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  1. Cybermorph is a great game. Where did you learn to Drive?
  2. Well at least the backers now have a chance to play Tempest 4k on an Atari system. That is their killer app.
  3. 32GB eMMC hard drive, similar to a streaming pc from four years ago. Put windows onto that miniature hard drive and there goes 27 Gb plus 119 £/$. The eMMC is the cheapest option as it is soldered into the board.
  4. Okay, the Atari Jaguar was the most powerful Atari console I owned. Howzat!!!?!? We agree on the nu VCS if it ever makes it to market.
  5. For Nu VcS Xbox 1 X would like a word PS5 Nintendo switch any of my pcs. Xbox 1 X Xbox 1 Ps4 PS 4 pro Apple I pad Apple PC Raspberry Pi 4 8 GB one Apple phones Google Pixel phones Stadia Xbox i cloud Pretty much any Android phone All the above would like a word... which is entirely the problem for the Nu Atari VCS.
  6. It would like a word and that word was unreliable. It came out as the equivalent of the Philips CDi. A nice idea but was marred by the fact for the most part it did not work. When the ps1 came out it was dead. Well as was the Jag. Though they were in distinguished company as it also sank the Saturn.
  7. Atari 2600 groundbreaking console. Atari 5200 the same Atari 7800 the same Atari Lynx groundbreaking console Atari XEGS based on old hard ware at the end of its lease of life but was basically an atari 800xl repackaged Atari Jaguar ground breaking console and the most powerful console in the world when it was released. Atari ST 2nd only to the Amiga. A really good bit of kit for the time. You could not get anything as cheap that was as powerful and versatile. Atari portfolio ground breaking hand held pc/organiser. What do the above all have in common with the exception of the XEGS. All were the cream of the crop. Atari nu vcs... a good chip that will be outdated next year. 32gb on the hard drive (miniscule). No exclusives. People might criticize cybermorph but it was a console exclusive. It is 3 years late. If it comes out why have a special section for it?It is only going to last for a run of 12 000 pre orders then cease production.
  8. I like the mask!

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    2. bloodreptile


      Thanks Zep. 

    3. bloodreptile


      Merry Christmas, Happy New Year Zep.  If you got your Atari VCS it should be arriving soon.. though like me you were not getting it.. still looks s*** but at least it came out.

    4. Zeptari1


      Same to you and yours! No Atari VCS or Amico in my near future. I'm on the hunt for a Series X. That'll be fun.

      I just finished installing Cyberpunk to an external SSD on my One X. Playing it first thing in the morning. Maybe 

      even more as I have the full week off for vacation.. nite

  9. bloodreptile

    Me and Saturn

    I am not sure that I bought it. Though your blog makes it sound interesting.
  10. I have been on the pro Atari one for ages just suggesting the numbers do not add up.
  11. Walmart Exclusive. Yep they are still showing the date as the 31st of March.
  12. https://www.gamesradar.com/antstream-arcade-review/ an interesting review of the not so exclusive Antstream. They say it is not much cop. This was Atari/Inforgrames big announcement. If you go to Antstreams website you will find that any one who has a pc can play antstream. Also if you want .. you can play the games for 7 days for FREE something Nu VCS users are not going to be doing any time soon. More here.. https://www.antstream.com/
  13. Nothing is coming out. Even if something comes out it will be trash. they are not Atari the are Infogrames.
  14. It sounds great but I think the chances of it happening are slim unless you are writing the code just now.
  15. Thanks for this. It was due out 6 months ago. Look at the Intellivision. Dude out Next year Halloween I think. Latest reveal shows new old games. They have loads of updates. Atari. Total Silence. The silence speaks volumes. Though kudos where it is due. It is Atari speaker hat compatible!
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