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  2. You probably shorted something during the socketting process so you may want to check continuity on both address and and data lines. Also, make sure you make it work with the original components before trying any replacements.
  3. Hi, for those of you who enjoy virtual trips a the Atari facilities, I've built this quick guide [link to google maps] Unfortunately, Google myMaps does not support StreetView, so if any of you can think of a way of enabling streetview that would be great. I hope you enjoy it.
  4. I hope I am not alone in feeling thankful for your efforts... Every time an icon passes away, I realize once again how relevant the labor of the Atari 8-bit podcast is...
  5. I recently found out that Adam Gilmore ported the music of one of my favorite PC games "simon the sorcerer" back in the nineties. Which lead me to scroll through some nice written interviews out there, but ....none from Kevin or Randy. A8bits were a big thing for Adam I believe... I hope he is somewhere on your interviewing list!
  6. have you set your 1050 as Drive 2 and make sure your emulator has that drive set up as free?
  7. I'd assume bad RAM considering the fact that the system jumps straight to selftest but leaving that aside,I'd be concerned about the graphics on the selftest program itself: they seem so odd. I'm curious about what the selftest looks like after you replaced the ROM chip....
  8. I also sent a request via PM. I hope it's not too late either. cheers
  9. Hi you architecture wizards, I received a few 800XLs that had their PIAs cannibalized. I've taken a quick look at the sequence diagrams in "de Re Atari" but I don't see a lot going on with the PIA. While I read harder: - Will an XL boot without the PIA chip installed? why/why not? - How does the OS check the presence of supporting chips such as POKEY AND PIA at boot time? - Can an atari be tricked to believe there's a PIA installed at boot sequence? (if I ever want to have it boot and then operate without SIO, Joystick or PIA related activities). This is all out of curiosity as I will somehow procure the missing PIAs. I still want to learn. Thanks
  10. Here as well. And yes, Atari was by far the number one in Chile back in the eighties, especially the 800XL. So many people re-living those days now, that I get to fix / restore quite a few machines a year.
  11. Totally agree. Almost as if it was made with a CNC router. Too weird: I'd like to think an UFO landed there... but I don't believe in landings. Edit: Wait a minute...The diameter seems to match the one of the notch at the the bottom edge. That would mean that this was a factory glitch and they fixed it on the assembly line: Get a caliper... you may own a jewel !
  12. Hmm.. looks like the wires are bringing 5v and GND rails closer to Antic, which seems to be more like a trace repair than a mod to me, especially considering that large hole breaking the thick traces at the top right. I could be wrong though.
  13. How's your power supply? I've had issues formatting when there's not enough power. Make sure you check with a good power supply before you get in your motherboard...
  14. You may want to re-seat your gtia chip as well, which reads the trigger button. About your question on the multimeter, yes it's a continuity test what you could do, but I doubt that's the issue if all of your joysticks fail equally. 10 ? strig(0): goto 10 That's your basic trigger tester. if the value changes when pushing the trigger, you're good. use strig(1) for the other port.
  15. being a proud owner of one back in the day, made me wish IBM PCs had their own place on the list, separate from the clones. Would have brought some data I am curious about...
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