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  1. Here is Forem XE Professional , all unarced, and in folders ,etc, all set up for anyone that wants to try it, I have put everything in new ZIP folder, unarced all of the text, game01, message, etc arc files, I left the arc files in to just in case there is an installer that uses the in a special way, BUT I don't really know , I have yet to make several atr files for it , that I will do this afternoon and upload them here, (after I make the 90 K disks needed for the Forem XE BBS) at least it is worth a try and with my skills in programming I may be able to update the program itself.. I have a few programming courses from college under my belt, am fairly fluent in Basic and have used Basic XE before. (I used it to modify Forem XE back in 1989 to run the Original Spy Visits Spy BBS). I intend to put 300-600 hours into the BBS , I have the time, as I had already put 300 hours into 1 video, I can do the same on the BBS. For me it is easy to sit for 18 hours and just solid program without taking many breaks , I get so involved in it, basically I put 100 % into what ever I am doing at the time. Unfortunately I have a lot of projects on the go at the moment, but this one comes first...... Russ ForemXE Pro 54.zip Everything is set up, and ready to go, I will of course experiment with it and the UDS-10 or the APE this afternoon.....
  2. We are getting a flavor of Forem on the 8 Bit I will run a second BBS for a month and as I mentioned in another thread try both....I have an AtariMax Ape system, and just got the new update so it is a possibility.
  3. Well I now have 512 K in my 600XL, and tried to use EXTEND with the extensions disk and got a NO EXTENDED MEMORY ERROR , is this because it already uses extended memory, basicall Y want to get Forem XE working and switch to Forem XE on my BBS, then I can really customise the BBS like I did back in 1989, I may run a second BBS until I transition from Forem ST to Forem XE, what do you think , Tiillek ? should I switch or keep with what I have got, Forem XE might be a good way to go exspecially with my new AtariMax APE board, I may be able to get further than 9 message bases, and I will copy all of the info from the ST to the 8 Bit, I like the 8 Bit BBS programs better anyways , I do have a copy of Forem XE Professional, it has beeen released into the public domain, I think I uploaded it here, as for online games, is it as compatable? As for making new logins with the 8 Bit , I only have 5 users so I can enter all of the details , etc and make a smooth transition to Forem XE, both will be running for a month to see which is better, and I WILL dedicate more time to the BBS just to make it better than before. Russ
  4. I have a copy and the history of Forem XE Version 5.4, available for download, I just found it online, I will post all 4 here: fxep54_a.arc fxep54_b.arc fxep54_c.arc Forem-XE Pro BBS Forem-XE Pro is a public domain BBS program, being a rewrite of Matt Singer's original FoReM XE BBS. My first experience with it was late 1989, when version 4.5 had just been released. When I finally purchased a Basic XE cartridge and upgraded my 800XL to 256k, I was finally able to switch over from the old Oasis Jr. program to FXEP. What impressed me about it was the ability to run external programs and then return right where it left off, plus the message networking on this system was second to none, with information stored in the message data that allowed complete threading of messages and replies across different systems. There were also several excellent online games written for it, incuding Darel Schartman's 'Horror Castle', probably the best 'haunted house' game ever written for an Atari 8-bit BBS. The core of the BBS was the Automatic Modem Processor (AMP). This machine language core handled the sysop display screen, X/Ymodem block transfers, word-wraps and page-breaks on text files and messages, and was the main "traffic cop" for all I/O, automatically opening and closing the modem channel as needed, as well as watchdogging the carrier. By version 4.8, the program had outgrown even the extended memory capability of Basic XE, and the file transfer section was spun off into its own module. Version 5.0 saw AMP rewritten, tightening some of the code, especially the modem output. The last released version, 5.4, saw TWO versions of AMP, one for the SIO modem interfaces, the other for the PBI interfaces. The PBI version especially was optimized for 19.2k port speed. In the main program, some Basic routines were replaced with machine code, which speeded some functions up considerably.
  5. I have an Atari 8 bit, and BBS software from APE plus a UDS device, and a PR - connection device, sure I can set up a test BBS on it, but I think the APE device already has R: access incoming calls, I have the registered version of Ape as well as the dual port device, right now I am having problems with the USB ports not recognizing it on Windows 10, if I did not already have a BBS running on an Atari Mega ST4, I would switch over to the 512 K 8 bit Atari 600 XL that I have, BUT I remain committed to the ST and Forem software, there is a copy of Forem XE floating around , and I have a cartridge for Basic XE, I can always put up a temporary second BBS with Forem XE and APE. (I will look for Forem XE , I do believe I have it.) Russ
  6. If someone can do so please back up my site to another area, before I loose it all, there is a lot of data there over 225 GIGs worth and all valuable, I will try myself, is Dropbox OK ? If so I will switch to Dropbox business account Russ
  7. OK where would you recommend a good site that is trustworthy ????? I need to back it up..... before i loose it all Russ
  8. Right now I am working on 4 of these systems, HP Elite Tab 900 G1s, 1 has a working battery, I am working on either buying 3 new batteries or rejuvenating the 3 dead batteries on the others. A picture shows all I guess. Running Windows 8.1 and will be running a set up version of LaunchBox Premium. Russ
  9. I have only put 5 years into it and organazied , cataloged, etc , but you are right, I have a limit on bandwidth, I think 4 TB of transfer, I can always up it to 8 TB storage and 16 TB bandwidth, but that costs money. By the way some of it is not my work , I have collected from other people in the past, too many to acknowledge but if you anyone has contributed to what I have collected , please mention your name for credit you too deserve credit if you have contributed. Russ I do want to give credit to Pat FitzGerald right now, she is the one who has been maintaining the payment of the account in the last year, she deserves the most credit, without her, I wouild have not been able to keep it going , Koodos Pat.
  10. I am on the internet archive , and being alibrarian sounds good to me , a new project is right up my alley , do you have tools for cataloging everything and getting descriptions of what is there ???? I would be willing to do that... also mirror the site .... I will give you access to my site there is a lot there... https://mega.nz/#F!oc8VgAqT!kPgl_GUF-3z4ze9rJL6W8Q
  11. I have The USB version, Windows 7 Pro 32 bit wnt work either
  12. They are both the same game and tournament disk, I was given one Package with the red dongle. Russ
  13. Leaderboard has a red dongle As does the course disks, are they the same key?
  14. Hello everyone: I have a whole bunch of games on loan from another Atari user in my area, I have them for a month or whenever he comes back to pick them up, all boxed with manuals. Question , should I start with Pasti on them as soon as possible and get my scanner going for the doc files? This is what I have:
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