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  1. That works, sorry you never received the game. Send me a PM with your PayPal email address and I'll send you your $10.
  2. If I get more claims soon I'll see if I can get an admin to give me early access, but for now I think I'll just wait. I'm starting to suspect that most of the people who were scammed by Steve have long since left these forums and won't see this thread. Anyone know where else I can try? Right now I have posts on GameTZ, CAG, and DP, and I'm working with NeoGAF to let me post on there soon, but other than that...
  3. Send me an email or PM me with your PayPal email address. ...true. Darn you people and your logic.
  4. That does indeed make a lot more sense. Plus I'm sure most non-rare items were worth much more back then than they do now. Good thinking!
  5. Thank you, I just asked one of the moderators if I can get early access to those forums.
  6. Hm, I don't have sufficient privileges to view that page. Oh wow, I actually bought those same games for Steve a while back. I always assumed his motivation was wanting to play the games, but if he already owned them... Also, Chip and Dale 2 complete is friggin' expensive now, way more than I paid for it. Maybe I'll just PayPal the estimated value of the trades at the time they took place. Yeah, I thought about that but I'm not sure how to handle it. I mean, I can't just accept all claims without any verification since that'd make me an easy target for scammers! Being a well-respected member in the community might be enough, but the more evidence the better.
  7. Hi everyone, this is Mike McFadden, brother of Steve McFadden a.k.a. "Psycho Penguin". As some people already figured out, Steve actually passed away a month ago today. At no point did he repent for his misdeeds and I couldn't find any evidence that he was going to either. Therefore I'll do it for him. Show me evidence that you were scammed by Steve McFadden at any point in the past 12 years or so, and I'll reimburse you for the trade via PayPal. I'll also take the time to answer any appropriate questions. You can either email me or post here, doesn't matter. - Mike How can I tell if I traded with Steve McFadden? He had a few known addresses and sometimes went by Steve Saunders, and here are some of the aliases he used: Psycho Penguin, RandyKOrton, Juan Dixon, KidRock101, MysticalGames, TooKool, WilliamRegal, lita, kidrock, gr81, mikesanders, DiscoFever20009, DoinktheClown, Felix Rivera, Joe Johnston, Steve Lawrence, and Seth Perkins How can I show that a trade took place? You may still have private messages or emails from before the trade, or records of reporting him after. If you were one of the people who publicly warned others about the bad trade I might contact you on my own at some point, but it's incredibly time-consuming trying to track down each user individually! Don't most of the items I traded have wildly different prices now than compared to when I first traded them? Good point. Just estimate the value of your items at the time the trade took place, and I'll send the money via PayPal when I can. Since I'm not filthy-stinking rich (yet... ) I'll have to wait for money to come in from sales of my various apps and games. Also, keep in mind that increasing the estimated value from $40 to $50 is the same as scamming me out of $10. How can I be sure you're not just trying to harvest my email address, or do something even more sinister? I've been a reliable eBayer for 10 years, I've been running a legitimate online business for eight, and I have access to thousands of unique customer email addresses which are all linked to valid PayPal accounts. The only thing I can do with this information is send them money or pointlessly ruin my reputation. Okay... but how can I be sure you're actually Mike McFadden? This account is linked to my Facebook profile, and the fine folks on Digital Press already did their homework. I wasn't scammed by Steve, but I might know of some people who were. Should I tell them about this thread? Yes.
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