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  1. I ran Giligan's Island BBS and The Outer Limits BBS back in the day off of ForeSight. Brian was a friend of mine and I helped out a bit with development/testing and helped with some of the documentation. Setup wasn't exactly easy and Brian had plans to simplify that. The BBS was a blast to run and the split screen chat that Aaron Hopkins developed for Brian was really cool as well as the Multi-BBS networking that Brian was working on. Development of Foresight kind of came at the end of the BBS era so to speak and when Brian went off to college development pretty much stopped so we never got out of beta. I believe the last version put out was 4.7 beta. Unfortunately I gave away my Mega STe soon after moving to TX so I don't have the source code any more. I gave it to someone on this forum about 18 years ago. If the guy I gave the Mega STe to reads this and still has the Mega STe can you check to see if you still have the source code on the hard drive (I know it's a long shot). If Brian doesn't get back with you on Twitter let me know and I'll reach out to him on Facebook.
  2. I had copy from Aaron Hopkins that didn't have the copy protection. I used to run Gilligan's Island BBS and knew Aaron Hopkins through Brian Hauer who wrote the Foresight BBS software. Brian and Aaron were good friends and Aaron contributed code to Foresight (split screen chat and full screen editor). Freeze Dried Terminal was a great piece of software but Aaron had a hard drive crash with no backup and lost the source code, list of registered users, etc.... and unfortunately that kind of put an end to FZDT. Unfortunately I gave away my Mega STe years ago soon after moving to TX. Whoever has that computer should have my copy of FZDT on it. It was someone here on the forum because I posted a message that anyone in the Dallas/Fort Worth area could have it for free if they just came to pick it up. I don't recall who it was but hopefully they are still on this forum and still have my old machine. I will try to reach out to Brian Hauer and see if he still has his TT and any of his old software. If so, I'm sure Brian would have had the same copy of FZDT that I had. It was the last version that Aaron had right before the hard drive crash I believe.
  3. This sucks. I wouldn't feel at all bad if Anonymous went after Atari like they did with Sony. Not saying it's right but wouldn't feel sorry for Atari if they did.
  4. Meh, I prefer the lynx emulator on the GP2x.
  5. Hmm, I wonder how this one compares with Handy for the GP2X. I'll have to check it out.
  6. Dave, First off, I have to say I absolutely loved Asteroidia! I didn't register any of your other games but I did get Asteroidia registered because it was just soo cool! I remember playing that game for hours. Great Work! How long ago did you move to Texas? I move to North Richland Hills about 5 years ago. Any way, thanks for the great software you provided for many Atari users back in the day! I'm wishing I hadn't given away my old Mega STe now. I would love to go back and play some of your stuff, especially Asteriodia.
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