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  1. Well done, indeed! So is Blinded by the Light next?
  2. Will there be some type of option for those of us who already have the pre-production model to upgrade to the production version?
  3. My go-to on the Intellivison II is the Super Video Arcade controllers.
  4. Apparently ergonomics or playtesting wasn't a thing back in 1982
  5. Is the top item the same as Atari Video Pinball? I have the Atari one and it looks damned near identical.
  6. I'm looking to add a the Genesis Everdrive soon to my roster of flash carts (LTO Flash, 5200 & CV Atarimax, Harmony Encore, Concerto).
  7. I drove about a 1/2hr and got it for $115 with tax. Closer to my home it was going for $179-224, depending on the Walmart location. It wasn't the $50 or $75 cabinets we've all seen elsewhere, but I think it was more than a fair price for what is it and what it originally cost. Plus, I plan to pair it with a Pac neon sign my wife bought for me last Christmas.
  8. Picked this up recently on clearance. Still haven't had the opportunity to build it yet.
  9. Can you let us know how it performs? I'm eyeing the Pac-Man one, myself.
  10. I got my IIGS and a //e from a Facebook marketplace post for free. I had worked on Apples in school when I was growing up and picked these up because of the price and because of the nostalgia itch. I wound up selling the //e mostly because I didn't have room or need for both machines. The best thing I did for my 2gs was to install a CFFA3000 card and bump the memory up to 4 MB. Still looking for an elusive transwarp at a good price. Sent from my moto z4 using Tapatalk
  11. It reminds me a bit of Shining in the Darkness on Genesis or the original Phantasy Star
  12. Bob, Is there a way we can support your efforts if we're selectively buying carts due to lack of space? :) Thanks for all you do!
  13. I'm not sure if concerto or one of the other flash carts allows you to lock a ROM to a cart, like you can with the Intellivision glad cart. If not, I've seen ROMs where the purchaser's name is embedded into the ROM file itself so, if it does get leaked, you know who leaked it. Sent from my moto z4 using Tapatalk
  14. Darryl, Will you be offering a ROM version of the full game for purchase or will it be cartridge only? Thanks!
  15. 15:42:01: the perfect deterrent for buying a Super Video Arcade
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