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  1. Shadowrun for the SNES is lots of fun. Really enjoying this game even though you need to grind for cash

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    2. Rogerpoco


      @7800Knight - I think something that helped me-I was aware of the TTG, and had plenty of experience with them, Car Wars, D&D, etc, but because I had never played it on pen and paper, I had no comparison.

      There were certainly exceptions, but most similar games were in "unreal" worlds-not that I expect an apocalypse, but it still seemed more "real" than trees with pink and purple leaves, lol!!!

    3. TwentySixHundred


      @7800Knight I have never played the tabletop version so yeah i have zero expectations. I have gone in to except it for what the game is. I think as @Rogerpoco pointed out the game isn't all that far fetched from reality in alot of ways (besides some obvious elements). Although it does have that PC point and click feel mixed with a console touch so im finding very enjoyable.


      I have been playing Crystalis for the NES as well and swapping between the two lately. Very different games but i like both just as much as each other for different reasons. I think Shadowrun just has that unique feel and im liking the storyline so far. Looking forward to the Cyber Matrix element aswell, whenever i get to that point in the game.


      I too struggle finding free time these days so it's going to be a long game to complete lol. All good though as it's keeping me interested.

    4. Rogerpoco


      If it's possible we happen to like the same type games(apparently so...), SaGa Frontier, on PS1(being rereleased for the Switch)was one of my favorites, EVER.

      I thought it was an unloved/uncared about game, but with the rerelease, I guess not.

      Is in something of a Cyberpunk world, but more fantasy than future, really.

      You have me wanting to check out ShadowRun again, I have to admit, tho I really only play for high scores now, lol!!!

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