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  1. My question is how do you go about coding the screens on an ST for the Atari 8 bit, thats the ticket, I want to do just that if even in grayscale its better than straight text. I am going to have to get my Forem ST manual cirloxed and read it so I can figure out just what I can do with it , running it on Steem does not work either it expects a modem.
  2. Does anyone have a tutorial on making proper char sets for atari 8 bit screen , ie: graphics, I want to tke out vidtex and replace it with Atari 8 bit, or at leaset put Atari 8 bit codes in where the Vidtex extenders are, change the menu prompt from vidtex to Atart 8 Bit, I have Ansi and Atari ST but not Atari 8 Bit. I suppose I could look it up on google , but I might get the wrong thing .... I will try anyways..... Russ Also for some reason the PR Connecton defaults to 2400 baud as well as the Mega ST4. I will also have to see if there arevsettings for the modem port beyond what the Forem ST program says.
  3. And thank you Tillek for your understanding, one of my biggest problems is focus, I am glad that you pointed it out to me, I could not have seen it with out your honest help. Russ
  4. It could be the settings I have the settings at 9600 and it says on the Forem ST end that I have connected at 9600 BPS, strange.
  5. Another day I am afraid , until my BBS is up and running properly , I have to focus on that, it would be a nice project but I am simply too busy at the moment, everything is focused on the BBS.
  6. The BBS is up and running , I have it ready but for now connect at 2400, it will connect you at 9600...…… Russ and yes I will change the Port number
  7. Well Tilek I have finally decided on something , and yes , I am going to dedicate lots of time to the BBS , I know what it is like to run a bBS as I have run one before , I was just confused about what to run, but now I am serious about the whole thing , my BBS is now based on a theme, the Spy Vs Spy theme. Let me tell you about the theme, I am focused on it, it is 1985 again , somehow you have warped back to 1985 , and everything focuses around that, BBS programs, well I have decided to go with Forem ST and I first picked, and now I am dedicated. I am really sorry to have changed my mind so many times , I will of course try to focus, that is my main problem right now, focusing on something, if it means dropping all of my other stuff, well I might just incorporate that into the BBS. I have spent the last 12 hours working on Forem ST, and door games for Forem ST, I don't ask as many questions, I just look it up on Google, but one thing is for certain I too want to do something different, and want to be established for at least 6 months if not a year before adding it to any list. The number to call is 1-226-647-0501, by tomorrow it will have telnet at port 23, my Lantronics device came in, everything is slowly coming together. Russ
  8. Spy Visits Spy BBS is finally up and running although the dial up line you have to connect at 2400 baud with Forem ST, I don't know why but that is the way it is. An explanation of the theme: It is back in 1985, we are revisiting 1985, everything is as it used to be back in 1985, the BBS time is set to July 15, 1985 and updates itself as it is running. The file section is the secret briefcase, rules? NO RULES , I hate rules, just keep it civil , almost anything goes, I have 12 separate message bases, and have 2 phone lines, have successfully tested it with my 8 Bit Atari and my PC, it works good with both, there is a new phone number that is 24/7 , it is 1-226-647-0501, tomorrow telnet will be added at , port 23. I am backing the whole system up right now and installing 12 door games on the PC into the forem directory, then zipping them, and transferring them back to the ST, it all takes time. I have customized about 50 percent of the menus, there is ST graphics, I don't know much about 8 Bit graphics but I want to add that. As for file sections , I have to set that up, a lot of work , but hey the more work I put into the BBS, the better it will be , the whole thing will be Spy themed, for those of you who don't know what Spy Vs Spy is, look up Mad Magazine , Alfred E Newman, that is what the whole thing is based on. You guys can call it after midnight EST , it is 4:31 PM here , it will take me that long to finish it, mainly the door games , I am concentrating on that first rather than files as you can get files anywhere, but good door games are harder to find. If anyone knows anything about setting up 8 bit graphics files on the ST, can you send me some sample files so I know how to encode them? Also Ansi graphics... I will be running the BBS on a 16 port RS232 server, I will be getting it on Thursday, so watch out for it. Russ
  9. On Thursday I am going back over to Don's and he does have multiplexers, and 16 port RS232 switches, is anyone interested in any of this ? He sells cheap, a lot cheaper than online , in another message I ask for pictures so that both of us know what we are looking for , I think that this one is well worth putting in a new thread as there has to be many users out there that are interested, I myself am going to get a 16 port switch, an older one and link at least 6 systems for RS232. Note that the guy is hanging onto complete linux servers and hardware of the like , really old stuff, I will do videos of some of his more popular stuff, he has not even thought of selling this stuff online although he could, I just need to get an idea from him what he has in his 3 trailers , and I am talking tractor trailers full of good stuff. Russ
  10. He was wrong , what he scrapped was NOT Multiplexers, can someone give me an idea of what a multiplexer is , ie; pictures, specs, etc? Don says he has RS232 switch boxes that can run up to 16 machines, is that what we are talking about here ? Or are we talking cards for the PC , PCI, ISA, etc..... Russ PS: Get back to me before Thursday, that is when I am going over to get them.
  11. I appear to be in error , it was Multiplexer BOXES that were scrapped , not cards , so there may be a huge supply of both slave and master Multiplexer cards available, and probably at a good price. I am just waiting for the guy to text me back, I know he would not scrap multiplexer cards, just the boxes they were in. Russ
  12. I am fortunate enough now to have two land lines, one for voice and the other for data. When testing my BBS from the 8 bit to the ST on Forem ST and Bobterm 1.21 , I get a 'Press Return' on the ST and a connect 4800 on the 8 bit , however nothing happens, I am using 4800 for both on 2 US Robotics 28800 fax modems , pictures are below:
  13. Yes , all of the prompts are on the disk, not the ROM, am working on translating the two help pages
  14. Bad light in the early morning resulting in images on my TV.
  15. I am in the process of making the software for the Mini Speedy totally English from start to finish, here is what I have so far, two pictures for release:
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