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    I have many! As for Video Games... I collect, Odyssey 2 / Atari 2600, 5200 / Intellivision / Commodore 64 / NES / SNES
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  1. Nice Rick, you also got Season 14 records in Season 15, around July 18th ?
  2. Nice MASH story, but real sorry to hear of your fathers passing...
  3. Nice, can we do the monster MASH after we get well?
  4. I played these the most. My top 5 SNES games, Mario Kart Super Tennis Killer Instinct Alien 3 The Legend of Mystical Ninja - Street Fighter II gameplay has aged a bit, and no longer in top spot. Mario World once mastered and found the secrets, no real need to return to it.
  5. S*itfall II 81,486 Congo Dongo 8,420 Jungle Gunt 39,410
  6. Wanting to Buy: A Commodore 64C in perfect working order (yes cassette port etc) Breadbin-style is fine as well, Cosmetic condition: It can vary, just no TAPE, inks or sticking glues. It can show signs of age or discolor as long as its not bright orange lol. No major cracks or damage which could cause motherboard or port issues in future. (Pics if have one to sell, would be nice ) Refurbished is good, as long as all chips are functioning like a C64 should. I have been meaning to buy a C64 since about 2018... but really have no idea which to choose, it stresses me out and I give up... I'd like to focus in on buying one, or aim for some C64 that will last me, and possibly a bit of a deal in comparison to ebay and the like. but if noone has one to sell, Any tips on where to buy or look for a Commodore will be very helpful, maybe even exchange links to what would be a good option, from ebay likely. I saved a few but don't know if they are worth the $$. If I land a working machine, I have two defective C64C's I would like to see selling at least one in the future.
  7. qbert keeps biting the dust before i start a level ! 4,775
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