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  1. Actually there's a version now that's updated a little for STE features. So it does scroll and has different sound if i'm not mistaking. As it still uses ST graphics it's not on par with the Amiga version or C64 actually that have some assets that are animated and on ST are stills (like the water). ( I just noticed the Amga version doesn't have animated water either, so we must beg for the C64 port then 😄 )
  2. I liked Baldies, but it crashes whenever it feels like it. If it wouldn't I would have spent lots of time on it instead of playing it like 5 times
  3. I don't think this is the case, but booting a ST with a connected joystick with auto fire on also makes the ST click.
  4. i think that website is wrong. The way they say the GPU will be used to recognise the discs already makes me question the whole thing although technically maybe possible the GPU is used for disc access it's not logical imo. PS4/pro will be hardware as it'just like PC's just more of the same hardware and is very likely to be included. PS1,2 and 3 if there will be any, and I doubt it very much, will be software or maybe even streaming only. I don't think Sony is going to invest just to satisfy a (very) small part of the user base that want to play PS1,2 and 3 titles on the latest console.
  5. ah yeah that's what I meant, but my decaying brain cells kinda thought, until your reminder, that with setting it to 50 Hz the clock speed also changed. Anyhow that is the main culprit. I don't think that at that time, anybody thought about someone watching demo's in the US or any other nation with 60 HZ electrical power source.
  6. I don't know if it matters, but you have an USA STE? The timing needed for the used tricks for like overscan/syncscroll might be different although I assume they (demo makers) set your machine in 50Hz. Gunstick: One of the makers of this demo is active on Atari-forum.com maybe he can tell you more.. In this topic he and others are discussing how to improve these kind of techniques: http://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=29578&hilit=gunstick&start=100
  7. hmm 18+ for a fuck.. the game should really be 21+ as it could be mind altering like alcohol or other kinds of drugs.
  8. Probably true, but if you hang out for a while you'll know the names of the ones who are into the machine and not it's monetary value
  9. If you want your Falcon to go into the hands of someone who does really use it, why don't you offer it on the several Atari scene groups on facebook or atari-forum.com first? They probably don't offer you what you can get on Ebay, but you'll be almost 100% sure it will be used for creative purposes.
  10. Uhm, maybe not the answer you seek, but for quick testing you can use Super Burn out. Check if the speed is measured in MP/H (60Hz) or KM/H (50Hz) and see if that changes when you start the Jag after you put the switch in the other setting. No need to find the right spot to measure things unless you have to trouble shoot where things are going wrong.
  11. http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-st-ishar-legend-of-the-fortress_9657.html
  12. Ishar should be available in English and German.. I think you can choose the language and they're not separate releases?
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