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  1. Yeah i had to log in using my screen name rather then login name too. Just hope many other users figure this out although i guess they could request a password change via email
  2. Yeah i understand was thinking it will help tidy up the list so it doesn't become cluttered and having to sift through looking for certain groups. Hopefully they look at adding that feature in the future.
  3. A thought that crossed my mind with the clubs is when the place gets populated it will become harder to find clubs that were created early on. Is there any intentions of adding an categorized subforum of relevance to make it easier to navigate though populated club lists. Very much like we have with the general subforums forums? There is always the search function however it doesn't always yield desired results.
  4. Personally i have them disabled, imo majority of them bloat the page and hardly useful information
  5. Xevious 19,950 Thought id just jump in while waiting for 2600 HSC
  6. Ok a quick question about clubs, does it work like facebook as in members need approval to join or do we just 'follow' a club? I see Zerohomebrew has created a public club so im assuming by clicking on follow we become a member.
  7. Is there intentions of bringing back the online status indicator next to users names?
  8. I feel the older version for (PC) was more refined however that's probably because we are creatures of habit. Im sure ill get used to it, it's just an adjustment to the new interface i guess
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