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  1. Well played. If you don't like people to question the information you spread, make sure it is up to date and correct.
  2. I think you're a bit misinformed on the PS5 specs. RDNA stands for the architecture, not the features. PS5 is RDNA2 architecture. The feature set is not completely the same as what AMD puts on their GFX cards because they replaced things they deemed useless with their own features. MS stayed closer to what AMD and there for PC has/gets, but even so it is not exactly the same.
  3. The Tramiels where pretty successful at keeping MS away from the ST. The 8-bits had a version of MS basic and Amiga basic was by MS. By the looks of it the ST only got "Write" from MS and I don't know anyone who used that.
  4. And here's their proto type design. Enough with being square and being called a fridge. Hurray for Project Phallus.
  5. I just read Soccer1214$ will get it for you as a xmas present 😛
  6. The old VR will work. For the old camera they will provide a free adaptor. (You need to request it though and Sony will provide the information...) You don't really need the new camera with the current VR set.
  7. Well those or at least some where started for the PS4, so why not finish what you got. Jim Ryan later said in an interview :“No one should be disappointed,” Ryan said. “The PS5 versions of those games are built from the ground up to take advantage of the PS5 feature set, and we have an upgrade path for PS4 users to get the PS5 versions for free. It’s about people having choice. I’m really quite pleased about the situation.” Personally I don't think developers work that way, but who knows maybe they really did for these games and it that games we should see a few differences in the games layout etc. Either way I don't see that as a problem for games released in the first year or so. Sony should have been more clear about it though. Here's hoping they'll do a presentation soon again with more details about these games and their differences to put all those shocked gamers at ease and a teardown of the console + more tech details so we actually know what we buy.
  8. It's only 35 out of about a 1000 XBox games in Europe and 557 out of about 2085 XB360 games. Doesn't sound like true backwards compatibility to me at all when games need to be worked on to be BC and I really don't see how people see that as a major +. Hopefully the SS and SX are truly BC with the 1(S) and 1X
  9. Auto fire on of the joystick was always the guilty party when it occured on my ST(E)/Falcon. Don't know why an emulator would do this though.
  10. I wonder what the new machines do when they detect 1080P. Will they use the free CPU/GPU time to up the frame rate, throw around some more triangles and particles and whatever they have. Or will the system kick back and chill. Like many I don't have a 4K tv and don't see myself changing the thing in the coming few years.
  11. Dybabusters+ uses them. You can make adaptors for the extended ports so you can connect 4 extra normal joysticks. 6 in total
  12. I have to say that browsing the store and watching the trailers sometimes crashes the PS4 when pressing O quickly to get back to the overview. When being patient and wait for things to load before going a screen back it never happens. Other than that I have no problems with the menu's whatever and we hardly ever power down the PS or rebuilt the database
  13. Both don't impress me in a way I would be buying them on release. However Sony seems to have really thought of things. Created some clever solutions and implemented their own ideas into the RDNA2 chipset. Also they worked on the controller that might enhance the game experience. They're trying to bring something new to console playing. They showed some actual games, not really the ones that want me to go out and get one immediately, but Rachet and Clank has some nice raytracing effects and loads going on on screen. MS is, apart from a few bits, is mostly a really powerful (GPU) PC in a small box and a lot of shouting how they're superior but haven't showed anything and seem to want people getting on their gamepass service above anything else. Their show was no good at all because of showing Halo in that state. Then later stating it was a very old built on PC, blaming covid and what not. (probably all not true at all) It made me think of what Atari did to the Jag. Lot's of hot air and mostly disappointments. I'm sure both can deliver some good games with nice gfx etc, but so far the total package of PS5 has been more impressing. So it is on the wishlist for whenever the price drops to a point around the current prices of the PS4.
  14. Actually there's a version now that's updated a little for STE features. So it does scroll and has different sound if i'm not mistaking. As it still uses ST graphics it's not on par with the Amiga version or C64 actually that have some assets that are animated and on ST are stills (like the water). ( I just noticed the Amga version doesn't have animated water either, so we must beg for the C64 port then 😄 )
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