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  1. mystique Custer's Revenge Coleco port or Duke Nukem Coleco port or GTA 5 Coleco port why ? because 😆😆
  2. yes it's exactly the same thing: Nintendo IP. Edouardo should get the rights from Nintendo to release it.
  3. of course they can do you remember that guy who ported super Mario Bros to the Comodore 64 ?
  4. oh ...bad attitude man we're a community
  5. non news about the stella update with the overscan fix implented ?
  6. put me on the list to get one
  7. yes they are but '' normal '' snes gamepad will work ok with bouttons combinaisons (a+ start =1 etc etc the ntt doesn't sell at a decent price got mine for 70 $ CAN
  8. just bought off ebay a ntt data gamepad to use with the phoenix
  9. Mike I understand your point but common this leads to no where aren't you guys happy that an option has been released to replace ours 40 years old (and counting) consoles that arent cheap emulation ? congratulation to the Collectorvision team and thank you for taking the time to do this.
  10. it's sad yes it is but don't take that too much at heart the community is still here yes things could have been better but as we says sh.. happens there will always be new blood in the communiy as new hardwares and softwares will be created most of the times good blood somes bad. coders will come and go that's how it is...
  11. IMO Kevin does reverse engineering for so long he doesn't have anything to proove to him or to us and why would he gain to lie to us he fixes things what i don't like is that if a DRM has been implented and DENIED i have much more of a problem with that trusting the developpers put a DRM in your games if you want but don't lie to us if you do please
  12. fine for you but think about the pple that teh games doesnt not work and they dont do electronics and cant fix this ...will they trust the comunity publishers ? that kind of thing should have been fixed
  13. 1- no 2-no 3- dont know how big of an issue is this REALLY and is the community making this out to be a bigger deal than it really is? it is because people invest in this and also because the publisher lied about the DRM ... what would you do if your Phoennix prototypes would not work release them anyway ?
  14. i'm not against that but if you do DRM your stuff make it right and make sure it does not affect your game
  15. The way they ''managed'' things with this release i would not trust them anymore it's only my own opinion but this said it's not too late to arrage their mess
  16. Well this kind of situation shouldn't arrive leaving the colecovision community like that. anyone can program a cart with a eprom programmer and getting it wrong but denying things and not doing a recall or a romfix release is not the way to do things i mean the colecovision community is not big we know programmers and sellers and personnally i would not feel confident to buy again from ossmeone who doesn't fix his things... this said error could arrive but denying things and not fixing should not
  17. So what you guys are saying is that there is a DRM on the game that screwed the playing of the game depending of our consoles ? there was no recall and not even a rom fix release even when the whole carts lot been sold ? mmm doubtfull... feeling screwed are you ?
  18. will there gonna be carts run of risky rick game ? or would the rom be available as purchase ?
  19. is there a way i can fix the overscaned menu on my tv set ??? i dont have overscan button on my remote
  20. harlock76

    RetroN 77

    are the gemini controlers compatible with retron 77 ?
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