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  1. I thought about buying a copy of Tempest Xtreem but the developers are well.... Xtreem. In the modern age only offering a cart seems like a dick move only to promote artificial scarcity. I don't use carts most of the time as there is little reason to wear out the cart slot. I'm sure someone will post a dump eventually. I would have happily paid for a digital download and so would a lot of others. Might even pay for a cart if a couple people that worked on the game weren't so obviously obnoxious and shady. I liked the demo though, it's a shame. What annoys me more is Lance imposing artificial scarcity on things they did NOT develop and likely don't have the rights to..... like Xenophobe. I really want a copy of this and when one comes up secondhand or I find a dump I will have it. The fact that Xenophobe prototype was sold to V61 pisses me off to no end. At least I still have the ST and Lynx versions to enjoy. People that think there's still a bunch of money to be had in the Atari community and engage in bullshit legal threats are incredibly delusional and sad people.
  2. My current 8-bit and ST setup. 800XL 576K upgrade 1050 Happy Drive SIO2PC IDEPlus SIO2SD (shared with 400 in living room) 850 with iPocket232 serial to Ethernet 1040STf 4MB RAM upgrade B&W and Color CRTs with Monitor master switch box AdSCSI adapter w/ 36GB Ultra160 SCSI drive with an SCA to 50-pin adapter I want an UltraSatan, NetUSBee and a VGA adapter at some point for the ST. I want a MIDI interface for the 8-bit too. And both are running Stunt Car Racer
  3. Damn. That's impressive. Now I need to get a 1020 plotter again.
  4. That looks pretty awesome. Will this run on a 48K machine? Well done!
  5. Have you played the 5200 version of Centipede that was backported to the 8-bit computers? It's night and day. It's almost as good as the Arcade. If you haven't ya gotta play it. I was shocked how different it was. There was a few good 2600 games I guess. The colorful 2600 games could easily be done on the 400/800 if people actually tried. Especially with DLI's etc. I also found the sound on 2600 games to be horribly annoying. I played 2600 games on occassion but I guess I was spoiled with my 5200, 130XE and eventually an ST and a Lynx when I was young. Some people are nostalgic for 2600 games but I've played stuff lately for the 400/800 that even have my kids impressed. It's super frustrating that all anyone remembers is the 2600 when you say "Atari" in public. The 2600 both made them and killed them.
  6. Uhhh.... Wut? 5200 predates the NES and is based on the 400/800 chipset with some minor hardware differences. The ONLY problem I have with the 5200 is the stock controllers almost always fail eventually and if you buy one, you'll have to rebuild them. Star Raiders on the 5200 with analog flight control was fantastic. I never liked the 2600, even as a kid. Horrid annoying sound, the arcade ports like Joust were generally awful. I thought I wanted a 2600 until I actually played one again recently and that nostalgia faded VERY quickly. I do have an 800XL, 5200 and an ST set up that I play frequently. Unit sales doesn't mean it was impressive hardware by any means. The 2600 sucked IMHO. It was hard to develop for and the hardware constraints were insanely limited even for the late 70s. I wouldn't bother.
  7. Oh wow.... I have a couple MicroVAX machines but nothing that needs 3-phase power or requires 4 people to move. Maybe various PDP11 UNIX groups like TUHS might have something. Someone on the NetBSD/vax mailing list might have a working drive. Hell with platters that big you can probably almost see the bits. A working PDP8 or PDP11 are on my bucket list though. I like blinkenlights.
  8. I believe there are some other graphics apps with lightpen support that can be run from disk. Rambrandt or Blazing Paddles maybe?
  9. On the original Atari 400/800 you are correct. The later XL/XE series had Atari BASIC onboard in ROM. You should be able to find a BASIC cart really cheap. RAM gets tight on a stock 400. If you plan on doing much you might consider upgrading to 48K if you haven't already. Especially if using DOS.
  10. SIO2SD works well and emulates floppy drives up to 16MB in size. Since you have an XL, a PBI hard disk controller is an option. IDE controllers also work with CF cards with a simple adapter. I'm happy with IDEPlus and a dual CF adapter. Depends what you're doing I guess. If you just want to emulate floppies, like the bleep noises and play from and save to disk images stored on an SD card the SIO2SD or SDrive-Max are probably your best bet.
  11. 1.). Show me a PC at a comparable price point that performed better in 1985. An 8Mhz 68000 was more than a match for the 286. The only thing the ST lacked was a decent expansion bus or a math co. And the onboard video was certainly nicer than CGA in most respects. You weren't going to get a 286 with EGA, Adlib card and MIDI, HDD interface, multiple joystick ports and 1MB of RAM for $1,000. 2.) We had half a dozen ST's over the years. Dying RAM and heat issues were fairly common but not extreme. Having to reseat socketed chips and such wasn't uncommon either with our machines that ran nearly 24/7 like our BBS. The cheap build quality made RAM upgrades and repairs pretty spooky as well. My old ST's all have more modern power supplies and such now. Biggest issues I have now are failing monitor ports and trying to keep those CRTs running. 3.). I never said shedding the shells didn't work, just that on release the 800 overheated.
  12. The ST was far cheaper than a comparable PC in 1985 and spanked it in every way that counted. I still have mine. They also overheated as badly as the 800. And the build quality left a lot to be desired. But they were awesome too.
  13. I love lightpens. Wish it was easier to make them a bit more accurate. Light pens are the primary reason I keep using CRT monitors with my 8-bits.
  14. I found trying to write ST images to floppies from a PC a little painful. What I ultimately ended up doing most since my ST has a SCSI HDD was transfer the images to the ST with a null modem cable and use utilities on ST side to write the MSA and ST images to floppy. Slow but reliable. On my 8bit I can use a $5 adapter to have my PC emulate a floppy drive and even had a real floppy drive in SIO chain. I wish they retained SIO bus for the ST as well. I need an UltraSatan and an Ethernet interface.
  15. That's really neat. I just never really liked the AY much. I grew up with the ST as well. I always thought POKEY had more "character". Maybe I should try to build a quad POKEY cart for my ST. I'd love to see what kind of cool things could be done with a POKEY driven by a 68000.
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