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  1. clean the area alot. then reflow the points. maybe cut a piece of leed off an new component or some copper wire and reflow that into the pool. not enough to reflow onto. use a small piece of insulated wire and jump the component to another point on the board. make sure to inspect the whole board for other bad solder joints, poor joints, etc.
  2. be clean. dont have copious solder on your tip. dont want it to fly around. make sure your tip is clean and tinned. look the whole board over for any solder joints that look bad. wiggle the ports to look for loose connections. wiggle power. if you have to flow any port joints than do all of that port. if one could move wiggle they all will. thats stress. clean tip. maybe even clean the board. sometimes older solder will have a varnishy covering. prolly burn off when reflow. just reflow the solder. maybe add a TINY bit if it looks like they used too little. dont leave your iron plugged in any longer that you use it. mess up alot of irons and tips by leaving them plugged in durring breaks. dont try the same spot many times. reclean. wait. let it cool. clean it more. let it cool. be patient. keep your metal rings, jewely, screwdriver, etc away from the board. ground yourself on a metal water pipe or something by touching it... dont shuffle on carpet... dont play with your hair on a dry day.. touch the irons tip to the lead more than just the joint. and let us know how it goes..
  3. thanks, slowcoder! if i can get microusb port covers for cell phones would be great. hard to get things bulk from china and it takes FOREVER!
  4. thanks everyone. also for your interest: Iphone port covers. 2G 3G 3GS USB port covers All $1 each. buy 3 get one free.
  5. thanks guys. hopefully a few more get sold. make sure you PM me with your mailing address..
  6. maybe someone should lock the thread? ive never been good at looking at the date of the first and last post, then figuring out if it would still be relevant to post. this is a perfect example. there is no reason for anyone to be posting in here. boooo....
  7. this is very important to me. 74 views and only 1 bite. atariage members... lots of you have a harmony cart. please help a fellow atarian! one dollar is a pretty easy donation, AND you'll get something for it. besides, you dont want dust in your harmony cart, do you?
  8. horay! you know that mini-usb port on the harmony cart? the one that is rarely used and points up to collect dust? well, now there are little rubber plugs made just for miniusb ports. Open ports on your phone or other electronics just invite dust, moisture, and debris inside. These tiny soft rubber plugs sell on ebay for more $. Since there is a wholesale bag sitting here they can be sold to atariage members pretty darn cheap! Also, these really need to move. so you will be helping a fellow member. if you want more than one, or would also be interested in usb port covers, please PM me. Price is $1 including shipping. It would be helpful to know what you think of this product!
  9. wow. just the pics you uploaded were great for looking at. thanks for taking the time to list them!!
  10. my main interest was trying to find more info to decode the audio output from the compumate. it saves its music, graphic, and basic programming data as audio. the goal is to be able to write basic programs on the computer and save them as audio which can be shared and ran on other people's compumate. thats how i stubles across this. if anyone has any information about this sort of data to audio and back stuff please PM me.
  11. i got my compumate recently. im more of a user than a collector. would you be interested in it? i was thinking of framing it. either way the compumate isnt going back in it. pm me! nice to meet ya! if anyone else wants my compumate box get a hold of me.!!
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