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  1. Is this available yet? What is/will the price be? When will it be available?
  2. A home-brew or patched game could run a calibration screen, and have the user pull the trigger and black out then illuminate the whole screen and watch the light gun to determine the actual delay.
  3. I would love to get one of these to replace my PEB if I can still use my speech pak with it and it is affordable. I just want it to work as a 32k plus disk. Does it work plugged into the side of the speech pak? How much will it sell for?
  4. No update in 3 years, so I guess now it's dead.
  5. As long as I can somehow still connect the speech synthesizer it's fine.
  6. The support software and documentation is available here... https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B8RnV5G0TZFZTFVlVHlWVHRreTg
  7. The cart "Red Baron" does not run on a FinalGROM 99. Pretty much everything else has worked. Red Baron uses this cartridge type: pagedcru Cartridges with one ROM of 8K to 64K rom_socket Uses CRU banking (DataBioTics) But I can't seem to get it to work in the FinalGROM 99. I don't think the FinalGROM supports the pagedcru cartridge paging method. The attached rpm file works fine in MESS/MAME. RedBaron.rpk
  8. You should probably remove the warranty on page 12 of the manual and replace it with a proper disclaimer, just in case. I like the game, but I do wish the game supported the joystick for move and attack, but I understand it would not be practical to play the game with just the joystick anyway.
  9. I built a composite output circuit for a CoCo 1. The quality is not as good as RGB, but it does do the artifact colors correctly. https://hackaday.io/project/7613-coco-1-composite-video-output Here are some pictures:
  10. On my system I have a DSSD 40 track drive and I occasionally connect a SVD (Semi Virtual Drive) floppy emulator to transfer disk images. I have a digital audio recorder that I use very occasionally as a "cassette". I want to add the HDX modification to my serial card but I have not done it yet.
  11. So can the interrupt line be reconnected once the DSR is loaded? What about replacing the RAM and battery with a X28HC64P-12 Encapsulation:DIP-14,5 Volt, Byte Alterable E2PROM, like this article shows: Link to RS232 EEPROM replacement article Could that be used instead of RAM?
  12. Ok, I have attached the disk. It works fine from the EA with opt 3 and the Moonpatrol on it is not glitched, but am trying to figure out a way to load it from XB. Atari Cracked (19xx)(-)req. PHM 3055 option 3DSK1.ATARI.dsk
  13. Hmm, well I tried patching the Dig Dug files on this disk as described and it did not run properly. In fact it crashed. I want to attach the disk I am trying to load from XB but I can't seem to figure out how to upload an attachment here. I am able to run this disk, but it is a hassle to have to get the editor/assembler cartridge for this disk when most everything else I have auto loads from XB. This I have to load DSK1.ATARI from the EA opt 3. The moon patrol on my disk does work correctly when loaded that way. How do I attach this disk?
  14. Uh… huh what? This program does not appear to be basic and only loads through the editor assembler cartridge opt 3 menu. If I could load it from XB I would be a happy camper.
  15. So can you re-flash/rewrite it with software in the TI then since it is an EEPROM? Is the WE line wired? I just looked up the part and it is also an EEPROM. I thought it was an EPROM and would have to be removed from the card and put in programmer to be re-flashed.
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