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  1. Atari would have been in beter positions if they would have accepted to distribute the NES in North America ...sadly they said no
  2. well BSR sold the prototype but nothing could stop them to release the rom publicly if they have it let's wait and see
  3. Seriously what was that ''you were warned'' about ??? we don't need that kind of attitude in the Atariage community. You have the right not to release the rom just don't brag about it to everyone
  4. in fact i really don't need a cv port of taht game but if ppl wants it then i have no problems with that i think is the cv port is based on teh msx port then the game would requires a little bit tweaking here and there the car flashing light at night and some other things...
  5. well i was thingking more of a snow falling effect with dots added to the allready falling ''snow'' that would make it harder
  6. great now what about snow falling effect and some kind of ''against the wind'' effect as levels goes up
  7. what if you add a timer mode when santa enter the house ?
  8. mystique Custer's Revenge Coleco port or Duke Nukem Coleco port or GTA 5 Coleco port why ? because 😆😆
  9. oh ...bad attitude man we're a community
  10. non news about the stella update with the overscan fix implented ?
  11. put me on the list to get one
  12. yes they are but '' normal '' snes gamepad will work ok with bouttons combinaisons (a+ start =1 etc etc the ntt doesn't sell at a decent price got mine for 70 $ CAN
  13. just bought off ebay a ntt data gamepad to use with the phoenix
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