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  1. Ah thank you. I thought they were worth like double what I was asking. Just looking to get rid of some stuff quickly. Lowered the price.
  2. I have some Atari Stuff for sale. I will accept Nintendo related trades. I'm especially interested in SNES. Prices are before shipping. Please e-mail me for a shipping quote. If you have any questions please let me know. S-video Modified Atari 5200 with games, controllers, accessories $150 I have for sale an s-video modified Atari 5200 with AC adapter, weird RF box thing, two controllers, two for parts controllers, and games. The games are as listed: Centipede Mario Bros Frogger Space Invaders x2 RealSports Football Vanguard Moon Patrol Super Breakout Joust Countermeasure Qix Centipede Ms. Pac-Man Jungle Hunt Real Sports Tennis Defender Pole Position Dig Dug Pac-Man Realsports Soccer 2x Atari 7800 Brick Style Euro Controllers $15 each, $25 for both 500XJ Epyx Clicky Microswitch Atari 2600 Controller $15
  3. I have an Atari 5200 4 port w/ s-video mod, and of course the required AC adapter thingy I'm looking to get rid of. Anyone interested?
  4. No, I'm using a regular Composite cable, I do not have the RF connected to the TV. The RF modulator is still connected to the system though.
  5. Here is a picture of the issue. Some of the noise you see is camera induced. Conveyor belt pattern does seem to be appropriate, but its on the entire screen. It shows up on green the worst. I have not yet been able to try the remedies suggested in this thread. I have some Belden Coax coming in the mail tomorrow, that is high quality stuff for making Audiophile grade AV cables, so if the its due to my use of hookup wire, this stuff should clear up any issues whatsoever. After that I will try some of the other remedies mentioned, unless from my picture that gives anybody else other ideas.
  6. Hi guys. I just modded an INTV II using the very common schematic available on the intellivision wiki. http://wiki.intellivision.us/index.php?title=Intellivision_Composite_Video_Modification The mod works, but there is a ton of interference. On the INTV startup screen there is tons of movement over the greens. Two things I differed from this mod, I used a 680 Ohm resistor instead of the 660 Ohm, also I only used hookup wire no coax. I suppose the coax could make a difference, but this is a lot of intereference.
  7. I fixed my issue. It seems on some board revisions chroma comes out of the rightmost resistor not the 1st over from the right as the mod describes.
  8. Thanks Mitch. That is what it was. Seems impossible to get it to go away completely but I have it adjusted very good now. If you're up to it, AV mod it. That will really clean up the sound, open up the soundstage and provide tremendous dynamic range.
  9. I am having this same issue. Does anybody know the solution?
  10. I saw that auction the other day. I thought about it, but it was a lot of money to just drop. Sometimes thats how it works. It might be a great deal, but you just don't have the cash right then. You got lucky I think. Way to go!
  11. First post and its my Atari 7800 modified to put out crystal clean s-video. I started by using this guide: http://atari7800.org/7800mod/7800_mod.htm However I find using this resistor ladder results in a very dark picture for 7800 games, and a virtually black picture for 2600 games. I had this experience on two different Atari 7800s. So I decided to change to the Saundby mod described here: http://saundby.com/atari7800mod/7800_vidmod_construction.html and found this to work very well for both types of games. After speaking with Mark over at Saundby about my issues using the other mod, which is supposed to us Atari's own resistor ladder, he told me he had the same results when modding his 7800, which is why he developed his ladder with a 10K pot. I find this to be the case in my experience, and I would highly suggest anybody attempting to modify a 7800 for s-video to consider using the saundby mod, or making a further attempt to ascertain exact resistor ladder values, lower than the Atari resistor ladder, so that they wouldn't have to use the 10K pot in the Saundby mod. I wonder if these might also apply to 2600 and 5200 s-video mods. If anybody here wants to do this mod, and wants or needs some help, please pm me. For your viewing pleasure I have included some pictures. Xevious is the best picture to tell the difference. Look at the dark bushes. With RF they are very blurry. With s-video you can see blue dots that did not exist in the RF picture. Please see my photobucket album for all the pictures I took associated with this mod http://s1182.photobucket.com/albums/x447/jamisonia1/
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