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  1. Incredibly dull game. Feels like a throwback to 10 years back. What are my pet hates? Well first off, has to be invisible enemies of which there are loads in this game. Next up is taking away your good weapons and given you generic trash, yep, HI is guilty of that also. Though unforgivable is, boss monsters. Trash like this deserves to be in 90s FPS which were short. I liked 4, 5 was dreadful but 6? I have been playing it for 5 months. Any other Halo game and I have beaten it twice in the first week. This one is just dull.
  2. I am in the UK. So for me to get an Atari VCS 800 means it will cost an extra 30 percent in import taxes. I thought the $/£ price tag of 200 would have made the console interesting enough for most people to get one. Like the much delayed Amico (yep just been delayed to Christmas) they have a major competitor in the form of the the Xbox series S. £250 making it cheaper than the VCS. I already have 350 dlc games on xbox so when I get one I have a built in library of 350 to be played. This is the problem for the Amico as well. The VCS at 350-400 comes up against the superior and mighty Switch. It is dead in the water against that console. Though at least they have not done a linux convert of Tempest 4k. For all the people knocking the Jag, Tempest 2k is still the pinnacle of the game. Plays better than tempest 4k which is a major disappointment for me. I bought it and was like amazing a few months later I am saying, broken. Badly play tested and it should have had a copy of tempest 2k with it. So I would have something Atari to play. I love Tempest, love it to death. Best game ever released. Tempest 2k probably played it for 1000 hours. Tempest 4k 7 hours according to steam. Off to play Gravitar now.
  3. Tempest 4k. I have it on PC and you could if you wish, start playing using Wine or some other software like windows. In its current state I do not think it is worth having. Having spend 100s of hours on the Jag version, I think T4k is a step down. Graphics are not as good and the control is abysmal. The over steer seems to be part of the game. If that is true it is just duff. It might be just me about level 15 it switched you from the inside to the outside so that meant your controls are reversed. Wow I was unimpressed. Have nostalgia by all means but play T2k on emulation. It is still an amazing game. Plus I hear there is a bug on level 99 so that you cannot finish the game. That is present in the pc version, the ps4 and the Xbox1 version. Link to Tempest 4k on PC Discussion about the controls on Steam Discussion about the pop up at the start of the game. That is part of a review of the only other game available from Atari recently on steam namely Pong RPG.
  4. The great Jag games, Tempest 2k (much better than tempest 4k), Doom, AVP, Superburnout, Iron Soldier, Cybermorph (I loved it), the Okay Trevor McFur (I liked it, was a bit hard but better than any shooter on the megadrive), Raiden Trad, Kasumi Ninja (the Scots connection, what is under me kilt? A fireball of course. ) Pinball, Skiing game (forget what its called), the bad, Chequered flag, yep it runs better than Virtua racing on the saturn and the megadrive but some of the tracks were awful, Club drive (a tech demo like hard driving), Oh Defender 2000 was good as well. Plus Wolfenstein and Cannon Fodder/Syndicate. It was a system people loved to hate. I thought it was way better than the Sega Saturn. Though back then I loved Atari so much.
  5. I would have loved an ST. Or a trashy QL. With a little work that could have been the next big British computer. In steps Sugar with his Amstrad brand and out goes the QL. Yeah I wish I had know about that. Selfridges is very secure. They still have concessions or at least they did before this our apocalypse.
  6. https://archive.org/details/tv-gamer-magazine There was a mag called TV Gamer which I used to get. Think I got a VCS about 1982. My girlfriend got me it (wow those were the days when women would buy me something) and I got the magazine a week afterwards. My eyes glazed over at all of the games they reviewed. Then joy of joys there was a shop that sold Atari 2600. I was living in Glasgow. Eventually I moved down to London. When in London, I went to Sidcup a couple of times via London Bridge to visit the holy grail of Silica Shop. Later on there was one in Selfridges which I used to go to and the one in Tottenham Court Road. Neither were as good as Sidcup. As someone else said the problem with SS was that there were a host of other stores in TCR and well it just started to fall behind. One day I walked up to it and it was gone. A huge part of my Atari life just vanished. So it is good to remember the past. So good. I later had an Atari 800xl, then a Atari 7800 then a Jaguar. The Jag being the pinnacle as far as I am concerned.
  7. Cybermorph is a great game. Where did you learn to Drive?
  8. Well at least the backers now have a chance to play Tempest 4k on an Atari system. That is their killer app.
  9. 32GB eMMC hard drive, similar to a streaming pc from four years ago. Put windows onto that miniature hard drive and there goes 27 Gb plus 119 £/$. The eMMC is the cheapest option as it is soldered into the board.
  10. Okay, the Atari Jaguar was the most powerful Atari console I owned. Howzat!!!?!? We agree on the nu VCS if it ever makes it to market.
  11. For Nu VcS Xbox 1 X would like a word PS5 Nintendo switch any of my pcs. Xbox 1 X Xbox 1 Ps4 PS 4 pro Apple I pad Apple PC Raspberry Pi 4 8 GB one Apple phones Google Pixel phones Stadia Xbox i cloud Pretty much any Android phone All the above would like a word... which is entirely the problem for the Nu Atari VCS.
  12. It would like a word and that word was unreliable. It came out as the equivalent of the Philips CDi. A nice idea but was marred by the fact for the most part it did not work. When the ps1 came out it was dead. Well as was the Jag. Though they were in distinguished company as it also sank the Saturn.
  13. Atari 2600 groundbreaking console. Atari 5200 the same Atari 7800 the same Atari Lynx groundbreaking console Atari XEGS based on old hard ware at the end of its lease of life but was basically an atari 800xl repackaged Atari Jaguar ground breaking console and the most powerful console in the world when it was released. Atari ST 2nd only to the Amiga. A really good bit of kit for the time. You could not get anything as cheap that was as powerful and versatile. Atari portfolio ground breaking hand held pc/organiser. What do the above all have in common with the exception of the XEGS. All were the cream of the crop. Atari nu vcs... a good chip that will be outdated next year. 32gb on the hard drive (miniscule). No exclusives. People might criticize cybermorph but it was a console exclusive. It is 3 years late. If it comes out why have a special section for it?It is only going to last for a run of 12 000 pre orders then cease production.
  14. I like the mask!

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      Merry Christmas, Happy New Year Zep.  If you got your Atari VCS it should be arriving soon.. though like me you were not getting it.. still looks s*** but at least it came out.

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      Same to you and yours! No Atari VCS or Amico in my near future. I'm on the hunt for a Series X. That'll be fun.

      I just finished installing Cyberpunk to an external SSD on my One X. Playing it first thing in the morning. Maybe 

      even more as I have the full week off for vacation.. nite

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    Me and Saturn

    I am not sure that I bought it. Though your blog makes it sound interesting.
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