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    I have many! As for Video Games... I collect, Odyssey 2 / Atari 2600, 5200 / Intellivision / Commodore 64 / NES / SNES
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  1. Hello friend, and thanks! Its always fun, hope you're well. Good times
  2. Hi BAZ A little spring cleaning here. I dont want to, but its gotta be done... Oo been avoiding too long. Hows it goin there?
  3. Space Cavern Demon Attack Reactor Crypts of Chaos Yars Revenge Carnival Battlezone Spider Fighter Spacemaster X-7 Lost Luggage Mrs Pac Man Joust - Night Driver Astroblast Solar Storm I haven't played since..., I remember ...Dodge em and Bermuda Triangle.
  4. Nothing the Rachel Sweet to take the cobwebs away...

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    2. high voltage

      high voltage

      Like her since way back

    3. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Looks like somebody stole a word from your sentence.

    4. GoldLeader


      Maybe if you gave him a "like" he'd have his missing word.

  5. thanks for covering some games road... if i ever get better, i will inform here... for now, i'm not able. but roadrunner can moderate. go play intv fans.
  6. Thanks for setting the date BAZ, and now time for us to sort the new Atari season. Hope everyone likes it!
  7. Hope to see more then 3 players, but what can ya do! Enjoy it those who come along, just play and post
  8. { Intellivision HSC Season 8 } (Game 4) Carol VS the World Carol vs the World by NoLeftTurn 200 ROM Download Link http://www.carolvsghost.com/pg_game.html High Score Club Record Game Setting PRESS DISC Contest Ends DECEMBER 31ST AT 11:59PM EST (HIGH SCORES) (DISC) Rankings N/A Games Won
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