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  1. is already in Tesla's South Korean storefront, coming soon to North America. Running the page thru translate: DC rating is 500 V 300 A, which is 150 kW Currently only for 3 and Y, phrasing suggests eventual support for S and X. Price of ₩299,200 is about $255 US
  2. In case I wasn't clear, putting $11 on the data bus would be the very first thing done by the custom bootloader. It would then do its normal boot process, and finally put the bytes for NOP, JMP(RESET) on the data bus. No extra hardware would be required, so you could attempt the firmware now.
  3. $4C4C isn't in ROM. The mirrored ROM addresses are $1xxx, $3xxx, $5xxx, ..., $FFFF.
  4. 🤔 wonder if putting a single byte, such as $11, on the 6507's data bus could idle the 2600 for a long enough time without having to park the VCS in RAM. If my thinking is correct: 6507 would jump to address $1111, a fairly early address in cartridge space 6507 would repeatedly execute ORA ($11),y which is a 2 byte instruction taking 5+ cycles 1FFF - 1111 = EEE, or 3822 bytes. (3822 / 2) * 5 = 9555 cycles before the 6507 would exit the ROM addresses and crash the 6507. If the bootloader process can finish in under 9555 9545 cycles of 6507 time then the last thing it would need to do is put the 3 bytes for JMP (RESET) on the bus. As @Al_Nafuur points out below, that should be the 4 bytes for NOP, JMP(RESET) on the bus. Also forgot to factor in the ROM needed for these 4 bytes, which reduce the 9555 cycles to 9545.
  5. Thanks! I am a bit surprised at how slowly it's been adopted by others. Hopefully once I resume work on the CDFJ tutorial over in the Harmony/Melody club we'll see more activity.
  6. SpiceWare

    Movie Cart

    Sounds like what I did in Draconian. Channel 0 is used for both speech and sound effects. AUDC0 and AUDF0 are updated once per frame, while AUDV0 is updated once per scanline from a data stream. Channel 1 is used only for sound effects. AUDC1, AUDF1, and AUDV1 are updated once per frame. The data stream for AUDV0 will either be pointed at the data for the speech sample, or at the byte of RAM containing the volume for the sound effect. Data stream has a sample rate which controls how fast the data stream advances while playing back the sample. For the 5 samples in Draconian the rates are: SampleRates = [* & $fff] + $7000 .word 110000 / 256 ; blastoff .word 94000 / 256 ; alert .word 95000 / 256 ; battlestations .word 98000 / 256 ; spy ship .word 92000 / 256 ; condition red The / 256 is to make the value fit in 16 bits. The C code does a * 256 when the rate is set. The sample rate is set to 0 if a sound effect is active on channel 0. This causes the data stream to never advance - so it returns the sound effect's volume for every scanline.
  7. Thanks for testing, definitely a strange one. Pinging @johnnywc as he may have some additional insight into this issue with our games incorrectly detecting what's plugged into the console.
  8. First I've heard of this occurring. I don't think I put in an override <checking source> lda INPT1 ; Bit 7 will be on if genesis controller is plugged in and #$80 ; and button C is NOT pressed. Bit 7 will be off if sta MMcontroller ; standard joystick is plugged in. sta DF1WRITE ; MMcontroller is ZP for 6507 code, DF1WRITE is for C code Nope, no override. It just checks bit 7 of INPT1. If ON a gamepad was detected, if OFF a joystick. Have you tried it without the extension cords? Perhaps those are throwing something off.
  9. I regularly listen to a couple Tesla Podcasts in the car via Tune-In to keep up with news. Ride the Lightning, weekly show by Ryan McCaffrey Tesla Daily, daily show by Rob Maurer I've submitted calls twice to RtL: At 35:06 in episode 312 after encountering new Tesla owners who'd been using 5-15 (120volt) charging while staying at campsites during their cross-country trip because they were unaware of the faster NEMA adapters available for the Mobile Connector At 38:14 in episode 321 in response to Ryan asking in episode 318 about Supercharging experiences outside of California
  10. B5 is one of my favorite shows. The widescreen version could have looked great considering they planned ahead and actually filmed all the live action at 16:9. The horrific crop & scale that they did for any CGI scenes for the DVD set ruined it for me, I couldn't even make it through a rewatch of season 1. The series was recently remastered using 4:3, it looks awesome. If you have HBO Max it's available there, or via digital download from Amazon or iTunes. Sadly no physical version of the remaster is available. More info in this topic, including discussion about the reboot:
  11. No NDEW events last year. Significantly fewer this year. There was only one Houston event this year, vs four in 2019. It was located an elementary school in Bellaire. Fewer people showed up than at either of the 2 Houston events I attended in 2019. Still had fun showing off Talith. A couple Mustang Mach Es were there so I finally got to check them out in person. Learned that their frunk has a neat feature - a drain plug! The grey one's frunk was filled with ice and drinks. Dad's birthday was Sunday so I did not attend the Corpus Christi event. There's a few more Texas events coming up this weekend: San Antonio, Saturday from 10am - 4pm at The Pearl Bellmead (Waco), Saturday from 6pm - 9pm at Church of the Open Door Grapevine (D-F/W), Sunday from 4pm - 8:30pm at The REC of Grapevine Note: I've removed the "2019" from the topic title.
  12. Forgot to follow up on this - my dad recently mentioned that one of the plates fell off again.
  13. I often analyze 2600 games using Stella's integrated debugger, such as here were I figured out why BattleZone was misbehaving with a video upscaler. As such I suggest running Punch Out in an NES emulator that likewise has an integrated debugger so you can see exactly what the code is doing. I'm not familiar with NES so don't know any of the emulators for it. I've seen many videos on @ckrtech's YouTube channel Displaced Gamers where he analyzes NES code while its running, so he may be able to recommend an emulator to use.
  14. Should work. @Omegamatrix does report there can be issues if the Coleco's expansion port doesn't make a good connection to the expansion module, so you may need to clean it.
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