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  1. Both yield the same result crash to desktop, maybe i have something set up wrong
  2. Well that did the trick booting into the XM module, although im getting a crash to desktop when trying to launch the ROM lol. Edit: Im sure it's probably incompetence with MAME on my behalf 😄
  3. Brilliant! Thanks Trebor much appreciated 👍
  4. So when trying to launch using XM expansion im getting an error message saying "the selected software is missing one or two files" (a7800 v4.0). Im guessing i would need to download the XM puggin software but can't find any links. Then when changing the extension to "a7800 a7800 -cart1 xm -cart2 sounds.bas.a78" the ROM boots fine from ADS however still no pokey sound. There is probably something im doing wrong as it's not the first time i have had missing files issues with MAME in this case (a7800).
  5. Thanks Mike yeah you're correct i wasn't expecting to hear it's actually working. Very strange that it works with a7800 when not bankswitching yet doesn't when using bankswitching. Hopefully this issue gets rectified on a later update of a7800 down the line. I will try the XM pluggin and see how things go or just drop pokey all together for that project. Im guessing MAME never supported pokey with bankswitching (supergames). Cheers for having a look, much appreciated 👍
  6. Ok so an update, pokey whilst bankswitching still has me stumped. I have even created a program that's stripped of everything other then sounds alone to see what's going on. Still no dice, yet works fine when not bankswitching, anyway if the offer to have a look is still on the table that would be great 👍 Sounds.7z
  7. That's awesome artwork, loving the unique styling 👍
  8. Anyway as for difficulty it's fine after getting some practice IMO, although the start is very hard for a novice. Not sure of your plans and just a suggestion maybe there could be a tutorial level at the beginning or home base screen that's super easy. Other then that it's not really a big deal after getting the feel for it.
  9. Looks sweet as mate, can't wait to give this one a whirl. Attention to detail is on point 👍
  10. Thanks, i may very well end up taking that offer. I will give myself a day or so as it's good learning practice 👍
  11. It's probably something im doing wrong however it works without bank switching. so i have been setting the kernel "set pokeysupport on" at the start of the program where i set the region and doublewidth ect. Then use psound 0,rpm,10,10 within the main loop and the variable rpm is what controls the frequency. I have tried moving the "set pokeysupport on" to the current bank in use that hasn't worked either. I have also made sure when initializing the kernel settings at the start of ROM that the ROM size is first to be declared. As for compiling there is no errors and does show pokeysound in the output log. See spoiler It all looks good for pokey as far as i know which leads me to think there is something going on in my code. The variable "rpm" seems to be working fine as it also controls other conditions that are working fine. I will keep plugging away and probably have a eureka moment lol
  12. That done the trick and i could still keep includes 16x16 or less in the last bank. Only downside is the loss of ROM space, it's really chewed out a chunk of space leaving very little remaining. All good though atleast i know what's going on now, cheers for the help guys 👍 Edit: Also i have noticed pokeysupport is not setting with bankswitching, there could be something im missing though
  13. Thanks Mike, your assumption is correct the 'incgraphic' sprites are all in the last bank (persistent). Changing the ROM size made no change either so im yet to try including before ploting the sprite. All the other sprites work fine it's just the tallsprites, im guessing tallsprite has this limitation when bankswitching (unless included within the bank). I will see how things go later today by throwing them in the same bank where plotspspite is called, cheers 👍
  14. Thanks muddy, yeah no i wasn't using tallsprite previously and just gave it a whirl with no success on or off
  15. Ok so a follow up i have changed one my programs over to bankswitching and everything works fine except for my large sprites. They seem to be cut in half when using bankswitching. They were fine before but now they only show the top half of the 32x32 sprites. Wondering if you guys might know why this is the case? I have read that sprites are limited to 32x16 so in order to make 32x32 you need to use two sprites. What im not understanding is why the program will display 32x32 when not bankswitching.
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