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  1. well i was thingking more of a snow falling effect with dots added to the allready falling ''snow'' that would make it harder
  2. great now what about snow falling effect and some kind of ''against the wind'' effect as levels goes up
  3. what if you add a timer mode when santa enter the house ?
  4. mystique Custer's Revenge Coleco port or Duke Nukem Coleco port or GTA 5 Coleco port why ? because 😆😆
  5. yes it's exactly the same thing: Nintendo IP. Edouardo should get the rights from Nintendo to release it.
  6. of course they can do you remember that guy who ported super Mario Bros to the Comodore 64 ?
  7. oh ...bad attitude man we're a community
  8. non news about the stella update with the overscan fix implented ?
  9. put me on the list to get one
  10. yes they are but '' normal '' snes gamepad will work ok with bouttons combinaisons (a+ start =1 etc etc the ntt doesn't sell at a decent price got mine for 70 $ CAN
  11. just bought off ebay a ntt data gamepad to use with the phoenix
  12. Mike I understand your point but common this leads to no where aren't you guys happy that an option has been released to replace ours 40 years old (and counting) consoles that arent cheap emulation ? congratulation to the Collectorvision team and thank you for taking the time to do this.
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