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  1. Yeah in science and technology there really isn't any 2600 programming that i have seen. I streamed a couple of times with batari basic but didn't net much interest.
  2. I did read awhile back on Byuu's forum that Nintendo was even guilty of downloading ROM's for their classic mini systems. Someone said their ROM's were dumped from the mini consoles and contained headers that were traced back to ROM sites. How true or where the evidence is im not sure it was awhile back now but i remember the discussion. Like said before doubt they have their entire library archived from way back and as Flo said it's sloppy but they're well within their rights.
  3. Pretty much. As far as i know emulators are indeed legal however not looked at fondly by these companies, i think there it's still a grey area though. Sega decided to hire Steve Snake (author of Kega Fusion) to help them port some their games to PC, so Steve has mentioned in an interview. Nintendo and Sony are a bit more aggressive about it though. I believe backups/ROMs are also legal as long as you own the game although many ROM sites were targeted due to ad revenue. Nintendo looked for a loophole and found that ROM sites with ad revenue class as commercial distribution of their IP. Well as far as i have looked into it anyway
  4. Unfortunately i feel this thread is heading borderline political that may offend some users. Personally im ok with it all but i would hate to see this interesting thread get locked.
  5. Chevrolet also took the opportunity of milking the moon landing for their 2020 Corvette unveiling. I get Chevrolet basically gave astronauts Corvettes back then, but they were trying to make it sound like the vehicle is built from NASA technology.
  6. Fired it up for a moment, still need to work out what's going on. Looks fun nonetheless and might have to look into it tomorrow when i have the time
  7. It's ridiculous they're masquerading like they had anything to do with former Atari. I find it offensive and a kick in the teeth to those who made Atari what it was.
  8. I would say PSX and N64 fell into the classic/retro category in the past 10-15 years. Prior to that they were more in the modern age of gaming. Nowadays CD based aside, when it comes to the PSX the system has that old school feel, even though it was the stepping stone to the modern era of gaming. Had it's fair share of 2d sidescroller/platformers, remakes, ports and most Arcade ports were flawless. The PS2 and Xbox onward i would say have their own place in history but more as the early 3d era of the modern gaming industry of today. Every system has it's place but i personally think the PSX and N64 earned their spot in the old school golden era of gaming.
  9. Im fairly sure Nintendo wasn't buying the bit war nonsense until the N64 purely for marketing reasons. After all PPU's and RAM were making the most significant difference in graphical capabilities, much like modern cards are of today. Still the advance with 16bit and 32bit architecture did open the bottleneck for processing instructions, so the bit war wasn't completely irreverent. Nowadays with true 64bit architecture well the demand for more RAM is the main reason we have 64bit systems. Once again another bottleneck.
  10. You would think so but he put it down as "trivia" like he actually knew the facts rather then assumption. What also flaws that idea is he said 5200 was 8bit aswell as the 7800, when you would expect him to assume the 7800 was 16bit. Yet somehow he actually knew the Lynx was 16bit 🤔 almost like searched all the other systems besides the 2600. Makes you wonder what goes through their minds.
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