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  1. bikeguychicago


  2. I should try this with the Inty System Changer
  3. This game needs paddle support.
  4. If you're doing runs in. the plain 7800 shells, that would be fine too.
  5. Doing so certainly would have been alot cheaper than licensing properties like Hanna-Barbara, Kool-Aid Man, etc.
  6. Aside from He-Man, why didn't Mattel mine thier own IPs as sources for Intellivision games? Some obvious properties would have been Hot Wheels and Barbie. Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Tapatalk
  7. I have a Competition Pro and it's a good stick for some games but I find it has the following issues as well: It has a very short throw for such a tall joystick I find it awkward if I need to use both buttons as they're on opposite sides Since it requires a stock 5200 stick be connected as well, you need to make sure the 5200 stick is centered before using the Comp Pro. If the stick is leaning in any direction, the character will movie in that direction, even if the Comp Pro isn't being moved. Since it doesn't have any sort of calibration built-in, you may need to fiddle with the centering the 5200 stick a bit before the Comp Pro centering is 'just right'. I find it hard to hit the diagonals with this stick. It's almost impossible to use with games like Popeye or Gyruss.
  8. It was basically the US version of the Sinclair Spectrum but with added features that made it practically incompatible with the original. Apple IIgs works for me too
  9. That's all fine and good but this guy's still hungry!
  10. @dauber will be first in line for that!
  11. And here I was hoping for a Timex/Sinclair 2068 cart!
  12. Hiding out with Carmen SanDiego But seriously, about 40 miles outside of Chicago.
  13. I got my refund early on and used it to buy a game from a developer that has repeated delivered licensed games of exceptional quality.
  14. Have any prototypes of the expansion module ever surfaced?
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