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  1. Bad luck in draw for me, a game I never played before... and it really requires thinking ahead of time, I'm much better at Dark Cavern my score was 2,484 something?? but my screenshot says 8. I think i would like this game with other features or on another setting.
  2. Take me down to the Robot City, where the grass is grey and the girls are pixeled ... 1,092
  3. Its emulation there IS not a right side ... and the fire button is delayed but with 4 mins left best I got.
  4. Beat my March score of 12ks... This might be my last attempt, this game is grueling in a short period of time but fun though. 13,350
  5. i should be getting some playing in later tonight :)
  6. not bad Dragonfire score, considering i'm falling asleep on emulation... and controls feel a bit off. 6,870
  7. Nice Rick, you also got Season 14 records in Season 15, around July 18th ?
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