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  1. Hello everyone: I am at present updating my TNFS Server list and burning a copy of it to 1 of 50 BluRay disks. This means that I will be able to make 49 duplicates with everything I have ever created on the Atari 8 Bit , a little over 24 GIGs per disk, each one will be carefully checked to see if all of the contents work OK and will be offered to anyone that has an Atari 8 Bit computer. This disk will also have the entire Atari Portfolio collection on it for those of you who have ordered an IDE Kit from me, it will be totally free as these IDE kits have been suspended for an indefinite period (but they will be produced, its a matter of getting the bugs out of the prototype). Disks are currently being made and custom labeled as shown in the picture, hopefully I will get the labels on better than these two. I will have 6 discs ready for shipping today. Price is $30.00 US each including shipping. By tomorrow I will have another 12 burned , checked and labels printed. It takes roughly 45 mins to burn, check and print labels for 2 discs.
  2. Just an update on some of these disks, I have yet to get my two 1050 disk drives working and I am out of town for a few more days, when I get back I will get my friend in town to fix them, and I will then continue to contribute to the Kwest Library disks. I have another 50 to still archive. Russ
  3. Here is the design for my wall mount bracket for the Atari 400 and 800 computers, this design has been made to mount the 400 or 800 on the wall. The main difference between the design for this one and the design for the 800xl, 1200xl, 65 XE, 130 XE is that it is wider in the hook part to accommodate the 400 and 800. If someone could 3D print one and let me know how it fits that would be good. I no longer need a picture of either one of these computers but finding out if my design works is desirable. As the 400 and 800 models are heavier, I would recommend printing 3 brackets , especially for the 800, it would hold them better. Atari 400 and 800 Wall Mount Bracket by rcamp48 - Thingiverse
  4. This design should work for the 65XE and the 130XE as well, for the 400 and 800 I may have to redesign the STL as they are thicker at the bottom.
  5. New design has been incorporated into this Thingiverse page, here is a pic of the new design:
  6. Hello everyone , I have decided to veer away from software for a bit and have instead fired up my 3D printer and Tinkercad to produce a good set of wall mounts that are Atari Universal, as I print the first design, I will be seeing what changes the STLs need and adjusting accordingly for the different Atari computers that are out there. I have listed my design on Tinkercad, it is a remix of another design, and as such credit has been given to the original designer of the Laptop Wall Mount Set. Here is the URL for my design: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5335874
  7. Hi Lance: I am still interested in a legal copy of BBS Express Pro with source code, are there any available? Russ Campbell
  8. Thanks Larry...I have about 12 original non-game titles to archive into atxs the only thing I have besides the Happy drive is my Fujinet. Is this suitable for making ATXs of all of my originals? Russ PS: Those 150 disks are all C64 and Apple, I am going to write Atari stuff to them all for users that like disks and make them available.
  9. OK its been so long , how do I change source and destination drives in the archiver?
  10. Have a look at the MaxFlash carts from AtariMax, I have the USB programmer and 6 8 Mbit carts for it...
  11. Ya thats the version I am using , should I use the other version?
  12. Hello , I am running the Fox 1050 to chip archiver program, would anyone kow what the open drive code is ??? I have tried 0000,2 (2 being the drive I want opened) and no go : I get opening error. Russ
  13. I had little choice it was a web cam and did not have a choice other than turning that light off , and yes I am having troubles writing to apple disks that are in good shape , this guy smoked and you can smell it on the disks
  14. I got my Happy drive working both reading and writing and I have a Fujinet, is there a way to write atx files to floppy with my Happy drive ie: archiver ?? I have just about every program that is listed on Tosek, and about 50 Kwest disks to finish archiving... lots of work to do and I am getting bored with BBS stuff anyways much more worthy project... I do have some originals about 10 of them that came with that haul I picked up. You should see this guys garage , he inherited about 200 computers and software , mostly Apple stuff if anyone wants an Apple with the screen and disk drive built in.
  15. I just picked up a nice little haul of Atari related stuff, a couple of things that are not Atari can you spot em? I also picked up a box of 150 floppies, looks like some of them might not be Atari disks but a lot of them might be , still its not as promising as the owner of them said they would be... and the drive cleaning disk is almost new..
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