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  1. Well its been a while since I've seen a topic like this one. Just yesterday I had pretty big session of Dragster and beat my all time best time . I think this is now my new all time favourite game There has got to be alot of trust here as I cannot show proof of my time (Like a screen shot) as I cannot afford a digital camera yet I am assuming most other people will not have proof either. So here it is my new best time: 6.08 What's your best time? Is a 5 second quarter mile possible? I am hanging to get into the 5's
  2. Well, I am afraid in Brisbane you are very unlikely to find much at all. We have very few video game stores around . On the bright side most video stores which carry old consoles have little knowledge of value . Just last week my mate picked up a toploader NES for $3, which is like $1.50 U.S. If your mate is real keen for you tell him to go to the markets these are the best places, or our local Vinnie stores. (I think you call them Salvo's? Second hand charity shops) You get many boxed near mint games for like 50 cents. If you care about Transformers, Star Wars or Astro boy, well Brisbane is the place to be however. Costs top dollar, but what you can get will blow you away. Edit: Spelling. [ 03-28-2002: Message edited by: Nicewun ]
  3. Thanks for the advise fellahs! Well going by what this site has to say I would say mine is not the Heavy Six-switch. It does not have a label on the bottom indicating where it is made (only a 192 stamped into the plastic) But going by the pictures, mine has the brown pin stripe around the switches/cartridge slot. Oh well I am geeting close, next time maybe I will get that ellusive Heavy Six-switch 2600
  4. Hey all, well as a long time reader hardly any time poster, I thought it time to ask the experts a stupid question I recently spent quite a sum on a Woodgrain Atari which is in very good/excellent condition. It has 6 switches instead of what I thought was the normal 4. It has the difficulty switches for both the left and right controllers on each side of the cartridge slot then the normal 4 switches. It came boxed but I was disappointed to find that it was just the box of a Vader So anyways, would someone be as kind to give a guestimate of what one of these guys is worth, and maybe a comparative rarity to the rest of Atari 2600's? Thanks in advance! (One more thing I am in Aussie dollars so please post if you are talking U.S or Australian ) Cheers.
  5. HeHeHe! Thats pretty good KBeXpress and Sark, nice to see some light hearted content sneaking in Theres always the... Your Girlfriend of fives years is leaving you because you had to be there to watch the end of an EBay auction, just incase you were going to be out bid, instead of being at her 21st birthday, (Which is on a week night anyway )
  6. quote: Originally posted by khryssun: The one I just received don't. Maybe I'm confused... I've played too much the NTSC version on emulators... Does a PAL version with the Star Wars Theme exist ? Well the 2 PAL versions I have do not play the SW theme. They don't even have a title screen. You are straight into the game screen when you turn your Atari on. Well I guess I can chalk that down as another title we PAL people get which is an inferior product to that of you NTSC guys Hmmm, didn't realize it started back in the days of Atari though.
  7. Thnx for the answers fellahs Well I guess they could be different to Atari originals as there is no logo on them or anything to say they are original Atari brand items. Oh well even if it is not a rare find, I guess a dollar for two working controllers is still a bargain. Cheers.
  8. I visited a secondhand store the other day and saw some Joysticks which have a white platic top (Not the handle bit, but the top of the base) They were only 50 cents each so naturally I purchased them. I was wondering if any one knows where this particular joystick varient comes from? Like is there a white topped 2600 out there somewhere? Cheers Troy
  9. Nicewun


    quote: Originally posted by atari70s: If at all possible people buy all the PAL atari 2600 systems you can that has 8 ,16,32,64, or 128 game built in those are teh ones that are worth the most. and also bets places for PAL items Australia , and germany You know it is funny hearing what Atari games are worth over in the U.S. Over here in Aus. hardly anyone collects Atari stuff so you get everything really cheap. E.G: about a month ago I bought a 7800 with about 15-16 games plus built in Asteriods for $2 Australian, (which is probably 50 cents American) But same goes for selling, noone wants the stuff.
  10. Thanks Alex and Matthias. Helped heaps
  11. Hows it going all? Well as a 'newbie' I did the usual of checking off my games on the rarity list. I found that all my 'Paks' were not listed. I live in Australia therefore everything I have is Pal. I have four Multicart Packs. These are: Go for Gold Pak by EPYX It's 2 Carts one of each Summer Games and Winter Games Super Hit Pak (Activision) One Cart with River Raid, Grand Prix, Fishing Derby(which is awesome) Sky Jinks & Checkers Hot Action Pak (Activision) 2 Carts (River Raid on its own) 2nd cart = Plaque Attack, Tennis & Ghostbusters Smash Hit Pack (Activision) 1 Cart Frogger, Boxing, Stampede, Seaquest and Skiing. All boxes are about 7 Inches x 11 Inches. So does anyone know of, or where to get information on these 'Paks' as to the status of their rarity? Any help is muchly appreciated thnx in advance EDIT:spelling [ 07-22-2001: Message edited by: Nicewun ]
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