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  1. Hello All, I've moved from MA to CA. Things have been hectic, to say the least. I should have posted sooner (like when Stone sent me his PM ). I just don't have nearly as much time as I used to have. I started working within days of arriving here and things haven't slowed down much. I will certainly make an effort to check-in more often. I'll be moving into a house of my own shortly, so hopefully I'll have more time then. JaySmith, I'm pretty close to you now and would love to see your HW collection sometime. Mine won't be set-up for at least a few more months. I did get a house that's plenty big enough. Now I can try to score a kiosk! Saturn, I miss you too, Man! Good to see this forum is alive and well. -Gregg
  2. This is cool! http://web.utanet.at/nkehrer/JDKong3.html
  3. If the auction has ended - you could offer it as a 'second chance' to the 2nd highest bidder (assuming they're US). It's not an issue to ship to Canada - maybe 10-15% higher on the rate. I think some people are just too lazy to fill out the required Customs form. I suggest an International MO through Western Union. I've sold to a few people in Europe and things always went smooth.
  4. It's definitely noticable (especially on a 53" HDTV). Red seems to be the best color to guage the difference. With composite, I see shadows (or bleeding - run-off - whatever you want to call it) where the s-video displays a better 'border' for the reds.
  5. He is now. Welcome to the board! Congrats on on your purchase, too. I DID pay $300 for my copy - so yes, it's going up in value. This game must kick ass networked. Does it need to be ethernet linked - or will a Jag link suffice (for 2)? PS: People it's official - I'll be a Californianite on the 26th of this month! WooHoooo!!!! Goodbye New England winters! -Gregg
  6. Someone just paid $265 for a NIB BS:G on eBay. I think they got a hell of a deal! Especially when you consider that somone last week paid almost $230 for a used BS (not :G). Definitely one of THE most difficult titles to get your hands on! Is the lucky winner anyone from this board? Just curious, Gregg
  7. Hey Clint, Any word on when you'll be pressing more copies? I'm still waiting patiently! Thanks, Gregg
  8. I knew it was a little more involved than just using a production PCB. It seems like your program would be a good basis to start for a Lynx VLM. The lynx wouldn't even have to handle the audio (through). A y-cable could be used from the music source: (1 to the Lynx, 1 to your headphone/speakers). A special cart PCB would have to be designed with an ADC, input jack and your Reloaded ROM. Then convert the audio levels to use as a trigger for what would be displayed. You don't think it'd be possible to 'modify' an existing PCB to do this? Seems very possible and I'm sure everyone on this forum would die to have one. At least I would -Gregg
  9. I think part of the problem might be that you're using a Lynx I. PCB carts don't seat properly because the board is too thick for the guide rails. Just a thought. -Gregg
  10. That was a good interview - thanks for sharing. Glad things are still happening with the Lynx. The link at the bottom of didn't work for me - you may want to check it. I'm interested in a copy if they were made available on ROM. Those were pretty cool screen shots. Made me think how great it would be if someone made a VLM for the lynx that would accept a MP3 or CD player input.
  11. GovMule is a closet 'No Doubt' fan. j/k!
  12. I've played it for hours and have never had a problem. I can see why they didn't bother making a level 10+ :-) That game gets hard. More so than Block Out and it's only 2-D!
  13. Did anyone actually determine if "New and Unopened" meant it came in the longbox? It was actually another person auctioning the braindead 13 - I want to say thebug, but I could be wrong. I was curious to know whether or not this person received their dragon's lair box from vglq - sorry for the confusion. Anyways - the person that started that thread never replied back, and I would hope they're still not waiting. I also hope that the person got their box, because posting a pic in an auction if it doesn't actually include it is lame.
  14. I was wondering that myself? http://www.atariage.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=25944
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