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  1. Music seems a little flat compared to the arcade/5200 version
  2. The Intellivision Master Component was the full name for the original model Intellivision. It was named as such to distinguish itself from the promised 'Keyboard Component', which only saw limited release. I do not believe the Intellivision II has the Master Component moniker associated with it.
  3. Victor, these look really nice and I would definitely be interested if I had a Vectrex. On a side note, the 'left handed' arrangement only became the that way after Donkey Kong came along and screwed everything up
  4. Have you tried is with the Arkanoid clone on Intellivision?
  5. Microsoft bundled a version of the Xbox 360 controller with a wireless dongle specifically for Windows. That's my go-to Windows controller to this day.
  6. As far as I know, there was no wireless PC joystick or gamepad that used the PC gameport. Those came much later with the 360 gamepad for Windows (which included the wireless dongle to connect to the controller). Sent from my moto z4 using Tapatalk
  7. I just got the adapter today and I cannot get it fully operational for the following reasons: The 5200 controller does not plug into the male 15-pin connector on the adapter. The bumps on the top and bottom of the controller plug prevent this from happening. I would prefer not to have to modify my 5200 controllers by filing them down, if possible. The female end of the adapter does not stay in the port. I have a 4-port 5200. Has anybody else had these issues and, if so, do you have any suggestions on how I can rectify them? Thanks!
  8. I made it to the graveyard level in version 34 ROM and found a couple of graphical issues along the way: - On the Egyptian level, the title card completely glitches out on me and I can't see the pyramid graphic or any of the other elements of the interlude screen. This did not occur for me on the version 31 ROM. - I am only able to see the top half of Peter on the Iceland level title card One additional suggestion I have: It would be nice if one could set separate volumes for the music and sound effects via the Options screen. While I like the music, it can become overpowering for some. In case it helps, I am running the game on an Intellivision II via the LTO Flash cart. Thank you for implementing some of the suggestions I mentioned earlier in this version of the ROM. The options as a separate screen and providing default settings does make a difference. Thanks!
  9. Have there been any previews/reviews of the game yet?
  10. I've finally had a chance to look at and play the game at length. Overall, I find the game entertaining with a good replay value. That said I do have a few suggestions on the interface and play structure of the game itself: Title screen / Options menu Based on other Intellivision games, I was surprised to find that the Enter key brings me to an options page. I would expect that one would traverse to this page either through an option on the title screen or through a different key press (maybe the '0' key). Generally, I expect the Enter key to advance one through the interface of the game. In this case: starting the game, either at the highest difficulty level or with default settings. Related to the above, I also expected that pressing the Enter key with the 'Exit' option selected on the Options screen would take me back to the title screen and apply the selections I made. You may also want to indicate on the title screen what key one needs to press to start the game From the graphic displayed on the title screen, it's hard to tell what the actual name of the game is. Gameplay I'm conflicted on how the game controls. For some of the mazes, a control behavior that mimics Pac-Man would be more desirable. If you're not familiar, Pac-Man starts in a direction and continues in a direction until he hits a wall. If you press a direction before hitting a wall, Pac-Man will move in that direction when the opportunity presents itself and then continues in that direction until he hits a wall, etc. This scheme would work best for early mazes but isn't necessarily the best for later ones, where the current scheme works better. Maybe provide an option for this and let the user choose? Some of the boards are hard to see based on the color combinations chosen. The corn maze and the undersea ones are good examples of this. The colors should compliment each other without being garish or overpowering and also need to be different enough to allow one to easily identify the main character and adversaries. This should be no problem on a system with 16 available colors, right? When pausing the game, I would expect one would be able to resume the game buy pressing any key on the keypad, a side button or the disc. I shouldn't have to press 1&9 to resume. Currently, there isn't a way to avoid an enemy when it is tailing you. The enemy is always faster, almost always leading to the loss of a life. Maybe adjust the mazes so there's always at least one nook where on can possibly duck into to avoid an enemy When one clears a level, it isn't always obvious where the exit is. Maybe add a flashing tile for the exit, ala Boulderdash to make it more defined? When a game is over, it would be better to display a 'Game Over' message on the last screen one was on. If one presses a key or the disc once the game is complete, one should be taken to a high score table screen or back to the title screen In regards to the above, it would be nice to include a high score table for the game. If that's not possible, it would be nice to have the high score displayed for that play session on the title screen. The enemies seem to fast from the start. Maybe throttle the speed of the enemies as one progresses through the game? Also, enemies don't seem to have a set pattern for pursuing Pea-man. Is this intentional? I hope you don't take the above as a slight to your game. I'm happy to be a part of the testing and am trying to help make the game the best it can be. If you have any questions, please feel free to DM me. Thank you for the opportunity to test the game and for providing me with a fun distraction from the daily grind.
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