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  1. Having alot of fun with NBA Live 95 for the Genesis. The game still holds up fairly solid for it's age compared to some the other sports games of the time. I like that there is actually plays and somewhat a simulation rather then sprint and dunk. Actually feels rewarding to score and defend. Good game! Now back to my season...

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    2. TwentySixHundred


      The game definitely has it's quirks that take awhile to get used to. It's solid though and and pretty amazing how well they programmed the AI to respond to certain situations. I have the SNES cart aswell, packed away somewhere in the back room. I have been playing on the emulator for convenience anyway so might see how the SNES version stacks up to Genesis. Been a good decade since playing the game so i was surprised how well it played. Usually i play NBA Jam or NHL which really play solid as well. I cant speak for Madden as i have it but im Australian and really don't know American football all that well. However i will say International Soccer has unforgivable flaws. It used to be a favorite of mine in the day but the gameplay is pretty bad. There is no real strategy, its just boot the ball towards goals and try to score

    3. Joe C.

      Joe C.

      Cool, status update how they compared!

    4. TwentySixHundred


      @Joe C. Well an update :) I fired up the SNES version and as a mini review here is my findings between the two.


      Graphics are pretty much on par, most noticeable differences is obviously the text and slightly more detail of the players with SNES.


      Sound well i can't pick a winner they both have the same funky beat that sounds great on either system. It's really preference of whether the player likes that gritty Sega Yamaha chip or Nintendo;s Sony chip. I kind of like the gritty Yamaha sound with alot of games however with Live 95 they both sound great.


      Gameplay i will have to give to Nintendo believe it or not, despite the advertising ploy back in the day claiming Sega was the master of sporting games... To begin with i was thrown off by separate buttons having individual functions, unlike Sega having the buttons with two or more functions (like modern games).


      Other then that, once used to the controls SNES takes the title imo. There is a dedicated steal button and it actually works. Sega's stealing feature is AI controlled meaning the player needs to position on the opponent and wait for the computer to attempt a steal. SNES you can take a swipe and depending the position and circumstance fouls are called if too aggressive or reaching (works well).


      SNES version is really easy unless you toggle the rules settings. The most fun i have had is on a harder difficulty setting, then the game plays more realistic otherwise it's just too easy. SNES also has the issue like mentioned by @retrorussell of bad passes and the ball being thrown off court :( Sega doesn't seam to really have this issue.


      Anyway in conclusion id say either consumer would be happy, although if having the choice SNES surprisingly tips the scales imo

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