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  1. Guess who's back?! (Until I lose my memory again for the millionth time lol) And yay, this contest is going on again. I better get practicing... Anything huge I miss?
  2. First of all, happy birthday DZ-Jay! And second, now I really wish I had time to play at all, as I have not been able to play a game in days, as I am busy with Semester Tests and all of these other tests and projects that keep me busy all day... Hopefully I'll get a chance this weekend if I can take a break from studying...
  3. Only 1 more month with braces? Bring it on.

    1. Gateway


      Good for you! How long have you worn them? I had braces for 4 1/2 years.

    2. chuckwalla


      Cool. Put up a pic of those chompers when you get them off...

  4. I shall be the one to challenge that reign!! (hopefully...) I'll do my best.
  5. Anyone have any good tips for Stage 3? I'm always about to win, but then ghosty gets me and I have to try and get everything again, but that never happens...
  6. 1. I SAVED CHRISTMAS!!! 2. I've got lotz of work to do... 3. I really need to focus more on surviving and less on perfect scores, but my mind doesn't want to do that... 4. There's probably not very much of a chance I'll win, but I'll keep trying, I REALLY want that cartridge... But I'll have fun no matter what. Score: 1,459
  7. Ok, luckily, now I have a weekend, and I found out I have a long winter break this year starting the 21st, so that's good. I better get to work! And I am proud to be a fellow Siouxlander!
  8. Man, I really wish I wasn't so busy with high school, I've got a lot of catch-up to do...
  9. Well, since it has been 132 days since I've updated my profile picture, and Pokemon seems to be very popular in high school, and it is Pokemon Profile Picture Month, so I suppose it's time to change my pic again.

    1. Zedex


      Gotta catch 'em all!

  10. I'm getting better, but I've still got work to do. I love how all of a sudden the toy robot is evil and the snowman is a snowball. And poor ghosty is a rock... lol But I do find it really annoying that whenever the robot shoots me the snowman snowball rolls over immediately and kills me... I'll have to keep working on strategy. Score: 1,223
  11. Wow, I am completely shocked on how amazing this game is. This might be one of the best, maybe even the best Intellivision game I have ever seen! I love the smooth and various animations, music, the colorfulness, I just love it! And I'm not terrible at it like I am at many games! If I could win that custom cartridge, that would give me a very happy Christmas indeed. You have done an extremely amazing job with this game! You are awesome. Score: 938 (Hooray)
  12. Here's the story of the Playstation: Nintendo wanted a CD add-on for their SNES, they went to Sony, the add-on was going to be called PlayStation, Sony wanted 25% of profits, Nintendo went to Philips instead (which things didn't work out there either), so then Sony decided to create a console with the work that had been done already. So you can thank Nintendo there is the Playstation. :)

    1. Corby


      and you can thank Atari there is Nintendo and Playstation, and coleco, intellivision, etc etc etc.

    2. fdurso224


      You can thank Nintendo's backstabbing to get Sony pissed off.

    3. ClassicGMR


      and you can thank me!! - just because I don't like being left out. ;)

  13. Wow, 40 years of Pong. Who would have known such a simple basic game of bouncing a small ball back and forth between 2 paddles would have made such a huge impact on the culture of the world? Here's to 40 more years! :)

    1. pangasinan


      Hey I've had a pong for more than 40 years.

    2. atari2600land


      Perhaps I should play the PSX version to celebrate? No, the original is probably better...

    3. segagamer99


      Arcade version, that's the original. :)

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