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  1. Just asking, sorry if it's a stupid question but how do I go about purchasing? It still says to add to wish list.
  2. I have received. will place order now. Thank you!!
  3. I am almost positive that I did but I wasn't 100% sure. I'd have to double check but thank you for confirming my number, much appreciated.
  4. No rush but how do I make sure I am on the list? I filled the form out as months ago, is there any way to get confirmation? Thank You.
  5. If at all possible I to would like to know where I am on the AA list. Greatly appreciated.
  6. I would've been number 300 or so which is fine as unfortunately here in Canada due to exchange rate this cart will cost me $250 so I'm gonna have to hold off for now. Will get one in the future.
  7. HAHA I actually own the game as well and never played it either as the CD unit I purchased way back(for very little actually maybe $90 at most) arrived non functional and had to return it. Come to think of it it may have not even been broken but just a bad connection. Anyhow I'm so intrigued by the game that I have to try it LOL!
  8. Sorry for the late purchase. I have now purchased one controller as that is all my budget can sustain at the moment. Hopefully in the near future I can purchase another to fulfill my original promise of two controllers. Thank you for the hard work in bringing this to us. Cheers from Canada.
  9. I too have to put my order in. It's just the timing for me was horrible so I'll still have to wait a couple of weeks before I can fund this but as soon as I can rest assured I will. I'm sorry that I can't at this moment but for now funds are limited. Very soon though hopefully. .Sandro.
  10. WOW I'm a lucky one I suppose. I bought my Jaguar new many many years ago for I believe $45.00-$50.00 Canadian. But that was easily in the early 2000's if memory serves me correctly and Jaguar demand was not high at all. In fact I wish I collected a complete set back then as save for maybe two games they were all cheaply attainable should one want them. I have an ok collection but still this SD card is a dream for me especially for CD games!! Actually I remember purchasing the CD unit for about $120.00 Canadian but was not working upon arrival and so returned it.
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