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  1. Good Deal Games are going to stock the book in the US as well, but it will be a few weeks before it will be able to be listed due to issues with shipping more than one book at a time at the moment.
  2. Thank you, the actual print run is only a few days away, so it won't be long before you have a copy.
  3. My board arrived in the mail today, thank you. I still need to order and get a Pi Zero, so it will be a couple of weeks before I get fully started (which is probably good as I am finishing off another game at the moment). Just saying excited to start looking at this, get into another platform and see if some of my existing games as concepts could be used on this.
  4. Cavern Fighter final ROM image has been sent to be manufactured, and I have produced five hand made prototypes.
  5. I have sent off the final release version of my new game Cavern Fighter for the original un-expanded ColecoVision. 30 years in the making, it is a conversion of the last title I was working on for the Spectravideo and MSX, that never got released. It is of course heavily inspired by one of my favourite arcade games, Scramble. It has six different stages and three difficulty levels, giving every player a reasonable challenge. It really pushed the original hardware to the line, I was literally down to the last couple of bytes of Ram left. I thought I would give it a decent play through on real hardware to give everyone a decent look at the game play. It will be available to purchase from the CollectorVision website in a few weeks time, once the box and manual have been completed.
  6. Thank you, this is definitely useful as I can do some final edits before the print edition gets printed at the end of the month. Good to hear you are enjoying it so far as well
  7. Thanks to Cote Gamers, the physical edition of the book is ready for pre-order from their website here: https://cotegamers.com/shop/en/accueil/61-programming-games-for-the-colecovision-and-adam.html $30 Euro plus $US10 tracked postage to most places around the world.
  8. I have submitted the final version of my new book Programming Games for the Colecovision and Adam in Assembler to Amazon for final review prior to the Kindle release on the 28th August! Final page count is 259 pages! Next is to arrange the physical print edition The book is live as a Kindle publication here.
  9. Hehe, yeah they actually started before I adopted my label, but hey no Internet back then A game called Frog of Death sounds cool though. I reckon a Commando type game with a Frog spewing out bullets everywhere would be awesome.
  10. I think Toby is very close to opening up orders on the Collectorvision website.
  11. I have a bit of a mixture, but it might tick off a few for you.
  12. I think I have the Australian version of Lady Bug, I'll check when I get home from work.
  13. I think extending the last chapter of my book is in order with this update - very well done. If you don't mind I will add VGM playback as a 2nd sub-chapter after my coverage of using the OS 7 BIOS routines. And if I get time I will see if I can optimize the player code and share back here. Can't wait to play with this some more!
  14. I haven't seen any print options that allow spiral bound at an affordable price but I haven't decided on the printer for the physical edition yet, so we shall see.
  15. I have moved the Kindle edition release date to the 28th August 2020, you only get one shot with these things and I still have one more chapter to finish off properly, more proof reading (thank you Matt Householder) and the cover to finalise. This is it though, you are only allowed to move a pre-release once - good motivator I want it to be the best I can make it, so a little bit more time is needed to get it right. The book is looking like being around 250 pages, as soon as the Kindle edition is finalised I will let everyone know what the physical edition pricing will be, there will be both Colour Cover Black & White interior and full Colour editions. As a little taster, attached is the current Table of Contents to wet your appetites! You can pre-order the kindle edition here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08B5WNV3K/ Programming Games for the Colecovision - Draft Preview (Contents Only) - 2020-07-19.pdf
  16. You do need some programming experience, but if you want a taster see how you go with my older online series here: The book is similar but I have expanded the detail and of course it is completely focused on the Colecovision and Adam, plus has the technical reference section.
  17. You have done an absolutely wonderful job with this. And yes the Colecovision version is definitely the best home conversion and one of my favourite games I had for my Colecovision back in the day. I have actually built a dedicated mini-upright Tutankham arcade cabinet, all done bar the artwork, so I might ask you a favor in the future to perhaps help me with the artwork for the control panel and marquee as of course neither is the same size as the original arcade
  18. Specific instructions for Windows only, but information provided for setting up on other platforms is also included. I may still revise the chapter a little, but we shall see how I go time wise.
  19. A project I have been working on for the last two years is nearing completion i.e. my next book called 'Programming Games for the Colecovision and Adam in Assembler'. It includes a tutorial section working through the steps of creating a game, with a Z80 assembler primer and information on how to set up a cross development environment (similar but extended from my Let's Make a Retro Game series). It also includes a complete Colecovision BIOS reference guide, covering ALL of the jump table BIOS calls with explanations and examples for using each call. There are extensive memory and port maps, also with explanations etc. It will have a dedicated web site section where you can download the code (for lazy typers :)). The early pre-order link for the Kindle edition is available here. Cover is still a draft. Shortly after I have released the Kindle Edition, there will also be a physical print edition available on Amazon's print to order service, which I used for my last book and has been received well. It does have some colour screen shots and pictures in it, let me know how many people would be interested in a full colour edition, rather than a colour cover with black and white interior. The book is currently 90% complete, with the majority of the content completed, but I have about ten quality read through passes to do and need to tidy-up/check all the source code etc. I am aiming for a 1st August 2020 release date at this stage.
  20. The room randomization has a bug at the moment, was working, one of the things I need to clean up. I need to have the robot firing go through two levels of speed. I'll keep playing with the speech, but there are limits to what the sound chip can do.
  21. Thank you, all feedback is definitely welcome: - Yes Otto does jump just a bit too high, it's little tweaks like this that are left to do (there are some collisions with the walls that are a little off as well). - I probably don't have the same tick counter for the demo/preview screen - I'll have a look - Good idea with the speech samples, I didn't think of slowing down the original WAV's first, I will try that. 'Chicken' in particular is hard to understand. I have room left in the Rom, and can compress the graphics (not compressed at the moment) if I do run out.
  22. Yes that is Otto squashing during his bounce, its the same as the arcade. I have noticed that I am missing Otto's appearance animation, so will add that.
  23. Well Berzerk for the Colecovision is now functionality complete and ready for some initial testing. All speech sentences are done, all player, robot and Evil Otto actions are done. There will probably be more Robot AI tweaks and collision detection improvements.
  24. The speech is never going to be super clear, but it is recognizable, on start-up it is currently saying 'Destroy'. During the game the robot chatter, currently rotates through: - Kill - Attack - Alert - Shoot - Intruder - Destroy This will change to multi-word chatter made up of a number of words e.g. Kill the Intruder/Humanoid When you die, it is saying: - Got the humanoid, got the intruder If you leave the screen and haven't killed all the Robots it says: - Chicken Fight Like A Robot (although this is one I would like to tweak i.e. it is not very clear).
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