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  1. Is there a chance with all this research, a mod is possible that would revert the colors back to "normal" i.e. the 3rd screenshot HtheB posted? I don't mind the speed differentials quite as much as I mind the weird colors. I'd love it if my TV-link worked the way a supervision worked.
  2. None of this bullshit story adds up. What are the chances that Mike just went and dug up a boogeyman from the past, and paraded him around as the ultimate evil? Its not like this scam artist from 15 years ago is going to come back and defend his honor. Mike didn't think to google him prior to his dealings, but in the last month had that epiphany? My money is on Mike spending the last month googling old group posts to find someone to throw under his bus, who no one would bother to track down and check with. Sean Robinson is the perfect boogeyman. Many of the old timers have dealings with him, and can empathize. Too bad Sean Robinson disappeared years ago, and is now just a fictional character in Mike's absurd story. Also, why did the facebook pictures showing the false prototype get deleted ~10 minutes after the DVR capture card was revealed on AtariAge? If Mike was a victim of the scam, he was quite responsive in helping cover it up. Also, during the Toy Fair incident, there was plenty of Facebook assurances that the prototype wasn't an SNES mini. Additionally, photos were being deleted as users here exposed various parts of this fraud. Mike is trying to protect his name, by throwing a fake character under the bus. Anyone who believes him, well, I've got a bridge to sell, I'm trying raise 3 million on Kickstarter Indiegogo. I hope we can at least get one more Nostalgia SH-IT video out of this. Maybe he can claim Bernie Madoff was actually his engineer.
  3. You asked for info, I gave it. I'd rather not share the other stuff I have, and have people harass his family. Thus far, from what I've seen, that is a likely possibility. He was 81, and he passed due to cancer, homerwannabee. DeusExMachina - I can share the name with you, since it sounds like you've met him.
  4. You went from heartfelt plea to condesending ass quickly.
  5. Alright, I didn't respond, because A) I wasn't done at the sale, and B) People were already stalking and harassing the family. Apparently the one video I posted, plus people looking up my IP was enough for the family to get contacted. Last I heard, a local Atari Collector paid $8k for all his stuff that remained. Don't know how true that is. I've been unable to get ahold of the son any more; its been 2 months, and I heard through the grapevine that the basement is totally cleared out. Knowing my location, and the location of the sale won't really help unless he traded. I did note that one box he had said "AtariAge" on it, as if it were a box he were keeping for trade? It was near SLC, so if anyone traded with a forum member from SLC, let me know.
  6. The stuff I got, wasn't atari, mostly sega, tg16, and 3DO. They had no idea, and I was honest about the prices on those sealed games. I did get the three 2-in-1 adult games for pretty cheap though. (sorta blurry, right after the chase the chuck wagon)
  7. So, I'm not much of an Atari collector, but I went to a crazy estate sale today. Sadly, the person who passed was probably a member here. This is just a view of what the person had.
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