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  1. I'm running Windows 7 as well. No OEM fixed font in WordPad, NotePad, Word, etc. It may take a separate program that understands the OEM font. I'm using a fairly old programming editor (CodeWright). Googling for OEM fixed font may reveal other possibilities.
  2. On Windows, try using the 'OEM Fixed' font to view ASCII arts. Be aware that the art in the link uses UNIX style end-of-line, so use a viewer or editor that understands that.
  3. The items that were displayed on the Intellivision table can be found on http://papaintellivision.com/. I added pictures of the hardware and games after we pulled them from storage about a month ago in preparation for PRGE. This was our first public showing of Papa Intellivision's items. Our daughter was very excited to talk about her Grandfather during PRGE. We continue to be amazed at the impact that his five years at Mattel Electronics has had, and is still having today. I would also like to thank y-bot again for his help in getting us off our butts to pull things out of storage for this public showing as well as his help in selling the extra Keyboard Component.
  4. Thanks! I will give this a try when I get home It's too bad it didn't work. Can you take a pic of the modification and post it? I haven't actually done the modification, just figured out what would be necessary to forward bias CR4 to permit the video signal to get to the A/V mod. The 3.3Kohm resistor needs to be between the original video signal of the INTV II and +5V for this to possibly work (DC path). If installed properly, the DC voltage at the original INTV II video signal should be between 2 and 2.5 volts.
  5. I believe a 'prototype' printer for the keyboard component was recently found. I think it's the same printer as the Aquarius printer, just with a different badge. I'm very aware of the 'prototype' printer since it was my wife who inherited it from 'Papa Intellivision'. It looks very much like the printer in the offer that was included with the keyboard components (http://papaintellivision.com/pdfs/PrinterAd.pdf). One of these days I'll post picture of some of the Intellivision things she inherited.
  6. The printer for the keyboard component was connected through either of the expansion ports. As far as I can tell, it's a parallel printer port. No memory.
  7. The reported fact that removing the RF modulator from an INTV II prevents the A/V mod from working caught my attention, so I dug into schematics. The video signal is created by a network of resistors connected to the AY-3-8915 and then travels through a diode (CR4) to the RF modulator. This diode MUST have DC current flowing through it, otherwise the video signal will be blocked. Studying the schematics reveals that the only possible source of this DC current is the RF modulator. Either disconnecting the video signal from the RF modulator or completely removing the RF modulator will thus remove this DC current, resulting in NO video signal to the A/V mod. To get the video signal to the A/V mod in an INTV II without the RF modulator, a new source for this DC current must be created. One possibility is to copy the INTV I circuitry - add a 3.3Kohm resistor between the video signal and +5V (The INTV I actually has 2 resistors in series with a diode, but all that's needed for the INTV II is one resistor with a value of 3.3Kohms.).
  8. I'm in the process of expanding a new website - Papa Intellivision. I've scanned and posted the bulk of the documents included in Dave Chandler's estate. I've still got a bunch of photos to take and post. Stay tuned over the coming weeks (and perhaps months).
  9. In going through 4+ boxes of various documents (data sheets, memos, letters, purchase agreements, etc.), I came across a find related to the printer my wife inherited - an instruction manual for the printer! There is mention anywhere in the manual who the manufacturer is (Alphacom). Interfacing with the following specific computers is included: TRS-80, Apple Card, Pet Interface, Atari 400 and 800, and Mattel Intellivision (keyboard unit).
  10. I finally found time to investigate my wife's printer and it works! I also took pictures with my iPhone: Front view: Bottom view: Interface connector: Closeup of printing sample: Since it printed in blue, I'm assuming that the paper is probably aluminum oxide.
  11. I finally found time to investigate my wife's printer and it works! I also took pictures with my iPhone: Front view: Bottom view: Interface connector: Closeup of printing sample: Since it printed in blue, I'm assuming that the paper is probably aluminum oxide.
  12. My wife recently inherited one of the printers from the estate of her father, Dave "Papa Intellivision" Chandler. It appears to possibly be an evaluation unit since the nameplate doesn't match the one in the ad - it is simply "Mattel Electronics", nothing else. The label on the bottom of the printer doesn't list any company, but labels the printer as "SPRINTER 40". Opening up the printer reveals that the circuit board was manufactured by Alphacom. Further research revealed that Alphacom produced a "Sprinter 40" printer about 1980. Pictures of the Alphacom printer suggest that the Mattel printer could very well be the same printer in a different case. I agree with jaybird3rd that this printer is not the same as that developed for Aquarius. From what I found in searches, the Aquarius printer used aluminum oxide paper while this printer used "standard thermographic printing paper". I've just started trying to determine whether my wife's printer is functional. Putting it in "test mode" resulted in nothing and I've also been investigating how to print from her keyboard component (also inherited).
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