configured with either 16k or 4k of video ram. When in 4k mode the addresses get mirrored, that sort of sounds like the behavior you are seeing.
  8. That's what I thought, I will edit all the articles and make them point to the new download and make the installation link into a nice button so it's more noticeable. But good to know you have the right version now.
  9. So from the error message, right at the start it says you have common language runtime 4.0.30319.42000, you need to install 4.6.1 or greater, which I am surprised hasn't installed due to a Windows 10 update. Well that's what I thought when I first read it, but that sounds like the manifest from the old version of the application, I would say you are trying to run the old version. I have gotten rid of it's reliance on Click Once and having an Internet connection completely and use Wix to make a stand alone installer. It does mean updates are manual of course. You need to uninstall it completely and probably remove the directory. So remove any versions of MSX Sprite Editor in your Settings->Apps, there may be more than one, if you still have the Click Once version and one of the newer MSI versions. Then download a fresh copy from the installation link here: https://www.electricadventures.net/Pages/Category/24, which should download a single MSI file. Then basically install that (double click), depending on your version of Windows 10, it will either mention something about needing something from the Windows Store (my new laptop), just say Yes, or it will give you the Blue screen (hopefully light blue now), and you have to click 'More Info' and then 'Install Anyway'. Any new versions you download after that will just update the application and won't make duplicate copies.
  10. Thanks, will be doing some work on the audio side of things soon. Just uploaded another version, I have individually signed the .exe and the two Dlls inside the MSI and the MSI itself. It still comes up with the warning but it is a different colour. Microsoft are a pain in the backside sometimes, constantly changing things. I'll do some more research, but it should not get picked up by the virus scanners now (as long as they trust Go Daddy of course).
  11. Once you have downloaded the file you shouldn't need to be connected to the Internet at all (it does not use any network features). As long as you have .Net 4.61. or later installed you are good to go. If you have Windows Defender enabled, you might have to click 'Install Anyway' the first time. After that it won't ask. If it complains that the new download is not newer than the old one, uninstall the old one and then install from the new file. I did that on a different computer and it worked. Latest version is And easy to tell if you double click on the colour selection of the first page the palette should look like this: i.e. transparent is shown as the lightly dotted white. I am now using a Application Signing Certificate from Go Daddy: I was unable to renew my previous Thawte Certificate (as basically the USA doesn't believe in the rest of the world) and the process I had to go through to get the Go Daddy one was onerous to say the least. The WIKs installer is what Windows 10 is picking up now, maybe I can sign that with my certificate as well.
  12. Yes I know it is only a small app, but Windows 10 and it's security are a pain in the ... Even though it is a signed app (at great expense by the way), it will still get picked up as a potential rogue app if it is not installed by a trusted installer. So it is safer for it to be installed.
  13. Ok just now I have uploaded a new version (I had accidently updated the .Net version to 4.7.2 and the Wix installer only goes up to 4.6.2, so I have downgraded it to 4.6.1), use the link in the first post and then click on the download link (does not work if I post the link separately - will have to work out why). Also minor updates: - Screen Layouts - added a current tile display with the tile zoomed x 2 (Is this what were thinking @youki) - I did not have the proper ending byte sequence for RLE - fixed. More work soon - watching James Bond, can't concentrate
  14. It is just a .Net application and doesn't use anything too spectacular, but an installer is easier for people to use i.e. get an icon on the desktop and in the menu etc But to answer your original question, yes same link, I don't keep old versions on the server.
  15. Ordered with a copy of Sir Abbott as well.
  16. Might be an issue with the upload (Eric has reported it still says the same version), I'll re-upload after I get home from work.
  17. New version uploaded with the following fixes: - Now that you have set transparent to be a cell with some dots in it, this should really also be the same in the "Select Colour" dialog box that pops up when changing colours. Also, if one selects transparent in the "Select Colour" dialog, and are returned to the Sprites or Character Sets tab, the selected colour box is still shown as plain white and really should now show the dots in it to show that transparent is the active "colour" @Ikrananka - File > New, doesn't clear the name in the "Screen Layout Name" box, Then if I add a new layout using the '+' button, the new layout becomes "Layout 02" with a blank one listed above it @Ikrananka - Export to 'C' format @youki - You can now select Pletter or RLE (I will add Dan1 with the next update), hope I have the ending byte correct @youki - I wouldn't use RLE, very poor compression - see my templates for the Pletter decompression routine. I'll work on the remainder of the suggestions (and adding Dan1 compression) over the next few days.
  18. The import from clipboard is already there, but only on the tileset edit screen, and it is definitely not perfect, so yes it would be good if that was on the screen layout page potentially as well. I also agree it needs the ability to use more than one set of tiles per screen layout (the data structures in the file format already support that). Drawing straight into the screen layout is also a good idea, I just need to think about the best way to do it. I would like it to optimize the tiles as you do it though and it may be better to have a dedicated screen for that type of entry to be able to give it the right focus. There is actually the start of a music and sound editor in there I just haven't made it visible (as lets face it it doesn't work yet ).
  19. All good suggestions, thank you, I will get to work on them over the next few days.
  20. Didn't realise I didn't have a dedicated topic for my Sprite and Tile Editor. Just uploaded a new version with bug fixes and improvements found/suggested by @Ikrananka. More suggestions, improvements and bugs finds always welcome.
  21. This is an application written in C# .Net for home brew developers to create both Sprite and Tile Set designs for their home brew projects. The sprite design section allows: multi-layer pattern design animation sequences export to assembler and C formats import data directly from existing source code The tile set editor section allows: characters can be designed in groups of four for larger objects powerful colour editing and copying I intend on adding more features in the future. The application is free to use, but I have included a Donate button if anyone would like to contribute to the cost of the certificate. The installation link is here: Current Version is : 1.0.7666.38689
  22. Awesome, I will be adding them both to my Santa list as well!
  23. Absolutely outstanding work! Love the smoothness of the ship spin animation, asteroid shapes are spot on, explosion animations are awesome and the sound effects are also spot on.
  24. I do definitely prefer using Sublime Text, as it has a very nice presentation style i.e. fonts, colours etc, plus is much more extensible. It also works on other platforms. The only caveat is it is not free, so I bought a license. Since then Visual Studio Code has been released, which is actually built on a similar platform base to Sublime, and is also multi-platform, so I would probably pick that if I started again as it is of course free. Tiles are definitely the way to go, as to whether you use white lines on either black or transparent background it would depend on whether you want the colour of the squares to change if you change the border colour of the screen at any stage. So unless that matters then which one you use, won't matter in the end. Now if you were making it for MSX, there are several MSX machines that allow you to overlay the computer signal with another video feed, which would then show that video in any tiles that used transparent as their background colour.
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