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  1. Their backers have been waiting for exciting news the past two years lol. Last long awaited "exciting" news was a secondary button on an obsolete controller design. This thing wont even serve as a paper weight as if the slight chance they release something it will be light as a feather like all cheap and nasty electronics. Alot of their enthusiastic blind sighted backers all seem like incognito employees commenting or bots. They all tend to talk about how awesome this system will be yet they only have dreams of great games. Well for one games are software and are completely useless unless there is hardware to run it on. Secondly the only hardware we have seen is a plastic shell and a couple of home job controller concepts. Yeah AtariSA booth at E3 will be amazing when all they have is a shithouse 3d printed joystick that doesn't have a system to pair anyway. They would be better off ringing in sick saying they ate a bad taco.
  2. They can't even get their colour scheme correct with a mixture of red, pink and orange. It's like they never heard of the eyedropper tool or was it intentional to make people think they have real prototypes...
  3. I just use an Samsung TV as my monitor for my desktop PC and i think it's something like 17ms with a gaming setting that supposedly lowers the input by a few milliseconds. So i haven't really a specific recommendation other then to look for a low input delay time. Most advertisements these days seem to list the lag ms now. Also after a quick google search many are claiming a 1ms delay time anyway from within that search i netted this site https://turbofuture.com/computers/Top-Gaming-Monitor.
  4. Input lag is more of an issue with the monitor rather then emulation vs original hardware. I have never really noticed much of a difference from other good emulators but rather the monitors i have used them on. I have been hunting down the "best" emulators for each system over the past 15 years or so. The qualities i look for are accuracy, continuous development and performance in that order. Some authors have spent more time refining their projects then others. Personally from my experience the top emulators are: Stella - Atari 2600 A7800 - Atari 7800 Nestopia or Higan - NES Higan or SNES9X - SNES Kega Fusion 3.64 - Sega SMS and Genesis/Megadrive VICE - c64 EPSXE - Playstation Project64 - N64 DOSBox - DOS My thoughts: Stella - Development updates are frequent, the emulator is accurate, faithful and the closest to the real deal IMO. A7800 - This is a fork of MAME and by far the most user friendly and accurate 7800 emulator i know of. Nestopia - Development updates for Nestopia have been non existent since around 2010 i think. Still a very accurate emulator though. Higan - As accurate as you get for SNES emulation however you need a beefy machine to run it at full potential. SNES9x - Still accurate but sacrifices some for performance and a good alternative if struggling to run Higan. Kega Fusion 3.64 - No current development updates and is still regarded as one the best Sega multi-emulator. It's a shame Steve Snake hasn't continued development. VICE - Active development and one the best i know of that's free. EPSXE - Active development, accurate and lightweight. Project64 - Development is slow but one the better n64 emulators. DOSBox - Development is also slow and well one the only i know of for DOS games. Other systems im not to worried about as i don't play them as much as those mentioned above. Hope this helps a little. But yeah if you played these emulators on a CRT you would be hard pressed to notice the difference from original hardware besides the obvious physical presence.
  5. Gets called out on suspicion of working for Atari then responds like nothing had happened... That only raises more suspicion and basically confirms an Atari double agent is fishing for ideas from the other side of the fence. Either way though like said before they're better off sticking with software like Sega continues to do. However unlike Sega, AtariSA hasn't any of the original employees from when Atari was a good product. In my eyes AtariSA coudn't be further from its former self, one would think atleast some of the current Atari staff would have accounts and frequently post on AA. You would think from the way they talk about being faithful to the IP they would stick around close to the only source left(AA). Yet they're off in the clouds with no interest other then how to make money from the nostalgia of those who were fans back in the day. There has been many former programmers from Atari and Activision ect come though over the years yet not one modern Atari employee to my knowledge. I mean there isn't any other site out there that screams Atari more then AA. Anyway im sure they would be well aware of this thread and realize they can't pull the wool over everyones eyes lol
  6. They would gain alot more backers with a pack-in bong
  7. There is no guarantee with such old hardware and id say the 2600 would crap out before the CRT. I had wrote a very simple "screensaver" for kicks that actually kinda stresses the hardware. It's not overly intensive however it's always calculating and turning playfield pixels on and off every 60 frames. Was basically a novelty project screensaver.bin
  8. Yeah a one stop shop for 2600 and 7800 development will definitely bridge the gap for 7800 developing. A familiar environment when learning something new is always welcome.
  9. As Nukey Shay said it depends on how the game was programed. If the switch condition is outside the main game loop then the switches will do nothing until reset ect.
  10. Robot Tank = The war is endless Reactor = Gotta maintain that core
  11. Both are really good, it would be a shame to see the hardwork go to waste. You could always look at some slight changes to the gameplay and graphics to recycle the engine. Maybe some new features for a sequel or something
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