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  1. In this episode we FINALLY review the Mattel Electronics game Shark! Shark! Paul interviews the game’s designer & programmer Ji Wen Tsao. Rick has a new Hobby Projects / Homebrew Highlight segment on the FW Diagnostic Cartridge and an Intellivision console repair. We also finally have the results of the Easter Egg Contest from episode 35. And we have Feedback, News, and more… although George didn’t show up for some reason? Maybe it was the shark? http://intellivisionaries.com/episode-36-shark-shark/
  2. I ended up with an extra Fight for the Cup box (see this thread for more details: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/277378-fight-for-the-cup-2017-hockey-boxes-last-one-ever/page-1?hl=+fight%20+for%20+the%20+cup). The dummy collector in me didn't keep track of what he ordered! In the interest of staying away from Cmart-like collecting habits, I'm offering it up for $7 plus shipping. PM me if you're interested.
  3. Hey you collector-folk, I'm cleaning out some stuff in my basement and found 4 styrofoam end pieces that go on the ends of regular Intellivisions for storage in their boxes (e.g. master component, system III, super pro, etc). I'd be happy to send them to whomever wants them for the cost of shipping. Keep your in-box systems nicely protected and centered in their boxes! I'll divvy them out in order of people who PM me. If the first person wants all 4, then fine. If the first person wants 1, three will be left, etc.
  4. Man! I keep missing these. I'm definitely on the hunt for one.
  5. Thanks so much for scanning it! I can't wait to look at it.
  6. Oh, I didn't mean poor timing on your part. Poor timing on our part! We've been planning the Shark Shark episode for a while and finally got to it. But it's really good on the other hand. Now we can include a segment about it at least, rather than it not getting a mention.
  7. Wow! Thanks David! As poor timing would have it, we literally JUST recorded our Shark Shark review and mentioned the Shark Shark 2 romhack! Looks like I'll have to do some play testing on this version and record an updated segment!
  8. I sent Freewheel a PM to put me down for a cart when they're made, but was also able to get hold of the rom for a little testing. It's great! AND I've been able to repair an Intellivision unit with its help! I'm fixing an Intellivision master component for a friend. It has had graphical issues *sometimes*. By using the video testing mode on the cart and cycling the border colors, I was able to reliably reproduce the issue. Turned out to be a power problem, and replacing the power circuit board with one from a more reliable Inty fixed it up! This is a great test cart!
  9. Hey, I've heard that Beach Volleyball game is like, super-rare...
  10. http://intellivisionaries.com/special-edition-9-prge-2018-wrapup/ In this special episode, Rick, Cmart and Paul talk about their adventures at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2018. It's chock-full of exciting Intellivision content, both old and new! The Blue Sky Rangers panel (Intellivision - A Legacy of Firsts!), which was moderated by Paul is also included. And there are tales of border crossings, Intellivision Day 2018, and something Rick knows nothing about but will soon. Oh, and our good buddy George is here too, still a bit bitter about not being invited to the expo. Maybe next year, George?
  11. I think I’m missing some context here. What devices are you referring to that add up to $32 vs $57?
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