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  1. *Intellivision HSC Season 11* (Game 9) Defender Defender by AtariSoft 1983 Landers, Bombers, Baiters, Pods and Swarmers. The alien attack has come and defeat at the hands of crazed invaders threatens the Humanoids. The planet's only hope is your spaceship, Defender. ROM Download Link http://www.romnation.net/srv/roms/21489/intellivision/Defender-1983-Atarisoft.html High Score Club Record Game Setting PRESS DISC Contest Ends SUNDAY OCTOBER 27TH 11:59PM EST (HIGH SCORES) Rankings Games Won
  2. feels like im getting better and further but my score is worse.... 😛
  3. I see how I missed it... I had the score from your 2nd score posting up, and missed the newest one. 🧐 Posted Monday at 05:56 PM 53,900
  4. I thought something didnt seem right... but thanks for the fixed score.
  5. Welcome, is it schpooky enough? 🧐 First we had a maze Castle, also a shooting Castle battle, .... Now a dark dungeon maze shooter.
  6. [ Intellivision HSC Season 11 ] [Game 8] Night Stalker Night Stalker by Mattel 1982 You're on the run. Your attackers are relentless robots. Destroy one and it's replaced by an even smarter, faster robot. ROM Download Link http://www.romnation.net/srv/roms/21564/intellivision/Night-Stalker-1982-Mattel.html High Score Club Record Game Setting PRESS DISC Contest Ends SUNDAY OCTOBER 20TH 11:59PM EST (HIGH SCORES) 1. 540,500 felson42 2. 59,300 m-crew 3. 47,900 mr_me 4. 29,300 ClassicGMR 5. 5,200 jblenke Rankings Games Won
  7. I think the cheap phone I'm using will have the same blurry numbers look. My old phone plan is expired and not worth the $ to reactivate, I might just invest in a new digital camera sooner or later.
  8. Used to, wont turn on. Cell I use now doesnt have way to load into computer with no usb access.
  9. lol, well my cam has a strong glare when I take a pic of most scores. I can't get rid of it so I have to take pic while moving it. HERES MY 600KS with still cam. blurred... 😕
  10. 648,850 In the ZONE, now my thumb is numb from shooting those falling rocks. Completing the 3 sword fights with Skelletor really took focus. After 400ks without the shield blocking power bolts anymore, running up and down to get across in time! 🛡️
  11. I will remove that score, for CHALLENGE settings, as it was gotten from (ANY setting you want from the first Intel mod) We will set a new one here.
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