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  1. FINALLY! As posted in my last post, I suspected the power unit could be a possible cause for the non-display... Having replaced one of the fuses in the broken one (the one that didn't work before, i.e., and hence wasn't involved in the testing of the 2 atari's) and using this power unit, I finally got the display right! So relieved, now I can finally dive into using it again R
  2. Ok, update... I've acquired another Atari 600XL and tried to get a display from that... No success either (using 3 TV's (5-15 yrs old), a VCR (about 15 yrs old) and both the RF as well as the composite cables (different RF this time; original Atari one)! So it is not the computer itself... The only thing they had in common when I hooked them up to the TV was the power unit (since I have a broken one, I used the same one for both). My question is: can a faulty power unit cause display issues (there is a signal to the TV, the red light on the Atari is on, but there's no clear image at all (or something resembling a close image))...?? That is the only thing I can think of right now... Getting desperate here
  3. thanks all for the replies... It could well be that my atari has issues, given the responses here . I do live in the netherlands, so if I haven't solved the problem before Oct the 15th, I might drop by
  4. thanks for the quick reply, Philsan! I think I made a mistake in my original post. I meant to say that I connected the monitor output to my composite connection (not s-video) on the TV's (the yellow connector, so to speak), using one of the 4 available RCA connectors on the cable (tried them all of course, but only one gave me the green/brown flickering signal)... It could be that the cable is not correct for my XL? R
  5. Hi all, New to this forum, so let me first introduce myself: My name is Rik and I am currently collecting the three main computers I used in my youth: the Apple II+, the TI 99 4/A and the Atari 600XL with 64Kb extension (in that order I've got problems connecting my Atari to any TV I own. I've tried the RCA to RF (coax) cable and searching all channels (incl fine tuning) on 3 different TV's. Given that I never got that working, I bought (through ebay) a atari/commodore 5-pin to 4 RCA and tried that (in my S-video connections on the tv's). No success either... Never got any further than a darkgreenish/red flickering screen at some point. Am I may be missing something here? Do I need a special converter to hook up my Atari to any relatively (say, 10-15 years old) television? I've searched various forums, tried many things, but never got it to work. When I bought my Atari on ebay, the seller did say he hooked it up to a monitor and it worked then... well.. Hope you can help, thanks in advance! R
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