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  1. I was keen to grab Marth, but much like the WiiU Gamecube adaptor, I didn't expect there to be any supply issue, and I'm not prepared to pay the crazy high prices online.
  2. Smash on 3DS is excellent! I only wish the online was better. It's very inconsistent with the lag. Some battles are perfect, others can be near unplayable. Also, it can feel a little slow going from the WiiU version back to the 3DS.
  3. I just upgraded from my 3DS (small) to a New 3DS XL. Loving it with the exception of one thing. The location of the power button! When playing RPG's during cutscenes / heavy text sections, I'll relax and hold my system one handed, using my ring finger to prop it up at the bottom, and my thumb tapping A to continue. Where I'm used to my ring finger going is now the position of the power button. Just gave Pokemon Omega Ruby a good play for 4.5 hours, and accidentally hit the power button. I never saved. Not once.
  4. I've been giving the demo a real good go, and I don't see how people are wrecking their circle pad. I'm a rough Smash Bros player, but I don't feel anywhere near close to wrecking it. It's no different to the workout it gets playing any platformers or Mario Kart.
  5. I'm very curious about this game, but unfortunately these days I get paid monthly, and this and Smash Bros are being released in the same pay month, so I could only afford one. Smash Bros wins out, but I'll be getting Fantasy Life in a few weeks.
  6. I checked my email for a code from Nintendo. No slice. Checked with all my friends who are Club Nintendo members, nothing. Anyone have numbers on how many members actually got codes?
  7. I just picked up Link's Awakening DX, and Oracle of Seasons/Ages which are currently on special. The last time I played Link's Awakening it was 1999, so the nostalgia is flooding back.
  8. Odd. I always had the bug occur using my GBC back in the day.
  9. Bionic Commando: Elite Forces is a lot of fun, such a shame that there's a game breaking bug that causes the game to freeze. Easiest way I found to get past this was to just never save the game. Still worth it, even with the bug.
  10. Donkey Kong on the Gameboy. I never played this when it came out, but had always meant to. Picked it up the other day and wish I'd done so sooner. Such a great puzzle game that is only hindered by the crazy amount of free lives the game gives you. I also always assumed that Mario's triple jump with gymnast end stance and backflip originated in Super Mario 64, but no, it was this.
  11. My first computer was an Aquarius. I think we only had it for a year or two before buying a 2nd hand C64. Still have the same C64.
  12. A lockout chip would stop your NTSC NES from playing PAL games, and vice versa.
  13. Mega Man 2. I actually nearly gave up on this with this. Last life, what turned out to be the last boss, next to no weapons left, low health, then tried the bubble weapon. I tell you, it was close!
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