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  1. Well from some the comments i see, guess some have returned to classic gaming or just new to the whole thing. Personally i never left and yes as one who was born in 83 my family wasn't rich. So my first console was the 2600Jr for my 5th birthday and ever since played my old systems for ever and a day till now. Modern games (PS2 and beyond) never sparked my interest besides a handful. So before i started learning how to develop games myself 11 years ago, i looked up to this community in the early to mid 00's (had an older account and email that i lost the passwords for). Obviously after i learnt these things myself, and even though i use bBasic along with 7800Basic, i still class myself a half decent developer these days. As good as Crane and the OG's are, i believe there is many here of equal experience and knowledge and in some cases maybe even more. I looked up to members back in the 00's like batari, Darrel, Andrew and Thomas just to name a few, so to me they're just as good as the OG's from back in the day. All these members can code 6502 asm fluently and as i have mentioned previously there isn't much left that hasn't been discovered already on the 2600. As good as this new game looks and id like to play it myself, there really isn't anything mindblowing or groundbreaking. This is what i was trying to put across in earlier comments before the criticism was shut down. My clarification and 2cents anyway PS: Im still waiting for the ability to purchases digital copies from the AA store as i want Aardvark, Stay Frosty 2, Boulder Dash, Millie and Molly along with many others ect ect.
  2. Well any concerns and criticism got shut down with generation cards, site going downhill and how the interview went. I had to unfollow this thread for a couple of days as i found some statements ridiculous. Will be the last time i open my mouth defending the community that's for sure...
  3. Ok so im wanting this badly, although not sure if i should wait or buy it now, then update the cores later. Is there any guides on how to set up the software, like installing the cores and all that jazz? As it's Linux based does that mean you need a Linux OS PC to set it up like the RPi? I have a RPi-4 but this is next level and the Pi i got was pre-configured, so quickly discovered when trying to read/write to the SD my Win10 rig wasn't able to. The only way i could transfer ROMs was by using the Pi interface and a USB stick. Having said all that as an Australian in PAL50 land and due to shipping costs along with wanting an NTSC 7800 this really suits my needs. This way it's the closest experience for me to play and test my homebrew on the real deal. Along with all the other classic console cores this looks to be the ultimate experience 😍
  4. Im still wondering what the deal is about no digital download options to support these guys. They have digital copies for those who buy a cart, however people like myself don't want to pay the massive shipping costs. Not really interested in what the generation of people joining the site are either. Most of us have been around here for donkeys years. My biggest concern is they supply those who buy a cart with a digital copy. Why not give the option for digital only for those who don't want a toy truck ect. Just like steam or whatever you wire the money you get your game, no matter where you live in the world.
  5. Guess i word things wrong and everyone thinks i'm really concerned what defines homebrew lol. Can't remember who said it awhile back nor can be bothered flipping through pages to find out. Went along the lines of "everyone has their own definition of what hoembrew is and that's their prerogative". They stated they invested alot and wont yield any profits, so as any other homebrew dev they're doing it for the passion. To me this is homebrew, money invested or not, as time is classed money as well. Aside from the whole homebrew topic i do agree there is definitely a rockstar vibe. Like i said before, i probably would do the same if everyone was salivating in the mouth due to my previous accomplishments too. Human nature i guess... Now most importantly i don't understand why you need to buy a physical copy to receive a digital copy. From what i am seeing there is no digital-only package and im not whiling to part with more in shipping then the cost of the game. I'd rather just a digital copy which is also something i have been waiting to happen on the AA store for full releases. I'm guessing worries about piracy? Even though it was mentioned that will happen anyway... So yes i'm not against what they're doing, i just consider this homebrew the same as anything in the AA store and want a digital copy. Oh and was expecting them to be a little more involved with the community as they reached out to James. Guess i got my hopes up being a bit of a fan boy myself over the years. On the very last note im not trying to pick fights, argue or stir the pot. I just have strong opinions and voice them when i probably shouldn't. There is nothing malice about what i say, or at least the intention isn't that way. -Anthony
  6. I probably worded it wrong and not didn't really mean to quote you, other then use it to make my point of how they're trying to keep that professional look. That's all good and everyone has their thoughts on what homebrew is and isn't like you had mentioned many posts ago. To me the console ran its course and im really not seeing the difference from the AA store other then investing money into hardware and who's writing the software.
  7. Think it's basically along the lines of what Andrew was saying. They're just trying to look professional by not associating themselves with "amateur" homebrew devs. I still don't really think it's the way to win over 2600 enthusiast hearts, when in reality the community is quite small and everyone is here. They wont be selling like hotcakes to anyone else other then us weirdos that have a passion for the 2600.
  8. Really though what's the difference of someone sitting at home developing to what these guys are doing? Anyone could invest a load of cash into into hardware and gimmick products to patch in without making a profit. Would that make them a commercial seller and not a homebrew developer? That's where things get confusing other then what Andrew said. If Andrew and Thomas decided they're commercial developers and created a company name with all this merch then they too could say they're not homebrew authors and are commercial developers. I would really care other then they flat out denied it was homebrew when really there isn't a difference. The console ran it's run and everything since was classed as homebrew so to me this is homebrew on a large budget. And that's the part that's got me baffled, as i mean there is devs like yourself, Thomas, Darrel, John and i could keep rattling off names for days. So many "veteran" devs here at AA, that it's almost kind of rude that they're not associating themselves with the community. Well that's what it feels like in a way, as you described people falling over themselves because some vets are back. I get the excitement but throwing money at them like rockstars i feel is a bit ridiculous. Many are people that would never even consider other equal in quality homebrew at the AA store because it wasn't commercially released... As for tools well yeah i have no doubts Dave could knock up graphics and audio creation tools without any issues. Dave did mention Javatari but im sure they have silently strolled through AA if not benefited from knowledge, discoveries and documentation on the forum. After all this is the goto site for everyone into Atari related news, documentation or discoveries as you mentioned they would have atleast used dasm. It's just a really sour feeling to have the veterans not really acknowledge the achievements of the community. It's almost like we don't exist other then some basement developers sitting at home "having a go at learning the 2600" as David C basically said... It's that rockstar mentality i find off putting TBH
  9. When i heard the answer to "homebrew or not" and they flat out said it wasn't homebrew at all then i was kind of thrown off. I completely disagree with that as it's like saying they have reinvented the wheel because they are going by a company name. Like you said many are selling games on a commercial level these days with third party company names attached. Was a very interesting answer that's for sure. Also yes the game does look great and when asking how they pulled off the transparent fuel can effect i kind of chuckled. I mean i don't think they were expecting anyone to answer it and then after i answered in the chat Dan nodded his head and David said the same thing (i do this even in batari). These are tricks we all have been using for a long time now and in reality there isn't much that hasn't been discovered with the AA community. It's not 1980 anymore... To say all their own tools were written for development, well is a false statement as they openly said Stella and Javatari plays the game and those are community made tools. I mean it's all exciting and i get it. I also want to support them in digital form anyway, as i don't really want a cart. I have to agree though there was many answers i didn't agree with and seems like they're playing the rockstar card a little. But i get it as i probably would too...
  10. Thanks everyone for the kind words and interest! The interest and enthusiasm helps keep the drive and motivation alive. So thanks again for the support of the project. I am aware there is loads of work to go, like title screens, intermission screens, music, sound effects, collision detection, overall refinement, levels, graphics. I mean the list goes on and on... Although i really want to do the game the justice it deserves. Rather then rush it out, id like to take my time and make sure it's a quality port over quantity. So with that said, i probably will contradict what i just said and add a bunch of features like enemies ect. But this is really to give myself more areas to polish and get some gameplay happening. I also think by doing this, then polish over time, it will prevent myself from burning out on a single area of development as i can chop and change with what im refining. @RushJet1 Yes and thanks, i will need to add fixed point player speeds anyway for the speed upgrades. As for directional facing, i originally had him facing whatever direction he was last walking. I then removed that feature to keep him facing the player with the new re-write. Might need to bring it back and is only a matter of a few small lines or as you mentioned keep drawing the walking spites. Id rather have a standing sprite when he isn't moving though so will probably just add those lines again. @SlidellMan As for POKEY music, if @Fragmare is interested in going that route, there is always the ability to add both TIA and POKEY music options via a difficulty switch. Well i can't see why not and i guess some would prefer one or the other. RushJet1 has created some brilliant TIA music so id love to have the option for both. Especially for those who haven't POKEY installed in their Concerto carts or using emulation they will still have some really funky BM beats. -Anthony
  11. Atleast someone knew where i was going with it Exactly my point, like i was saying awhile back, they were developing mobile apps and these days mobile apps would yield a larger paycheck. So in reality this is just homebrew like any other, besides who is programming it and re-living the dream of running a third party 2600 commercial software company. Nothing malice is meant from my statements. Yes they're OG developers and yes they were great at what they did so it's exciting times. What i would like to see is rather then being a silent entity, is to join the community like most homebrew devs. It's great that they're going to be on ZPH and would be even better to see them here. Im sure they have passed through silently and maybe even benefited from tools created by the community.
  12. Awesome stuff, now this is right up my ally 👍
  13. I'd like to second every one of these questions they're all great (especially what tools are you using) Has the AA community help assist with the development through new discoveries and knowledge post the commercial 2600 era? Also wondering if Bob Smith is planning on joining the team? As he has sat along side David and Gary at PRGE panels mentioning his desire to develop a 2600 game again. Thanks
  14. IRL has been crazy busy lately although got the chance to mess around with this tonight. Finally got the four directions of the player sprite done along with his animation frames (to the best of my ability anyway). Threw some generic sound effects for the bomb which is nothing special and fairly crude for now. Also was playing around with the explosion tiles. Im thinking the amount of animation frames really can be cut down or at the least sped up. This is something ill look at refining later as i will need to watch how many frames other bombermans use along with timings. Which leads me to thinking i might start cobbling together more actual game content then refine later. Throw in some Balloms - run of the mill collision detection and maybe some other features like level entry and exits ect. Because as it stands there is no real playable ROM demo (well no point anyway). So cobble then refine im thinking is the better approach to get things happening. Anyway a quick little demo of the player walking around blowing up some bricks.
  15. It is his first and only 2600 title but there could be confusion due to the hype of being a MS employee. Yes Bob had mentioned it a few times in the past
  16. I don't want to rustle any feathers as it really doesn't bother me who classes what in what category. But it's statements like this that makes my ears prick up. What is the difference? Who programmed it or that it's released commercially? Same say it's still homebrew others are saying "these guys" like there is two sides of the fence. Anyway im glad they're back as i looked up to them over the years and watched all their portland panels in awe like a fan boy too. @ZeroPage Homebrew I would say he's either referring to Bob Smith who has mentioned many times he is working on an 2600 game or Ed Fries who developed Halo 2600
  17. Couldn't agree more! Even if they produced a game like firefly they would probably sell more then other homebrews in the store. Upmost respect for them and this is just an example. Also i understand the excitement and all that jazz but im sure many would lay down cash before even looking at the gameplay. Much like how people were throwing money at the Atari VCS before even fully knowing what they were getting. All because it's Atari branded, which kinda paints the picture.
  18. Yeah the N64 is massively popular but notoriously hard to emulate accurately with decent performance. Not sure about the Jag however id say it's in a similar boat as it was known difficult to program on due to the hardware design. Saturn is another system, too complex for it's own good. Then there is the Play Station that has fairly accurate emulation due to it's simplicity. Having said that it still comes down to how accurate an emulation dev really wants to go. The SNES for example has been emulated for many many years and played games well. Although when it comes to accuracy it's next level of complexity as Byuu has demonstrated with Higan and BSNES. It's usually a balancing act of how far to go so the general user can still actually run the emulator on their system. Then there is issues like Byuu has faced with cycle-accuracy as in order to get a full understanding of the chips you need decap them which costs way too much for the average hobbyist. Interesting write-up from the man himself that goes into further detail.
  19. Personally i feel the whole "-vision" name place has been used to death and usually just a play on Activision. Something original would be nice and i agree what they're going with is a bit plain Jane to say the least.
  20. Those hippos are looking very much like an 'old man johnson' at first glance 😉 Cool concept though, look forward to seeing how it plays out.
  21. Great to see them back! I'm guessing it's more for fun, as i know they were making mobile games the past few years. Surly can't be from a financial standpoint as mobile games would yield a larger paycheck. Will be interesting to see what they bring to the table other then what has already been mentioned. Also curious if they will use DPC as David did help design the chip or whether that's still Activision's property. Will also be interesting to see if they use any other enhancement chips or keep it old school. The other interesting part is will the purist collectors consider this part of the original collection. I know there is many that don't collect or have an interest for homebrew as they only play original releases. Will they class these new games by the original founders to be in the same category or as modern homebrew. Will certainly be interesting to see how it unfolds.
  22. I believe the EA sports games on SNES and Genesis had CPU vs CPU mode. IIRC you just don't select a side to play
  23. I always get nervous when an ebay seller doesn't leave feedback for the buyer. It's almost like they're not confident in their product and waiting to see what feedback they receive from the buyer... I hope my friggen item is what i wanted and in working order. Too much money to be stuffed around.

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    2. ls650


      "when the seller leaves a feedback and the buyer turns out to complain about trivialities or try to pull a scam?"


      That is exactly why I wait for feedback from the buyer before I post feedback as a seller.

    3. jd_1138


      If a seller sells a lot amount of product, the percentage of a-holes pulling a scam will be low, but hey if they want to wait until the buyer leaves a positive before they do, then sure go ahead and wait for that. But the seller should eventually leave positive feedback.

    4. TwentySixHundred


      All valid points, in my case it was close to a grand and some reassurance would have been nice. Having said that even if they did the transaction could have gone either way. Anyway i left them feedback, now after the fact it really doesn't bother me if they leave feedback. And i think that's the thing, when throwing your cash towards a seller and having zero response. It kind of leaves the buyer sitting there twiddling their fingers for days/weeks wondering if the seller is even sending the product.

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  24. Reading back on my last comment and my dyslexia really had the best of me on that day. Usually i can keep it somewhat in check, but i get those days where my words are all over the place. Anyway thought id explain why it's a muddled mess... If you're able to read between the lines you can understand what i was trying to say.
  25. Im interested as to what these childhood school yard complaints about the games were? I understand with SM2 as i was never a fan of it back then and Simons Quest probably how it was cryptic however so was LOZ. Zelda2 though was brilliant and not really all that cryptic if you look hard enough. Action adventure games were nothing knew and i really can't find many flaws with the game TBH. Sure it wasn't the same as LOZ however it was great in it's own way. The issues that AVGN mentioned are fairly irreverent, because if you actually play the game you find his complaints held no merit. "Error" isn't actually a glitch as his name is mentioned later in the game by another towns person. They all have weird and wacky names as was the same with LOZ. Then the complaint about towns people having nothing interesting to say. Well that's intentional as you need to ask around and find the people who actually give clues or you can interact with. Yes some say things like "i have nothing to say to you" and obviously translation from Japanese to English was rough back then. They probably didn't know what to say in English and used a translator for an equivalent meaning. As someone who has finished the game many times over im still trying to think of any deal breakers. The action, exploration and sense of progression is there. Everything fits the build for a great game and to be honest i never owned it back then, although if i did i would have had a blast. Personally i still feel many jump on the AVGN hype train without even playing some of these games. Many games he reviewed are actually good yet he hasn't the understanding of what to do. So many great games he has given a bad wrap yet games like the Castlevania series (which is good mind you) i feel he overrates and never shuts up about. I also owned E.T and despite what others say even before AVGN but once again i never knew it as a bad game until the .net era. Geez i used to have alot of fun playing E.T back in the day looking for all the phone pieces and trying to get him home. At the time it was fairly mindblowing as there was nothing like it. Sorry but im not a trend follower like some people, and it's nothing against James. It's just until i try these games for myself, then i make the decision if i like them or not. If i was a trend follower, then i would miss out on some great games. That's my two dollars anyway. EDIT: To be fair after going back to rewatch the review (was over a decade ago i watched it) he does defend the game somewhat. Still though i just don't understand the hate TBH
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