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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OBvYOlPqrc&feature=youtu.be
  2. I finally dug out my system and found that my sticker had fallen off so I had to glue it back on
  3. Just got done playing this game I wish my cousin was here so I could whoop up on him in 2 player mode
  4. I received mine today as well won't be able to play it until this weekend can't wait tho
  5. Im not sure I understand the point of cloning the SGM. Why dont you create something new like an Intellivison adapter or an MSX adapter. I guess what I'm trying to say in a nice way is its not cool to steal someone elses work when its still fairly new. If it was 20 years old who cares but Im pretty sure he is still planning on making more.
  6. I feel like all the effort that was put into fixing this will be wasted if somebody doesn't put it to use on the SGM so we can all play it
  7. This was one of the last colecovision games I bought new in the 80's I think centipede was the last but anyway I played this game a lot as a kid and for some reason I really liked it and beat it many times but I never paid attention to the rating.
  8. So whats the 3rd game? Galaga?
  9. I think a green cart (same color green as the coleco turtle pool) would be pretty cool
  10. If you could turn your favorite TV show or cartoon from the 80's into a Colecovision game what would it be? ONE ANSWER PER PERSON I pick The Greatest American Hero
  11. Got mine in the mail yesterday, however I have been gone all week. I can't wait to get home and check it out, now I can finally buy some SGM games.
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