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  1. This is from an acquaintance on the r/retrogaming Discord server, please credit this to bananaman:
  2. The Concerto does not work on the 2600, it uses the extra pins on the 7800 cart connector. You'd need to get a Harmony cart.
  3. I'm itching for a 600XL and I'd rather not pay ridiculous eBay prices for one. I would prefer an unmodified one as I'd also like to tackle another project.
  4. Posted this in the wrong place LOL, please lock
  5. Has anyone had any issues trying to reach Brad at Best over the phone? I've tried calling him to place a CC order and he doesn't seem to be picking up during business hours...

    1. save2600


      I've only ever sent checks or PayPal (which I understand he no longer accepts?), but are you able to leave a message on an answering machine? If not, have you tried e-mailing him with your order and phone number, asking him to call you back? 

    2. ApolloBoy


      I'm gonna have to email him as I actually left a couple of voicemails over the week.

    3. ApolloBoy


      Got an email back, apparently Brad doesn't really check voicemails much because of spam calls and people confusing him with Best Buy. Looks like I'll be getting my order filled soon...

  6. Updated the list. I may transition this to Google Sheets so it can be better organized and make it easier to add onto the list.
  7. Wanted to add some updates to my units on the list: My 1984 console (AT84 50797) now has an S-video mod, installed a UAV board in it last year The box for my Chinese console (X 201 031114) is gone, the box just crumbled apart so unfortunately I had to toss it I also want to add my 1987 console to the list, this is the first one that I owned and I acquired it in 2003 from eBay. It's AV modded, but it's in a sorry state so I've put it in "rehab" so to speak. Got some replacement parts on the way and I'll also be replacing the simple AV mod with a UAV board. Anyway, the SN is A1 7C 5156846. This does not have an expansion port.
  8. Finally sourced one from Best, no longer looking.
  9. Got mine today, been working fine so far on my original 7800 that I recently unearthed (a 1987 console w/o the expansion port). Thankfully I also had a spare POKEY laying around so that's in there now and sounding great. I am holding off on adding the label until the HOKEY is ready though.
  10. Great, the cartridge sleeve is the most important bit I need. I'll send you a PM in a moment.
  11. That's fine, what exactly does the shielding look like?
  12. I'm looking to fix up the first Atari 7800 I got back in 2003 as it was used as a guinea pig console and I'd like to try to restore it as best as possible. These are the parts I'm looking for: - Cartridge guide - Power jack - RF shielding Let me know if you have any of these, thanks!
  13. Bump, added modded Japanese Sega Mega Drive and some parts which can be seen in an Imgur album.
  14. When I was experimenting with getting component video out of an SG-1000 II, I just used a 4-pin crystal oscillator to supply the clock signal rather than trying the proper signal out of the existing crystal.
  15. Atari Corp. themselves used the same shells for both 2600 and 7800 carts.
  16. This topic was made 16 years ago and the OP hasn't posted in 6 years...
  17. Bump, still looking for a replacement shell.
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