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  1. It's always sad when history and culture are erased due to unnecessary conflict. I hope this guy is able to rebuild when this is all over. I would happily ship him a spare machine if needed. On another note, if the iron curtain is going back up I want someone to send me one of those Elektronika BK home computers with the PDP11 clone CPU first. Wars suck 😞
  2. Retrofire! Call me weird but I actually love it. Uses artifacting for color. Neat 3D lunar lander clone with wireframe terrain that gets more detailed in steps as you land. Having to worry about radiation exposure is a weird twist too. I play this game a lot still. It was a machine language type-in in a magazine I believe.
  3. It really is soooo much better than official release. Who wrote the 5200 version originally? It really is a work of art. The original was really nowhere near as fun to play. Glenn's 5200 conversions were certainly worth the effort. The 5200 got a few enhanced versions of various games. Also the only console that ever got a good Star Raiders port.
  4. Yeah I'd certainly be interested in taking a look at this. What format are the design files in? KiCAD?
  5. If we are doing things like replacing video circuit....why not just replace dram and associated circuitry with a big SRAM instead? Eliminating unnecessary passives and TTL chips to keep costs down without going too insane with feature creep seems like a win to me. I would just be happy with a better quality PCB in the same footprint with clean video output and more expanded RAM. Mine has damaged lifted traces on SIO port and is falling apart.
  6. The thing that put me off the most with the 2600 was the awful sound in most games that I found irritating. I'll never understand why they didn't build POKEY into the 7800 design. I did have a 5200 as a kid. I wouldn't mind having a 2600 adapter for it but I couldn't see myself going out of my way to have a 2600 collection. There were some ok games for it but very few that didn't have better A8/5200 ports. I just have no nostalgia really for the 2600, some people do. I was just a spoiled brat I guess.
  7. I'm working on building an RCA 1802-based machine in my spare time. I e thing I stumbled on working on that project is a support chip that is usable in other CPUs as well. The CDP1855 hardware mult/div chip. Can stack 3 of them to get 24-bit hardware mult/div support that's much faster than the CDP1802 CPU pulling it off. I think using an ARM or STM32 or something is cheating a bit but that's just me.
  8. Allows you to play dumps of large bankswitched cartridge games like Commando, Karateka, BattleZone, etc from floppy or HDD. SDX is badass. Extended RAM and a PBI IDE controller make this machine much more versatile.
  9. RAMBO-style XL upgrades were quite a common sight at user group meetings where I grew up. There's actually a fair amount of software that supported it compared to C64 expansions. The fact that Atari adopted the community standard for PORTB bankswitching when they released the 130XE is pretty telling. Expanded XLs weren't that uncommon. Many people had dropped the 8-bit and flocked to the ST at that point here though. The market for 8-bits evaporated pretty quickly once the ST, Amiga and Macs hit the streets here.
  10. Karateka is actually far more playable with the keyboard. Both the 8-bit and ST versions. I was never able to beat the game until I started using the keyboard. I think you have to hit "K" to switch to keyboard control.
  11. I've been thinking this for a while and started thinking about giving it a shot to build a simple backplane with internal SCSI-style 50-pin locking connectors for each slot. I had started to come up with a simple IDEa-like but simpler IDE interface for CF cards that would fit as well. Life unfortunately got in the way. I *LOVE* my IDEPlus 2.0, until I had one I never knew how cool it would be to have a real PBI disk controller. A RAM320XL-style RAM expansion and a card with a couple 16550 UARTs would make me happy as well. It would really be sweet to be able to use PBI as intended with multiple devices. Lots of fun could be had. A 1450XLD-style voice synth, COVOX, simple Z80 card for running CP/M based on an eZ80 or something. A standard backplane supported by the community with cheap proto cards available could really open up a lot of possibilities for us. Rather than a handful of really awesome devices that aren't interoperable or compatible, we could really have something managable. It would make hardware hacking more newbie friendly as well.
  12. The ST version of Karateka was pretty awesome. A8 PoP looks like it's going to be far better than the ST version though.
  13. I finally got a more recent mac and gave this a whirl. Still my favorite 8-bit emulator on the planet. Any chance SIO2OSX will get an update eventually? I really liked it for printer emulation, etc. If not is there a good alternative for OSX that integrates well and includes a disk editor?
  14. That wasn't meant to be serious but I guess you can't hear the fake used car salesmen tone.... didn't you plug his XE Touch kit in the past at some point? That kit made it suck a whole lot less. Other than Brad being weird about cancelled orders, have people really had a lot of major issues with him lately? I haven't ordered from him in a few years so I honestly don't know. Once I get back to work I was going to get my ST's and XE back in shape. 130XE SIO port has broken solder joints and lifted pads as well so it needs repair too. Any recommendations on parts sources for Tramiel era machines that are less of a PITA to deal with? I ended up with 6 ST's and monitors recently for free and most run but need love pretty badly.
  15. Mine looks like a stock 130XE. I didn't have a keyboard with springs. It had rubber cups. The XE Touch replacements actually gave it the best feeling keyboard of any Atari 8-bit I've ever had. Lovely tactile feedback. Far better than my 600XL or even 800XL even with the Alps keyboard. I not exaggerating, this made the keyboard fan-f**kin-tastic. If you have a later XE without springs you won't regret the effort. Instead you'll be crying about why the XE PCB quality sucked so much that's it's hard to install the RAM and video upgrades when the keyboard is so awesome. I'm not joking and Brad at Best didn't pay me to say this. Even FJC would probably agree. It is night and supernova. I WISH my PC keyboard was that nice feeling.
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