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  1. No it's not really rare at all.... As far as the Xbox is concerned rarity has very little effect on price at this stage in the cycle... It's just very sought after.
  2. I can only speak from a PAL perspective.... but the original Xbox has certainly gained popularity in the last year or so, and a few titles are gaining value... Star Wars Battle Front II being one of them (although it was never cheap)... More interestingly is the recently gaining value of the Simpsons Hit & Run, Jet Set Radio and even Halo 2... all 3 of which were worth nothing not so long ago but seem to be going up every month. I'm definitely seeing a lot more competition with online auctions. I'm guessing the Xbox is just coming to that age where the collectors start to get on board.
  3. I consider myself a pretty hardcore Xbox fan with over 800 original Xbox games (very almost a full Pal collection) and over 100 360 games... but I am definately leaning heavely towards a PS4 next gen. As of right now I have zero interest in the Xbone. I do however have 1 main concern for PS4... If publishers strongly prefer the Xbone business model they may only wish to make games exclusively for the Xbone platform... which renders PS4 a potential doorstop. I really do think this whole mess is just to get more exclusives. I think I may wait until a few months after launch and see what happens. MS may be forced to change their policy or it may not be as scary as we all think or I might get addicted to bananas... who knows. Oddly it will likely be the hacking community that may make the Xbone a viable option for the hardcore gamers... I bet MS didn't see that coming.
  4. Don't get me wrong.... I don't like these new policies from MS and I agree with everything you said.... I'm just showing another possible facet. I don't think this is good for the gamer.... but it's probably good for the games industry as a 'business model'.... unless it has significant affect on the public buying the next gen consoles, then it's real bad for the video games industry. I don't know if I will buy next gen yet (I'm unimpressed with the current gen to be honest).... I need to know more and look forward to Sony's future anouncements.
  5. I think perhaps we are not looking at this from outside the box... Game publishers and retailers alike didn't see the impact of the used market would have on them... retailers greed ultimately crippled themselves. For MS to get as many exclusive publishers/developers they can they need to do something they want.... MS are gaining nothing from this directly... this is for the benefit of the software companies... so I believe this could be the only way they could guarantee support from software developers and publishers etc. If Sony announce the same thing then that kinda makes sense (i.e. Sony had to make a similar deal else no more games for their system which quickly equals no more Playstation....Ouch!) As for the online every 24 hours... I don't see this as a major biggie as everything is online these days anyway... although I don't understand why its a requirement (or what will happen if its disconnected for over 24 hours?... like when you're moving house or going on vacation etc)
  6. {Checks PM's... } yes you did lol Sadly I haven't flown for over a year now.... spent an onscene amount of $$$ flying and passed all my exams and got my commercial Pilots licence just to find there was no work for a newly qualified pilot monkey. Something to do with the GFC or some such rubbish... so I got a proper job and got a bank to lend me some money and I bought a house lol.
  7. lol... ummm yeah I'm back! ...and playing games again after a break ... and I'm doing ok, thanks for asking.
  8. I think I have finally discovered the correct console generations breakdown... #1. The gaming generation 1970s - date #2. .... that is all.... now move along.
  9. I really like the Xbone... but I feel the used game scenario is very unappealing, and PS4 could really take advantage of this. I will likely just get a single console this next gen... Wii U is weak and has no games (but I do like the controller) so I'm not interested in it at the moment... so its between PS4 + Xbone... E3 should be very interesting
  10. When I lived in the UK (I moved to Australia in 2006) I had all of the above mentioned home computers back in their day (plus many other lesser known ones) and I remember having 3 game cartridges for the C64. I don't remember the titles but one was indeed International Football by Commodore. We also had the hacking carts (their were at least 2 brands) which allowed easy access to the code in games so we could alter them lol. I also had the 1540 disc block and one of the later 3rd party drives (can't remember the brand but I think it began with an E). The C64 without a disc drive was only half the computer it could be. I was part of a 4 man programming team which made indie games and demo's on the C64, we got pretty well known on the europeon hacking scene, I probably still have some 5.25 discs knocking around back home (in the UK) with a lot of our games and demo's on. With note to Sinclair Sectrums, they in fact had a microdrive system instead of a disc drive (back in the rubber keyboard days), of course as stated Amstrad took over and ruined it, and they added an unusual disc drive to the +3 model (I think it was a 3inch disc rather than a 3.5). With extra note to popularity of 8 bit machines in the UK The 48k spectrum was by far the most popular due to its budget price and huge software range, The Commodore 64 was 2nd and their position got stronger with each year, then in the earlier days it would have been the BBC model B but high price hit sales badly, so Acorn released the Electron which sold fairly well for a short time, Amstrad came to 8 bit computing a bit late and had some success with the cpc and made Amstrad the 3rd most successful 8 bit computer with their CPC models. Other noteworthy meantions from the earlier days would have to be the ZX81, Dragon 32, Oric Atom, Texas Ti99 and the MSX all of which had some fleeting success, but all short lived. The Dragon was probably the best machine of that list, but the Welsh company went bust I think.
  11. I can only speak from a PAL point of view - but there is in fact quite a few rare games for the old Xbox - if you consider games which sold less than 1000 copies to be rare. My rarest game is a UK version of Largo Winch (which although packaging and disc are retail ready it never got released) which I think was only released in Italy and France officially but only in very small numbers. But Steel Battalion (some 6000 were sold in total) is not that rare but many were broken so if yours is like mine (immaculate and boxed) then it may be valuable one day. Many games are thought to be rare but in fact are very common, this would include titles such as Toe Jam and Earl, PDO and in fact most of Segas catalogue it would seem. Try picking up Beach Soccer, WTA or even Barbie Horse Adventures all of which sold in small numbers. I don't have access to all the facts but I have been collecting for Xbox since day one (about 400 -500 games so far) and know what has been hard to get my hands on and what has not. If anyone does have a sales list of Xbox games from any part of the world then I would be very interested to see it.
  12. I don't really have a favourite game character as I have never bonded with a sprite before. I just find it really odd that people can get really enthusastic about a game character. But if I had to say one then it would probably be Sabreman - because he reminds me of my youth and how I wasted a part of it trying to complete Knightlore, (Which I never quite manage to do). Out of interest did the old Ultimate (commonly known as Rare) games get released in the U.S.A? They were originally Sinclair Spectrum games.
  13. Have a look... http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6...gehog+completed 18 minutes apparently.
  14. You need master merchantile to get more from shops however there is also a fence with 1500 if you are advanced in the thieves guild. I don't knoiw of any way to get more money from stuff you sell. Which begs the question, 'what is the point in a ring being worth 21000 gold?' ho-hum
  15. I don't see any need to cheat for money in this game - I have all the houses fully furnished and over 300,000 gold - money is very easy in this game. Its just a matter of tomb raiding and using a big feather spell to bring as much loot out as possible to sell. I'm just tring to complete every single quest before I finish the main game. Best quest so far is the one where you enter the painting. Most annoying quest was looking for those frozen tears.
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