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  1. All of the Mattel games (Atari and Intellivsion) were rebranded minimally to update the copyright to Intellivsion, Inc. after the rights were bought out from Mattel. Most licensed games (such as MLB Baseball) were renamed to drop the licensed name. In this case, they probably just used the 'Football' stickers they applied to the NFL Football Intellivsion carts since they a) updated the copyright and b) saved them money required to print new Super Challenge Football labels with the updated copyright.
  2. I'm a collector to a point. I won't pay outrageous money for games and for boxes, I mostly only buy repro boxes for games where I have the original cart and manual but no box (I never kept them as a kid).
  3. Please finish this! As much as enjoy TNT Cowboy, this would be killer!
  4. The Inty II setup wasn't there on Sunday when I was there.
  5. They just had it running with the Basic. I was able to try the eject mechanism, pausing of an in-progress game while swtiching to and from the computer side of things and couple other things. It wasn't running any of the tapes (and I'm not sure if any were in-house).
  6. Got some hands-on time with Frank's Keyboard Component (and was almost drafted by his cohardt for the dumping/emulation efforts) . Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Tapatalk
  7. The POKEY in the Atari machines was a multipurpose chip as well (not just sound)
  8. Buford (from Beauty and the Beast) Pitfall Harry Skeletor Frog (from Frog Bog) Snake (from SNAFU) Root Beer (from Diner)
  9. I wonder if anyone is bringing a Keyboard Component
  10. Are you bringing the music keyboard too?
  11. The bottom one looks like a modern take on Armor Attack from Cinematronics
  12. Are there any plans for you to visit the Midwest Gaming Classic in the future?
  13. It might be more helpful to create some walk through videos of the process and posting them on a YouTube or Udemy.
  14. bikeguychicago


  15. I should try this with the Inty System Changer
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