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  1. I am almost positive that I did but I wasn't 100% sure. I'd have to double check but thank you for confirming my number, much appreciated.
  2. No rush but how do I make sure I am on the list? I filled the form out as months ago, is there any way to get confirmation? Thank You.
  3. If at all possible I to would like to know where I am on the AA list. Greatly appreciated.
  4. I would've been number 300 or so which is fine as unfortunately here in Canada due to exchange rate this cart will cost me $250 so I'm gonna have to hold off for now. Will get one in the future.
  5. HAHA I actually own the game as well and never played it either as the CD unit I purchased way back(for very little actually maybe $90 at most) arrived non functional and had to return it. Come to think of it it may have not even been broken but just a bad connection. Anyhow I'm so intrigued by the game that I have to try it LOL!
  6. Sorry for the late purchase. I have now purchased one controller as that is all my budget can sustain at the moment. Hopefully in the near future I can purchase another to fulfill my original promise of two controllers. Thank you for the hard work in bringing this to us. Cheers from Canada.
  7. I too have to put my order in. It's just the timing for me was horrible so I'll still have to wait a couple of weeks before I can fund this but as soon as I can rest assured I will. I'm sorry that I can't at this moment but for now funds are limited. Very soon though hopefully. .Sandro.
  8. WOW I'm a lucky one I suppose. I bought my Jaguar new many many years ago for I believe $45.00-$50.00 Canadian. But that was easily in the early 2000's if memory serves me correctly and Jaguar demand was not high at all. In fact I wish I collected a complete set back then as save for maybe two games they were all cheaply attainable should one want them. I have an ok collection but still this SD card is a dream for me especially for CD games!! Actually I remember purchasing the CD unit for about $120.00 Canadian but was not working upon arrival and so returned it.
  9. Pardon my ignorance but I cant find any email address to send an email. I'm in for a pair as well but see no email.
  10. I seriously can't wait to get one and don't understand the complaining. He did state that if you pay extra and don't mind a delay you can get a molded case. So as I see it all aspects covered to please all! Very excited for this product!!
  11. Oh boy, any news/progress on this gets me excited!!! Can not wait!!!
  12. Thanks for the English file!! I've had this emu for quite a while but just today saw the Jag support and it works quite well though slow for me as well. Still this is a huge step toward proper Jaguar emulation. Hopefully this gets the word out and more and more people use which hopefully bring more development to this emulator!!
  13. Anyone tried this? I got the new Phoenix emulator to test 3DO Games and realized it also plays Jaguar games. The compatibility is quite high, the few games I tested all seem to work with minimal if any glitches at all. The problem is that it is in Russian and thus am unable to navigate through the emulator at all really and in the case of Irata it appears you have to pay for it. Not much like $6.00 or something like that but still. Anyhow, anyone else here heard or played with this emulator?
  14. Oh WOW!!! This is definitely something I look forward to. I have a pretty good Jaguar collection but man is this needed for sure!!! Can't wait till it is available.
  15. Good to hear that there is still going to be progress on it. It's a shame that an outright fully emulated Jaguar program has not been released. VJ though is knocking on that door and so I patiently look forward to continued progress on it.
  16. How is progress on this emulator Shamus?
  17. I can't seem to run Ultra Vortek. Anyone else? Also some games Checkered flag and cybermorph are some that the music/sounds work while in the menu but during gameplay there is no sound. Never mind it appears that it is a glitch within VJ itself. It seems as though sometimes you need to close out of the emu and restart it to get the sound back on the games. Ultra Vortek still does not work though.
  18. What ever happened to this? Just anxious to see this come together and would be a shame to see such promise go the way of Project Tempest.
  19. Perhaps I can be of assistance. VJ does not run full speed on my system. My system specs are as follows, CPU: INTEL Quad Core Q9550 @2.8GHZ, MEMORY: 12GB DDR3, VIDEO: 1GB NVIDIA GTX 280. So keeping these specs in mind and knowing it does not provide full speed with this emu I suppose you can gage on what type of Computer is needed to run this emu. Unless of course I missing a setting that enables to run the emu faster In which case I'm not sure what system would be required.
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