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  1. It is function on Altirra 130XE and on real Atari too.
  2. I attach dumped cartridge. It is function on real AVG cart :-). 99-JRC 64kB.zip
  3. Please support cartridge "99-JRC 64kB" in new version 🙂
  4. Any news about Dungeon Hunt II?
  5. Please, add title picture in the Eel Ecurb 🙂. This is video by Saberman
  6. You could display the FW version on screen and also add the ability to update the FW over an SD card :-)
  7. We also need Bruce Lee sequels on Atari. But who will program it?
  8. I make longplay video https://youtu.be/RqVN_LKvtpU
  9. I love this game :-). Highway Encounter is the best isometric 3D game with fantastic gameplay.
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