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  1. Very well done that man! Joe.
  2. As silly as it sounds, it might make a difference if you drop the colour depth down to 16-bit. I'm running a linux machine at the moment and Classic99 works wonderfully except you can't copy and paste text into it. (Vice works fine with clipboard as do others, but it's a Wine issue, not a classic99 issue I suspect) My full screen works better in linux than it did on windows .... the mind boggles.
  3. That's madness .... CRT's as memory .... I bet these things were prone to the occasional fire hazard maybe , hehe ...
  4. You're welcome. One thing I did like, was that even the normal TI-Basic games had nice graphical patterns to them on the introduction screen. There's one or two pretty good Extended Basic games in there too if I remember.
  5. Ok the programs that I didnt write ... mmm ... there are one or two that my good buddy Daz wrote , the Piano program was one, "Cum" ... was another ... don't load that up in front of anyone sensitive... it's not good, it's offensive. I don't approve of that being there and if I'd have realised then I would have deleted it before I posted on here. My software is intended for families to use. That being, you, you're wife, you're kids and even you're dog.
  6. My mind is often blank but every now and then something dubious creeps out

  7. A lot of it is because I'm thinking of three different things at once, and when I'm tired that just reaps some whacky results I guess you now know what my next game's gonna be. (It's in the bag) .... I'm wanting animated fenceposts, horses in the middle of the screen, animated horses with black shadows, seperate horse names and odds on each (random odds every game). It's a follow-up to my previous nag-game, Arlington. The working title is "Final Furlong".
  8. The above picture shows what I * think * is a bug of some nature with sprites in RXB. Now, I'm aware of the 9918A's issue with 4-sprites in a line, and I've checked that it's nothing in my code that's wrong. However, my horse seems to be missing it's hind leg . The two horses shown are different. The one at the top and the one at the bottom are of different patterns, but the bottom one is faulty. I don't know what to make of this. I really want to make a game that utilises Rich's RXB but I can't figure this out. Can anyone help * I used character 104 for the second horse, it's a Magnify(3) sprite. I then went and designed the top fence post as character 105, which added a post to the horses ass. I do apologise for this blooper, and would like to know how to delete this post?
  9. Thanks guys .... and thankyou Mark, I've sent you a PM ...
  10. It's in the making. I have an intro sequence more or less coded, it does look good. I will post onto here when I'm happy with what I've done. As I said before though, I don't know how long it's gonna take due to RL issues at the mo. But it's, as we say, in the bag.
  11. You're giving me good ideas here Matthew. The F-18A is a consideration. However I am unfortunate enough to have a girlfriend / soon to be wife that likes to think she's in charge of money. That is exactly why I don't have a PEB , cassette deck, Disc system and XB yet. If I lived independantly I would have by now I tried a voltage converter in it some months ago. Now, either the converter blew or the TI did. I have'nt had the bottle to try it again and have lost the converter. I don't want bad news! It could be the converter I hope so anyhow. I shall try again with a friend's transformer.
  12. It has been decided .... that I am going to do one last bandit machine game. It won't be too soon, I have to tend to RL issues going on at the moment. The game will be based on Parsec and will utilize Richard Gilberston's RXB module (My apologies to owners of real TI's who don't have this software) It is intended to use sprites and I wanted to make a scrolling starfield in some way.
  13. The TI next to a modern Samsung laptop. Well I know which I prefer (and it ain't the Samsung!) This machine is a 1981 model, it is in very good condition for it's year, there isn't a scratch on it (tiny little dent to the left side of the aluminium that's all) .... It is however, a US spec machine and I'm in the UK. So my plan is to get hold of a TI that is UK spec and if it's tatty I will replace the shell with mine. This isn't going to happen anytime soon, my girlfriend already feels like a "TI99 Widow" ....
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