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    2. SpiceWare


      True, my recent Duolingo lessons have been using formal you so sie was stuck in my mind.  Don't think I've seen anything yet about the trailing "ein" at the end, it seems odd to put "a" or "an" there. Probably in a later lesson.

      I was doing fairly well in Duolingo, then they did a major overhaul of the lesson plan. It added a whole bunch of new stuff in the lessons I'd already finished, which was confusing me because the lessons I was at assumed I knew words I'd not yet seen, so I restarted the course from the beginning. I just started Unit 2 over the weekend.

      Same thing happened with their Spanish course, which I also restarted. I've about a week left on Unit 1 for it.

    3. CPUWIZ


      In German: "Kaufst Du Ein?" comes from "Einkaufen" (shopping).

    4. Thomas Jentzsch
  1. Oh no - there's a cold weather Cat 5 flaw with SpaceX's Starlink dish!


    1. sramirez2008


      Ha!  That’s a funny photo.👍

    2. Albert


      Let those poor cats inside!!

  2. National Drive Electric Week starts today! If you're in the Houston area I'll be at today's event in Bellaire.

  3. Inspiration4 all-civilian launch today! Who's watching? They're also raising money for St Judes Children's Research Hospital.

    1. sramirez2008


      I'll be watching.  Watching on YouTube now.  The forecast looks good for liftoff. 

    2. D Train

      D Train

      got it on now!


    3. sramirez2008


      T - 00:10:00 and counting...

  4. Encountered my first Diverging Diamond Interchange during my recent trip to Wisconsin:


    1. thanatos


      There's one not too far away from me here in STL.  It was definitely weird the first time.  "I'm on the wrong side of the road, how does this work WTF!"  :)



  5. So you bought some new homebrews, eh? Love them? Like them? Dislike them? Be sure to leave your game reviews in the AtariAge store - we really appreciate it when you do!

    1. Albert


      I'll second that.  :)

    2. johnnywc


      I'll fourth that! (IB3RD) :D 

    3. Nathan Strum

      Nathan Strum

      I'm so far behind in my reviews, by the time I catch back up there might actually be another AtariAge Holiday Cart.

  6. Sweet! My call made it into this week's Ride The Lightning: Unofficial Tesla Podcast! The calls start just after 35:00 and mine's the first one for this week.



    1. Rogerpoco


      "Ride the Lightning"...


      I was SURE there was gonna be a lot of long-hair involved, but not so much...

  7. My Drobo was running out of space and requested I replace the smallest HDD with a new one.  It just arrived - 18 TB! Have come a long way since 1981 when my VIC-20 used cassette for storage.

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    2. SpiceWare


      @sramirez2008 - I went with the Drobos because you can add/replace drives as needed to increase storage space*. It does that by lying about its actual capacity - my Mac Pro thinks its 64TB of storage even though it currently holds 23.5TB.

      * Others at the time required you to build a new array and manually migrate your data. Its possible others now offer Drobo's expansion w/out migration ability, I've not kept up.

    3. ZeroPage Homebrew

      ZeroPage Homebrew

      @SpiceWare I started off with Drobos many years ago, they were incredibly easy to upgrade the storage and very intuitive, I loved using them. Sadly I soured on them after two of mine stopped working in a row, just back luck on my part. The DAS I have is simple software raid enclosure and the NAS is a 4 bay QNAP.


      Luckily I never experienced tape data storage, except for a drum machine I once had, as I was lucky to have a C64 with a floppy drive for my first computer (and an Epyx FastLoad cart). I did live vicariously through my friends tediously loading programs from tapes, so slow....


      - James

    4. SpiceWare


      @ZeroPage Homebrew bummer.  I've had 3 so far, only issue I've had was a noisy fan.  It was out of warranty so I followed this guide and replaced it myself (my thanks in the comments are towards the bottom on October 26, 2019)

      5D in 2013, used with original Mac mini DVR
      5D in 2017, used with my mac Pro

      8D in 2019, used with new Mac mini DVR


      My dad's using the 2013 5D.


      My nephew's using the original mini. It was replaced because it only supported a 4K TV at 30 Hz.


    YouTube - The Adequate Gamer: Stay Frosty 1 & 2 (Atari 2600) - Christmas Video Games





    1. sramirez2008


      It’s hot...it’s hot! Lol! Cool review. I’ll have to look for The Adequate Gamer.

    2. TwentySixHundred


      Looks good! I will also have to check the channel out as im always on the hunt for quality retro youtubers

  9. Wow - Tesla's Long Range Model 3 now has a range of 353 miles. It was 310 when I bought mine 2+ years ago.

    1. sramirez2008


      Hope the weather holds up👍

    2. Albert


      You bet your ass I am watching this!

    3. Sauron


      Definitely won't miss this!

  10. Need a label for Kaboom! Deluxe! for the AA Store. Anybody up for that?


    1. wongojack


      Image result for kaboom 5200


      I mean, who could say no to this guy?!

  11. Kaboom! Deluxe! is finished:
    * start a new game using paddle button
    * additional 2 player game variations Pitch and Catch - the other player controls Mad Bomber
    * sunset skyline
    * rainbow Activision logo


    1. sramirez2008


      Loving it! Thank you.

  12. Still waiting on feedback for the Mad Bomber control revisions - https://atariage.com/forums/topic/287852-kaboom-deluxe/


    1. sramirez2008


      I donwnloaded this and (due to work) have not had a chance to test it.  I will due my best to test this weekend with my wife.

    2. ZeroPage Homebrew

      ZeroPage Homebrew

      We'll be playing Kaboom Deluxe on Sunday's ZPH if you're able to hold out until then. 🙂

  13. Texas earns an A on the Social Distancing Scoreboard.


    1. Nathan Strum

      Nathan Strum

      Well, you do have more space to spread out. ;)

    2. SpiceWare


      Actually, the wide open spaces in west Texas earned an F.

  14. PRGE 2020 has been cancelled


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    2. Swami


      It's all quite weird. They moved it forward from October to August and, I guess five months off is too big of a risk. I'm alittle surprised things five months away are getting cancelled and feel its maybe too bad they didn't keep the October date. Of, course they had no way of knowing moving it too August would result in a virus related cancellation.

    3. Ryan Witmer

      Ryan Witmer

      I suppose that buys me more time to finish my game.  Still, I think I'll just pretend the show's still happening to keep motivated.

    4. WhataKowinkydink


      That's a shame :(

  15. Did you get any new homebrews from AtariAge for Christmas? If so you've had enough time to check them out, so head over to the store and enter your reviews!

    1. save2600


      Already did!  :)

    2. carlsson


      I would review Draconian if I had a console to play it on...

    3. sramirez2008


      I've entered reviews for the following...Aardvark, Baby Pac-Man, Galagon and Tyre Trax.🙂 

    1. Flojomojo


      I never thought I needed a new computer until I saw my pitiful stats up against yours!

    2. SpiceWare


      I'm surprised, it's an old Mac Pro I bought in 2014.

  16. Last CDFJ tutorial post of the year now online, it will resume in January. Happy Holidays!

    1. SpiceWare


      CDFJ was used to create 2600 games like Draconian, Galagon, Mappy, Wizard of Wor Arcade, etc.

  17. tick tock tick tock tick tick... less than 6 hours remaining!


    1. sramirez2008


      Down to 1 1/2 hrs...getting antsy again.

  18. In the Speedtest app press GO for ~10 seconds.

    1. Flojomojo




      Thanks for the tip!


      A little sad, but mostly weird!!

  19. Elon Musk unleashes graphic image of his massive red hot inflamed rocket https://metro.co.uk/2019/03/29/elon-musk-unleashes-graphic-image-massive-red-hot-inflamed-rocket-9060480/

    1. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Report button clicked.

    2. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      After disclosure day, we'll be zipping over to places like the Moon and Mars as easily as you can hop on a bus. No need for primitive rockets.

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    2. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Yep, attached to your body, like maybe your back.

    3. jd_1138


      Oh cool, I wasn't clear on that term "transhumanism". I thought it meant he was a great person for wanting to be eco-friendly. lol. Then I thought the "clothing" phrase was about if the panels needed covers.

    4. CPUWIZ


      Did it hurt?

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