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  1. YES! As a kid, I had the same issues visualizing what that picture in the catalog was supposed to represent! I thought the hole in the glove was an eye!
  2. Wow, thanks brain! Looks like I asked a very newbie question! I appreciate the complete answer and the fact that such a tool already exists.
  3. Thanks again to all for the input. I've asked a related question in a new thread here:
  4. Hi again everyone. Thanks to the community for the help in this other thread where I had asked about cross-assemblers for 6502 code targeting the PET: I have a sort-of-related question. Let's say I want to write a program in BASIC targeting the PET. Can I write the code on a modern computer and then somehow generate a .prg that has that BASIC program on it which could then be read by the PET? I understand that I could write the BASIC code right on the PET in vice and then figure out how to create a blank .d64 and save the program, so that's a technique that is available. But do folks write BASIC programs for these older computers using modern editors, saving to plain ASCII, and then somehow producing a valid BASIC saved program file in a sort-of-cross-compiling kind of way? Thanks again! Rick
  5. Thanks for the input Darrell. I am targeting a PET, so the default (or -f1) is the right format. Whatever the cl65 linker was creating as the object file, it was NOT a simple, valid .prg formatted version of the program. I'm happy to report that DASM is working for me now. Kudos to carlsson for pushing me in the right direction via DMs!
  6. Thanks carlsson. I'll give it a look. I spent some time yesterday with CA65, but couldn't get the linker to produce a valid .prg file. The output .lst file showed all my code in the right places, so I'm pretty confident that I got the assembly working. But how to turn that .o file into a .prg still eludes me.
  7. Vim is definitely a very powerful editor. I only scratch the surface of what it can do. I once tried to make a syntax highlighting file for CP1600 assembler, but never delved into trying it for IntyBASIC. Because of the amount of flexibility vim offers, it has a bit of a steep learning curve for this stuff (at least to me). But I'd be all for more vim-love in the Intellivision programming community!
  8. Thanks again! I think I saw cc65 in search results but wrote it off as only a C compiler. But I see it has an assembler as part of the tool chain that is independent of the compiler, so that's definitely worth a look.
  9. Thanks Tuxon86. I appreciate you chiming in. I did find that tool, but it only runs in windows. If I don't find anything really good for Linux or Mac, I'll consider doing the assembler dev work in a windows VM via VirtualBox or Parallels. But I'm looking for something native first. But as another data point, is the CBM .prg Studio THE TOOL that most folks use for this? Or is there not a real consensus in the commodore 8-bit dev world? If a tool is pretty much the only one around that the community uses, then it would probably be worth the pain of using a VM just for the community support.
  10. I'm looking to play around with some assembler programming on my newly-restored PET. It has the chicklet keyboard, so I'm wanting to do the programming on my laptop via an emulator. I could run a monitor and attempt to write code that way, but I'd really like to be using a cross-assembler so modern tooling is at my disposal. I'm interested in something relatively OS-agnostic. My main dev laptop is Linux, and I also use macOS quite a bit. So something that runs on one or both is what I'm looking for. I found k2xtools / k2asm on github and pulled down the code and was able to build the tool. From what I read it's pretty full-featured for an assembler. But no one has contributed to that project for like 5-6 years now, so it seems like a dead toolchain. What do folks use today to program 6502 assembler targeting commodore 8-bit computers? Since I'm primarily interested in the PET (for now...) I don't even really need to consider tools for creating graphics artifacts (background, sprites). Thanks!
  11. Instant "store" at various video game and computer cons! But yeah, would need to all be painstakingly inventoried, cataloged, priced out to get anything close. I wonder at what price some video game con resellers would bite. $15K? $10K? I don't know the various communities well enough to know at what point you'd know you would gain a profit.
  12. I've mentioned on the podcast several times that I'm all in favor of having every game playable via emulation of some kind. So I'm very happy to see discussions that involve unencrypted roms as a possibility. I like cmadruga's post showing various potential phased roll-out models. If there is a concern that rom sales (of either kind) would cannibalize CIB sales and/or would make the ability to predict the numbers of CIB sales difficult, then maybe those two should always be linked together for a period of time (like was done with Dragons and Swords). Which I believe is his model number 1. That model also has the benefit that the pre-order encrypted rom sales can help defrag the printing costs of the CIB release. I think it's fair to make folks who want the cheaper rom-only experience to wait a bit. They're "paying" a bit with their time. Pay more and get it right away, or wait and pay less. The waiting for rom-only purchases could guarantee the publisher doesn't take a financial hit that would become a problem. I worry that cmadruga's model 4 might make it tough to break even on the CIB sales after roms are already out there in the community -- assuming that the rom sales do indeed represent some eating into the CIB numbers. But the various publishers would know more about those specifics than I would. Personally, I'm in a position where I can also join a gaming club (like the CollectorVision one) just to benefit the publisher in some way. So while I recognize that it isn't always a great deal, depending on the platform and publisher I'm willing to buy in because I want the publisher to keep publishing. I know not everyone is in that position, and there might be other ways to show such support.
  13. Hey @1980gamer I sent you a PM, just wanting to be sure you saw it.
  14. I'm interested in the Colecovision Quest for the Golden Chalice and Rollerball. I'll send you a PM.
  15. Does anyone know how many games had "bag" releases? I know Spiker was available in a bag for a bit before INTV finally decided they needed to produce boxes for all titles. But were there others that were released in bags?
  16. I like this line in the listing: "No instructions provided, do your own research." Nice.
  17. The Verizon guy just left. We have a nice, new ONT on the side of the house. Speeds look very good. He says that if I want to pay for it, Verizon can deliver near gigabit speeds to the internet with this newer box. So I'm hopeful we should be good for a while. I'll pick a convenient Saturday in January and do the real, final 12 hours of streaming for my 2020 Extra Life campaign. I'll post here with details for anyone who wants to login and watch.
  18. Ouch. Internet issues again today, couldn't stream! A tech is coming out tomorrow. Hopefully they'll replace something. We can't seem to keep an upload rate high enough to make streaming something that will actually work.
  19. Hey everyone still following this topic! I'm planning on doing my last 12 hours on Wednesday, December 30th. I'll be shooting for 9am - 9pm EST. Hopefully our internet connection will be in proper form. I have a technique for testing our speeds and I've worked through the "reboot everything" dance enough times to know if that will help with the connection speed when we get closer. I'll be doing testing on Tuesday the 29th to hopefully make sure everything is ready to go. So feel free to stop by the stream. Thanks again to everyone who has contributed to the campaign! I really appreciate it. This is a generous community. If you planned to contribute but didn't get around to it, it's not too late! Links for the stream and for how to give are at my website: http://www.rickandviv.net
  20. Yep, I heard it over and over again on just that first screen before I figured out how to deal with that first boulder...
  21. When the player dies, the Intellivoice adds a whiny sounding yell. I don't know if there are other enhancements via the Intellivoice, but I know that one is there.
  22. While I haven't been very active in Inty development up to now, when I attempt to do so it is always with the vim editor (gotta get that in here with so much emacs talk going on!). I then use bash scripting to put together the toolchain necessary to assemble with proper includes, etc. All at the command line.
  23. I should know the fuller story tomorrow night. I'll probably do the final 12 hours some day during that last week of December. I have that whole week off from work, so I'll just pick a day and go for it. I'll definitely post here the updated plan. Thanks to folks from this community that have already contributed to my campaign!
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