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  1. Probably true, but if you hang out for a while you'll know the names of the ones who are into the machine and not it's monetary value
  2. If you want your Falcon to go into the hands of someone who does really use it, why don't you offer it on the several Atari scene groups on facebook or atari-forum.com first? They probably don't offer you what you can get on Ebay, but you'll be almost 100% sure it will be used for creative purposes.
  3. Uhm, maybe not the answer you seek, but for quick testing you can use Super Burn out. Check if the speed is measured in MP/H (60Hz) or KM/H (50Hz) and see if that changes when you start the Jag after you put the switch in the other setting. No need to find the right spot to measure things unless you have to trouble shoot where things are going wrong.
  4. http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-st-ishar-legend-of-the-fortress_9657.html
  5. Ishar should be available in English and German.. I think you can choose the language and they're not separate releases?
  6. Protect your kids from obscenity they said.. take them out into nature instead of letting hang in front of the tv they said.. and what do we see right in the park close to our house. 4 or 5 month old cute little lambs. So my 7 y/o daughter says. Look those are boys. They have a big bag hanging and they pee from the thingy under their belly. The others pee from their butt. They must be the girls. Ok.. I guess that saves on explaining something there. Parenting made easy Then the lambs start humping their brothers,sisters and mommies. The fathers where no where to be seen.. I mean it was one huge hetero, home, lesbian, geronthophile, incest humping fest. Thats where the question came. You can't censor nature and one shouldn't censor games etc. too much. When my daughter is front of the TV or Playstation she won't care about cleavages or butts sticking out and I don't think it will do her any harm seeing those things.
  7. (Getting a bit on slippery ice here as I don't know all in and outs) As for NTSC consoles/ "home" computers being faster is also because they usually derive or based the clockspeed of the CPU from the frequency of the sub carrier ( quadrature amplitude modulated subcarrier) of the used format (NTSC/PAL/SECAM). NTSC systems run slightly faster than PAL systems. In this totally digital time PAL/NTSC/SECAM should be totally absolete, but remain a factor as the media providers/industry love to have a divided world. It's all marketing now and has nothing to do with the abilities of the technology used. I never had any problems running NTSC stuff on the TV's I have/had , but in other regions of the world that might be different.
  8. Apart from the refresh rate, the number of lines are different. https://www.movavi.com/learning-portal/ntsc-vs-pal-which-is-better.html explains it in a quite good to understand way.
  9. I think we can blame Dreams on PS4 if there isn't any
  10. No worries. I had to find out the hard way after some wallmart a-hole convinced my wife that 99% of BR's don't have region limitations and I couldn't see any of the symbols on the box of a couple of Studio Ghibli BR's. Back in Europe the bloody things wouldn't play on the PS4 and ofcourse the symbols for the regions the things play in were on the inlay.
  11. The PS4 slim I have now for about 1.5 years always had those limitations, so I don't think it's something that came with the latest firmware. DVD region can be changed 4 times BR "region"( they don't call it region anymore) can't be changed.
  12. Nice one. Those beasts are quite famous here, but never knew the guy used an ST for their creation. By the way the website calls them strandbeests wich is, of course, wrong. Strandbeesten is the plural for strandbeest. Just making sure you lot don't learn Dutch in the same wrong way I learned English
  13. I have no connections to/with Atarimania. I couldn't see a filter for the resolutions, but they put the info in the extra game information so maybe they can add a filter if one does a request for it
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