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  1. I'm interested if more are made!
  2. Definitely would be interested!
  3. I still don't understand why so many people thought this was an urban legend the whole time. This was big news, and reported as fact, at the time-- it was sign the videogame market was swirling around the bowl and not recovering. Sure, there weren't piles of evidence it did happen, but I don't remember anyone from Atari or anywhere else refuting the story. I'm not saying this to pick on anyone here, just the fact it was an "urban legend" strikes me as funny as someone who lived through hearing it reported at the time-- and at the time, there was absolutely no question it had really happened. (at least in my head) I feel like I'd love to have one of these carts but the prices seem insane. Had they been $50 or less, I might've gotten one, but over $100 is too rich for my blood for a destroyed common cart with some dirt. Maybe I'm just cranky after going tonight to a trendy place trying to be a retro arcade but felt more like hipsters watched one old 80s movie and decided they knew what an arcade was. Playing Tron and Discs of Tron cabs for the first time in 30 years was a mindblower, though, even if the cabs didn't "feel" quite right. (not 100% authentic repairs) As for capturing video off a computer monitor, Total Recorder from HighCriteria does a very nice job with some tweaking settings to ensure a clean capture. (Haven't tried it for this specific video but can't imagine it wouldn't work, it's worked on everything I've ever tried it with)
  4. Are those new labels? I could've sworn I bought them but the labels aren't striking me as familiar and I can't get to my carts right at this moment. Likely in for one of both
  5. Justin42


    LOL, I still remember the flame war I got into with Telegames support when it became obvious "Limited Edition" meant "Limited to the number we can sell"... I felt a bit burned because they had said it'd be limited to one run at the time with the CD version being the one they'd leave available. If only 1997 me, as a student who really had to stretch to buy the "Limited edition" cart knew that nearly 20 years later they'd still be making them. That said, I love how they've managed to make an already crappy looking cart even worse with the now off-center too small label! Good thing to game kicks ass!
  6. Wow, what a fantastic surprise! I really need to check the site more often. Payment sent! Thanks to everyone involved!!!
  7. I'd love to be on a waitlist or whatever might happen next...?
  8. Sorry, didn't see where this thread jumped over here from the 7800 board! Ooops. Just sent payment for #30.
  9. Great score Didn't know they made a new box variation ("Limited Edition") for Towers 2.. when did that start? I don't think any of the Telegames games came shrinkwrapped... Is this another Telegames "Limited Edition" like IS2 Cart -- aka "Limited to however many we can sell over 15-20 years"?
  10. Glad to see you back online, Curt, and to hear that you're doing well. For what it's worth, my sister had what sounds like a similar surgery a few years ago and after taking it easy for a few weeks she was back to normal, and has been doing fantastic ever since.. (and actually feels better than ever) Hopefully you can just rest, recover, and ease back into 'normalcy' soon!
  11. Damn, just browsing through threads -- I had never even HEARD of Blackout before this.. just missed the release (and subsequent drama) entirely. and up until now I thought I had a pretty much complete Jag collection from keeping up and ordering stuff as soon as I heard about it . Dammit! Off to ebay..
  12. I was so excited for the 7800 I actually cut those pages out of the Electronic Games they were in and made a little 7800 "press kit" I could look at whenever I wanted... (I glued a custom cover on and such) I have the Joystik mag with their preview around somewhere, too... Pretty bummed when the system went to vapor shortly after...
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