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  1. Sad to hear. I had some great interactions with Kurt over the years. He was a good guy and helped me when i first started asking questions about 2600 development. Rest in peace mate
  2. I did hear shortly after Byuu/Near took his own life, that someone close in the development team had continued the project. I haven't checked for awhile although there was fairly consistent nightly builds that followed. I know the source was released though and haven't followed what's happening lately. As for Mesen that's interesting it's been forked, i hadn't known the source was released. Haven't really checked either so i can't say much. I really need to look into these projects to see where they're at now. However unless it's someone reputable from the existing community i tend to except the project as a write-off. Thanks for the heads up Tanooki
  3. Iv finally made the switch from Mednafen to Duckstation now that the emulator is much more matured. It is indeed a really nice emulator however im still using Mednafen on the side. Mainly because im noticing a frame drops on Duckstation with certain games. It's not my PC it's something to do with Duckstation. So those games (esp racing) i tend to stick with Mednafen.
  4. I was hoping as the tooled looked very promising. Would be nice to develop for the Genesis using BASIC. Only thing that put me off is the project looks to be abandoned since 2010. When reading the latest development commits there was many bug fixes in the works. Such a shame it wasn't continued. Im guessing due to lack of interest and or not brought forward to a supporting community.
  5. Yeah it did come before RR3 but many criticize RR-CD for not having the same 2.5D graphics as the 32bit version. Personally RR3 is my all time favorite and i will place it slightly ahead of RR2 although that's probably a nostalgia thing as i played RR3 more BITD. RR-CD i still think is a really nice addition and yes they probably could have utilized more of the Sega CD's hardware features. Having said that there is some polish added that the other 3 installments lacked. It's basically like RR3 just more polish and FMV cutscenes. It's subtle but the gameplay physics are also tweaked and it plays nicer overall. Either way though this is my nit-picking as i think it's safe to say any of the Road Rash games live up to the hype and hold their own. Brilliant games. After playing the unlicensed Strike series for Sega CD i think the concept was great and it's a pity they never released it. It does feel unfinished though and i feel the games aren't optimized. No idea why but there is a lot of frame stuttering when flying the chopper around. Very noticeable when playing the games back to back against the original Genesis versions.
  6. Massive loss to the emulation community and the drive for accuracy perfect SNES emulation only had one piece of the puzzle left (the PPU's).
  7. Interesting, what language does the IDE use? Also does the IDE have a built in compiler? Edit: Found it, too bad the project looks to be abandoned since 2010. Looked promising too
  8. They only just got Windows 10 right and now they're bringing out Windows 11. Will probably be a flop just like 8 :roll:

    1. MattelAquarius


      If it's a free upgrade like Win10, I won't care much.  If it's not free, or is subscription based, I will finally pursue alternatives.


      Windows 11: Spinal Tap

      "Windows just got turned all the way up to 11!"  :(


    2. thanatos


      Pretty sure it is guaranteed to annoy me.

    3. MrMaddog


      Windows 10 works but it has this schizoid feel because it's trying to be both a desktop OS and a mobile device platform.  And no one cares about running Windows on plain tablets or smartphones.


      At least with Windows 11 it improves using the desktop interface on a touchscreen (ie. snaping windows on sides using swipe guestures) that you don't need to have a clumsy Tablet Mode anymore when you unplug the keyboard.


      Anyway I do use snap windows and virtual desktops for my personal projects so I'll take the free upgrade, just will have to adjust to completely different Star Menu (though I'm glad to see Widgets make a return).

  9. Yep i would have to say that Sonic CD is a prime example of a Sega CD game done the right way. Games like road avenger and slam jam were a completely horrible experience and made the consumer feel like they wasted their money IMO. Batman was really good and utilized some of the extra features the hardware had (another game done well). Personally in not fully against the FMV side of things and not even its quality for that mater. More the fact of how it was incorporated into these games. I feel Road Rash used it the right way, with using it for cutscenes and video but leaving the gameplay in the hands of the Genesis. The remaining left over ROM (which most games use half the capacity at best) could have been used for boat loads of extra in-game content like sprites ect. I mean yeah it actually was cool to see FMV on a 16bit console back in the day. But no one had a great experience with "interactive" FMV crap. To me after seeing it once the replay ability is totally lost. overall It's a shame because the system was very untapped and lacking the potential for great RPG's along with massive sequels to existing titles.
  10. I wouldn't hold my breath for a crash to happen. In the video game market collector items tend to head upwards rather than down. What was once an undesired system is now rising in popularity. Because they're rarer due to not many units sold the prices tend to incline very fast. You just need to bite the bullet while you have the chance before they become out of reach. I was in the 90's a huge fan of grunge, not so much nowadays as i hardly listen to much music anymore. Even still i will say the grunge songs are really suited towards the 90's style and gameplay. Road Rash 3D on PSX and N64 is probably the only title i wasn't a big fan of. The original Road Rash versions on PSX and Saturn were awesome aswell IMO. I just feel many expected the Sega CD version to be like those and were disappointed. Im sure the framerate would have been terrible if they attempted it so im happy it's more like the original 3. As a massive fan it was nice to have a new Road Rash to play after completing the first 3 countless times over.
  11. I feel ashamed to not even know this as a massive fan of the strike series. Thanks for the heads up
  12. The FMV is what made the system seem terrible. With all that optical storage on hand i would have rather they just continued with 16bit titles and added loads of content. I feel they were trying to use FMV to make the system look next gen with all the grainy video clips. Had massive potential for some great RPG's and sequels of existing games with bucket loads of content. That's my two cents anyway because games like slam jam sucked and were trying to achieve things the system just couldn't do.
  13. Road Rash, although many don't like it. If you're not expecting a 32bit version like most criticize it for being like the 16bit versions, then you may like it. Personally i look at it as the 4th installment in the franchise and a follow on from RR3. Refined controls and some additional graphics. Also you can talk to friends and foes at the club to get an idea who's out to get you or those on your side.
  14. Nice! Feels like a lifetime since i have fired up ADS and thrown down some code. Really need to find some time and hoping things settle IRL so i can continue my projects. Good to see you're still keeping this extension up-to-date 👍
  15. Id like to add Crystalis to my list mainly as someone who have completed the Zelda games many times, i was looking for something similar. The game is incredible and i wish i owned it back in the day. Also some may disagree but i really enjoy Die Hard.
  16. OBS is the best for free software and should capture SMS no worries. To minimize any issues from frame flicker, record the video at 60 frames so it captures all the frames. This will eliminate issues with missing sprites like Roger was talking about.
  17. Shadowrun for the SNES is lots of fun. Really enjoying this game even though you need to grind for cash

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    2. Rogerpoco


      @7800Knight - I think something that helped me-I was aware of the TTG, and had plenty of experience with them, Car Wars, D&D, etc, but because I had never played it on pen and paper, I had no comparison.

      There were certainly exceptions, but most similar games were in "unreal" worlds-not that I expect an apocalypse, but it still seemed more "real" than trees with pink and purple leaves, lol!!!

    3. TwentySixHundred


      @7800Knight I have never played the tabletop version so yeah i have zero expectations. I have gone in to except it for what the game is. I think as @Rogerpoco pointed out the game isn't all that far fetched from reality in alot of ways (besides some obvious elements). Although it does have that PC point and click feel mixed with a console touch so im finding very enjoyable.


      I have been playing Crystalis for the NES as well and swapping between the two lately. Very different games but i like both just as much as each other for different reasons. I think Shadowrun just has that unique feel and im liking the storyline so far. Looking forward to the Cyber Matrix element aswell, whenever i get to that point in the game.


      I too struggle finding free time these days so it's going to be a long game to complete lol. All good though as it's keeping me interested.

    4. Rogerpoco


      If it's possible we happen to like the same type games(apparently so...), SaGa Frontier, on PS1(being rereleased for the Switch)was one of my favorites, EVER.

      I thought it was an unloved/uncared about game, but with the rerelease, I guess not.

      Is in something of a Cyberpunk world, but more fantasy than future, really.

      You have me wanting to check out ShadowRun again, I have to admit, tho I really only play for high scores now, lol!!!

  18. Dune! on the Genesis is a freaking awesome RTS. Loads of fun considering it's one of the first of that genre. Little clunky and frustrating at times but once you except it for what it is, it's a pretty damn good game for a 16bit console.

    1. wongojack


      Even though they are clunky, it is so great to have those computer conversions to the Genesis


  19. Was thinking the other day I could have sworn I seen the idea somewhere for gold rush. Bubsy... snes/gen level 7,8,9 where you hop from carriage to carriage on a train in the desert till you get to the engine. There is the giraffes poken their heads out the carriages and all. Only difference is gold bars rather than yarn balls.
  20. I'd also have to disagree. In regards to 7800Basic there is alot of flexibility. Many unique titles in the works using 7800Basic. It's extremely powerful. Along with some ASM the possibilities are endless. As for Batari Basic yeah I can see why, and I think it's not so much the tool per say. The issue is the default score and status bars down the bottom of the screen. Many use them and without the flexibility to use them wherever desired (without tinkering) is what makes the games have the same appearance. A decent developer can work around this and produce some nice using bB.
  21. Lets not forget it took 3 years to develop when that sort of commercial deadline would not have existed back in the 80's. I'm pretty sure they had 4 months to develop games back in the day. I also can't help but feel Dan got shafted by the other two, as he never really says anything and his smile looks put on. Poor guy started the idea with gold rush...
  22. The hardware you're using is the issue, not to be rude or anything. Very on the low end when it comes to CPU power and after reading some reviews they're basically only good for browsing, emails and light work. Many reviews have said once you runny any application the fan will spin off its dial at nearly full tilt. Which tells me that little CPU is generating some heat and the cooling isn't all that efficient. A7800 isn't the most intensive but does have decent accuracy and emulators in general rely heavily on the CPU because it's emulating a full system in software. Probably no real way around it other then an hardware upgrade.
  23. I haven't any issues either, other then it runs a little 'warmer' then say Stella but for the most part it's one the least intensive emulators i use. Like Trebor mentioned opengl or direct3D ect, if your system supports them will take some load off the CPU. I do have a desktop i built in 2009 loaded with emulators in my daughters room and it runs A7800 without any intense CPU usage. My later PC's hardly know it's running, so im thinking you may want to look at what background operations you have running. Having said that, accuracy does need power and some CPU's just don't handle certain emulators all that well. Especially older hardware was a bit of a hit and miss on the performance side, even if the CPU specs look good on 'paper'.
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