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  1. The game is graphical and the music ready almost 100%. Now it's time for programming. The nickname of the programmer and the musician for (unofficial and freeware) Zorro II - is secret to avoid disturbing us while working. We do not have time for this. We want to work without obstacle. Respect it please. Thanks! Zorro 2 will not be a project abandoned - it will be done. Too much work costed to create it all to withdraw. We can not show too much. This is the last statement on our side. Keep your fingers crossed and respect our hard work. See you after the Zorro II premiere for all atarians - small and large. Please be patient. Greetings for all Zorro fans!. Over and out! C.G.S TEAM
  2. Hello all.. In our demo battlefield in the game still does not have the background. It is only an initial engine - which presents undoubted talent Koalas programming - especially thanks to its water physics, which he wrote for a small Atari. When it tested my jaw was lying on my desk. Koala wrote exactly what I wanted ;) What are we going to do in the full version? Your submarine will lose energy and life-giving oxygen. The remaining submarines will be a completely different type. Probably will use a super submarine that sunk lose reactor giving us additional power in electric motors. We have a lot of ideas but the reality of the classic Atari memory probably bring us quickly to the earth Plans are also in rescuing divers in the last mission while avoiding depth charges dropped by the destroyer on the surface. After completing the last level all players will see the final animation. HNY 2015 to all!
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